Free Motion Quilting Retreat at Hamilton, MO


Friends, we are already 3rd week into Miss Baby’s summer holiday!  It’s been a busy and happy summer so far.  I love having my baby home with me.  In the summer time, I also double as a homeschool Mom.  I was just telling someone the other day that I used to be able to just wing it with the learning material, not anymore!  Now I have to prep.  I am also using this summer to train Miss Baby on some essential life skills.  So, I haven’t had to do as much laundry this summer because she is doing it.  So, I am definitely NOT complaining!

So, here’s to wishing you all a wonderful summer!


Today, I am VERY excited to announce that I will be heading toward the midwest to Missouri this Fall!


[Credit all goes to Karen for this fun image — notice how our van is decorated with free-motion quilting motifs, our front license plate, AND our Aurifil bumper sticker!  You can’t quite see because of the texts above the van.  If the texts weren’t there, you would have seen the piles of quilts we are bringing for the trunk show, and I think somewhere in there are our machines, hopefully, safely tucked in between layers of quilts! Oh…. and it would appear we have a SELF-DRIVING van from the picture so that Karen and I can concentrate on gabbing the whole way there!]

THE beloved Karen Miller and I are doing a double-team and bringing free-motion quilting fun to Hamilton, MO this fall!

WHEN: September 23-25, 2019 — timing is great because this is RIGHT before Missouri Star Quilt Company birthday bash!

WHERE:  7200 sq foot Event Center at Hotel Hamilton (click here to see the beautiful grounds and amenities)


FEE:  $325 includes lodging of 3 nights of retreat style sleeps in beautifully adorn room, meals (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner), lectures and classes* – Check Event Website for further details

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: This is a fun retreat format built on friendship!  Karen and I are friends, and would love to be your quilting friends!  You will more than likely make new friends there as well.  PLUS — with Karen and I both being there, we will double the insights in machine quilting!


September 23 Evening – Lecture on Aurifilosophy and Trunk Show – we share why we are Auri-fanatics!

September 24 All Day – Free motion Quilting Basics with hands-on fun at the machines

September 25 All Day – Venturing out of the basics into feathers and background fillers with hands-on fun at the machines

In between — at night you will have free time either to just relax with friends or sew!  I will more than likely join you with my handwork projects.

PERKS:  Sewing at your own 6′ space (no invasion of personal space!), swag bags from Aurifil and possible more swags, snacks and best of all confidence in machine quilting, and friendship!

COME JOIN US!  IT WILL BE FUN!!!  WE WILL HAVE SNIPPETS to share soon– so, watch our blogs!

8 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Retreat at Hamilton, MO

  1. That looks like little Miss G on the swing, Wendy!! She will thank you later for the Life Skills lessons. Would love to see you in MO, but we are planning a Colorado trip. Hamilton is 80 miles north of my daughter’s home. Happy summer, Girlfriend!!!

  2. Hi, I certainly wish I could attend Hamilton. Sounds like a very special time!
    The girl swinging quilt is so very inspiring. Thank you for posting the picture. I, too, am interested to know if it is a pattern that can be purchased.

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