What works for me and more!

Hello Friends, I hope the New Year has gone well for you so far!  Please know that I really appreciate the comments you left on my New Year post.  While I am not able to respond to every comment, please know that I read ALL of them!

So, the joke was northern VA ended 2019 without any snow!  Well, we finally got our first round last week… not much.  Maybe 1 1/2″ or so.  But it seems like the whole area comes to a halt whenever we get snow here, regardless of the amount!

Snowflake Quilt

And then of course, snow day is sew day!

WORKS FOR ME!  I was given a 5″ x 8″ mini cutting matt last year, and have put it to good use!  You know how sometimes you cut a piece, and then only realize after you sew it, the measurements aren’t quite right?  That happens to me, especially with smaller pieces.  So I now have this mini cutting matt right by my machine, and I would measure my pieces on the grid printed on the cutting matt when I am not 100%  sure of the measurements before I sew them together!  The mini cutting matt is also where I mark my pieces if I need to.

Works for Me

I just released another NEW PATTERN – Parchels in the Post!  This is FQ Friendly, and a super fun and easy one!  Just add fabrics that catch your fancy!  You can purchase the pattern HERE!  My for sale patterns are non-fabric-specific so you can easily customize the finished look of your quilts.

Remember, all my thread collections ship free when purchased on my Etsy shop.

Parcels in the Post Cover Photo

My Parcels in the Post sample here is made with At Home fabrics by Moda!


Before I go, I also want to let you know that I had an appearance in American Patchwork & Quilting’s podcast a couple of weeks ago!  I revealed my deepest and darkest thoughts — just kidding!  I think I stammered through the entire thing, and I squaeked like a mouse.  However, if you are brave enough to listen to it — the link is HERE.

APQ Podcast

Or scroll to the bottom of the show notes HERE!

That catches me up with you till next time!  In the meantime, be on a lookout for the Spring 2020 issue of Quilts and More!  I might have something fun to go with that issue when it releases on Jan 17!

Hugs to you all!

7 thoughts on “What works for me and more!

  1. I made this quilt with your pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Fabric was ‘Sweet Pea and Lily’ by Moda.


  2. Ooh…. ANY day should be “sew” day. However, snuggling in on a cold, sleet, and snowy wintery day may be the best!!! We have rain forecast for tomorrow, does that count???

  3. Parcels In the Post is a cute pattern. I may just have to make it! Looking forward to see what you are coming up with when Quilts and More comes out.

  4. I’ve been waiting all year for one of those snowy days to showcase your beautiful quilts. The setting looks magical and perfect for a snow/sew day. I love your new pattern.

  5. The APQ podcast was very enjoyable to listen to! I thought you did a great job and your enthusiasm for quilting came shining through!

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