GIVEAWAY!!!! Michael Miller Last Minute Gift Blog Hop 2018


Hello Friends — Happy December, and Happy Christmas to you all!  I hope you have been well!  For those of you who have started to follow me at Instagram (ivory_spring), THANK YOU!  I have enjoyed your visits and comments, and chatting with some of you even!   I have lots more to share, but for today… I am going to focus on my contribution to the Michael Miller’s Last Minute Gift Holiday Blog Hop!

Operative word here is Last Minute!!!

Christmas is in full swing at my end despite a really busy work and life schedule, and I am sure it’s about the same at your end.  No matter how prepared I think I am, I always end up with something last minute to do!  If you are looking for a last minute gift to make — a pillow is always a quick one!

TIP:  Make a quilt block (pieced or even cut from a panel), and add border pieces to the size of your pillow form.  Then, construct your pillowcase, and voila!

HappyElephant copyI got to work with Hollywood Pixie fabrics for my blog hop project.  This is a most adorable line, especially if you have a precious girl in your circle of influence who fancies herself a fairy or pixie.  I have just such a girl living in my house!  These fabrics are currently available in local and online quilt shops.  Click here to view the fabrics.

So… I made a tree block from my Santa’s Tree Farm pattern, and added enough pieces to make a 24″ x 24″ square because I have a 24″ square pillow form from Hobbs Batting — softest pillow form ever, by the way!


I get asked a lot how big is that little star tree topper — it is 3″ finished!  It is possible to make as long as you are careful with your seam allowances, with your seams pressed open.

IMG_9906Constructed throw pillowcase with the pillow form inserted — in the “kids” Christmas corner at my house.

FROM START TO FINISH — a little over an hour — can’t get more “last minute” than that!

IMG_9926I used the easiest “envelope” method to construct the pillowcase back  because I don’t know how to insert a zipper!  There — I said it!  I just used the pixie print for the entire back.

Do visit Michael Miller’s Facebook page HERE

GIVEAWAY:  To win a fabric bundle from Michael Miller, please comment and tell me if you give handmade Christmas gifts!  Winner will be announced on December 12th!

I hope this gives you an idea for a quick gift to make this holiday season!  In case you haven’t checked out the other blog hoppers —

That’s all for now, Dear Friends!  Have a great weekend.

140 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!!! Michael Miller Last Minute Gift Blog Hop 2018

  1. Yes, I always make at least a few Christmas presents, a quilt or two & this year I made every one in my small sewing group a sewing machine apron. And wonder of all wonders they are already done & wrapped!

  2. Pretty blocks and quilt. I always make the family’s Christmas gifts. I love the envelope pillow back because no zippers to get stuck. Plus, I am not good at doing zippers, lol.

  3. yes I love giving handmade gifts. I haven’t for quite some time as I recently have recovered from a 3-year depression Mega episode. But this year I’ve made a blanket and a table topper. Maybe I’ll send you a picture when they’re done. Haha, just need to finish the hand sewing on the blanket and get the binding on the table topper. They’ll be ready in plenty of time for a change!

  4. Yes I do try from placemats to Christmas Stockings to table runners and ornaments. Of course it always depends on the receiver 😘

  5. I make as many presents as I can. Some edible (jam, cookies, candied nuts), some sewn (Humbug Bags, composition book covers, table runners and the occasional quilt).

  6. I was just thinking about you today and whether all was well with you and yours. So glad to hear from you—-yes, I make all kinds of gifts for Christmas. Now that my children are all grown with oldest 2 having children and my baby expecting a baby in April—we draw names and give handmade gifts at Christmas….of course Gammie buys for the grandbabies as well as giving handmade items. Love those tiny little Ohio Stars on the tree tops. Adorable! Thanks for a chance to win.

  7. Such a cute pillow. Neat fabrics as well. I want to give handmade gifts next year. I’ve worked on a few this year but those were practice :-) Enjoy your day! :-) :-) angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  8. Yes, I often give handmade gifts! Each year it seems that I get busier than the last, and am unable to make as many gifts as I’d like to. Maybe I should start in January for Christmas 2019, lol!

