What’s been happening & Happy Valentines’ Day

Hello Friends, I hope you are well.  This week has flown by for me, and I can’t believe tomorrow is already Valentine’s Day!  And of course I hope you have a sweet day tomorrow.

Valentines Day

While I am pulling back on my magazine feature work, you can still find me regularly featured in American Quilter magazine (the publication by AQS).  My Cicle Symphony Quilt is featured in the latest issue (March 2020).  I have had more than 300 quilts featured in various publications, and this styled shot is probably one of my all-time favorites!

And the quilt is done in all solids — rare for me too, but I am loving this quilt.


Last time I showed you my Parcels in the Post quilt done with Moda’s At Home fabrics.


At Home Quilt

I started making another version of the quilt this week.  This time with Windham Fabrics’ upcoming line Backyard Blooms.  All I can say is a parcel is a parcel no matter the wrapping paper!

Backyard Blooms1

If you have been to any of my trunk shows, you might have heard at some point the story about my daughter being concerned about having to inherit my 350+ quilts!  What I have yet to disclose to her that in the mix will be multiple versions of one quilt design, haha!  Should I let her know explicitly, or should I let her figure out herself — that’s the question!

These parcel blocks go really quickly!  I thought it was going to be a drag making more blocks for the same quilt, but I can honestly say I really like picking out the different “wrapping paper” for the parcels that version 2 has been just as fun!

Patterns are available for purchase HERE.  Quilt shop owners are welcome to email me for wholesale pricing.

Parcels in the Post Cover Photo

I have another pattern that just went live in case you missed it.  It’s a baby/child quilt design called Baby Dreams.  It has the options of doing a bear cub, puppy or kitten sleeping under a quilt!  Except for the animal faces that require a little bit of piecing, the rest should be a cinch.

Click HERE to purchase the pattern.

Cover Image

Yellow Bear

Blue Puppy Final

Pink Cat Final

And I added a little progress to my Louisa sampler.  THANK YOU to those who wrote to tell me you liked the sampler.


Louisa Coulimore is a Bristol Orhpanage sampler, charted by Hands Across the Sea Samplers in England.  The Bristol Orphanage was started by the famous Christmas George Muller in the 1800s.  In his life time, Muller cared of more than ten thousand orphans, established 117 schools which offered Christian education to over 120,000 children.

I remember reading a biography of George Muller when I was a teenager, and his life story changed the perpective of how I viewed life.  So stitching this sampler is my way of paying tribute to George Muller.  And it helps that the stitching has been really enjoyable.

Lots are happening here, and I will show you more of what I have been sewing lately!  Till then, take care, Dear Friends!


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Thank you to all who have supported my little shop.  Remember, threads always ship free!




7 thoughts on “What’s been happening & Happy Valentines’ Day

  1. I love your “Circle Symphony” quilt. Glad that I am an AQS member and that I receive the magazine 😊. I am headed to your Etsy shop to make a purchase of the “Parcels” quilt; it such a happy one. I’m thinking granddaughters graduation quilts…..fun, fun, fun! As always, you continue to inspire. thank you. Happy ❤️ Day!!!

  2. I love George Muller’s story, too. My grandson and I learned about him when we were reading a great little book about famous missionaries as part of his early home school experience. I also love finding your quilts in magazines and have recently been going through many saved issues putting sticky notes on pages with your work.

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