  9. HI Wendy, I make some handmade gifts every Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway! I miss your emails. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

  10. I do make small handmade gifts for some people. I have made cool bracelets from fabric and little snazzy findings, I have made buckets, pillows runners and quilts. and bags, and ornaments!!
    Merry Christmas Wendy to you and your family

  11. All my gifts end up being last minute! I have just managed to finish a quilt for the grandsons. I have made a “roadway” Each block is a different building. I smashed it in grey and that’s the road. They are going to keep it for camping trips.I still haven’t finished my cards. They are all cross stitched. Why do I do it? I bet you are totally organised and all your decorations are up!
    Love the pillows and that fabric is gorgeous.

  12. I have made gifts in the past but not this year. Have given many family members quilts so that’s their handmade gift! Love Michael Miller!!

  13. I do give handmade gifts, sometimes very special ones, often a batch of the same gifts to a bunch of people (for example, this year I’m sewing up bowl cozies and giving them with soup mixes). I like giving and receiving homemade gifts.

  14. I give hand made gifts for Christmas and other occasions. My adult kids do a Christmas gift exchange with each other of either handmade, remade (repurposed), or newly bought at greatly reduced prices. You should see some of the things they’ve made such as wooden beverage coolers, pegboard craft storage, Minecraft quilt, etc. When my youngest son was 16 he sewed, a pair of fleece pajama pants for the recipient. kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  15. I always have grand plans to make loads of handmade Christmas gifts, but sadly don’t get around to making as many as I’d like to!

  16. I give exclusively hand made gifts. My girls, too! For us, that’s our heart…what more can we give! Thanks for the great post idea!

  17. Yes! I love giving handmade gifts for Christmas and for other occasions. My best friend and I always do a project together for Christmas too. I think this year I’m doing more gift making than in the past. Have a Merry Christmas 🎄

  18. Yes, I’ve made quilts for Christmas and Birthday gifts, and for “just because”. I’m now working on a wall quilt for my dog groomer. Thank you for offering this give-a-way.

  19. I am making crazy heart blocks and incorporating pieces of my grandmothers wedding dress for my family this year. Giving a hand-made gift with a piece of family history will make the gifts very special.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

    Hint hint…maybe in 2019 you’ll have a BOM? I love your work and the birdhouse quilt “we” did! :) :)

  20. I made several Christmas gifts last year, but this year I haven’t had much time for sewing due to babysitting my adorable little granddaughters and going back home once a month for several days to spend time caring for my elderly mom. Such is life! Thanks for the opportunity to win, and I love your tree quilt.

  21. Love the little star on top of the trees! So clever! I do usually try to make some gifts, but I’m a bit behind this year. I still hope to make some pillowcases for the grands and the “adopted” grands!

  22. Absolutely!!! My family enjoys handmade gifts…quilts, zippered bags, dob kits for the guys with their favorite shaving lotions inside, and pillow cases for the little one. Hoping you and yours are well, Wendy!!

  23. I always include some handmade gifts for Christmas. Sometimes they are big, and other times they are as small as a coin zip bag.

  24. Trying again.

    I live giving hand made gifts for Christmas or any other occasion. So far they’ve all been well received.

  25. I have given handmade Christmas gifts, but not every year. It depends on the time I have and the people I have to get presents for.

  26. It seems like I run out of time to make all the handmade gifts that I want to make…so I usually only manage to make a few andsome gifts are delivered late.

  27. Yes I do! I made matching placemats and napkins for six and four, a quilt with matching box spring cover and curtains for our eight year old granddaughter, another quilt for my 96 year old mother, plus pillowcases and sham.

  28. I love to give handmade gifts but I don’t do it every year. I am also picky about who I give them too. I put a lot of myself into my sewing so I prefer to give them to people who appreciate them. This year I’m working on a quilt for my niece who is graduating with her B.S. degree next week. (She’s not getting the quilt next week though!)

  29. I have been enjoying making handmade items for my loved ones. My favorite is the first quilt I ever made, it was a Christmas present for my son and daughter in law.

  30. I love giving handmade gifts. Everyone who receives my gifts are so happy it makes my heart sing. I love your trees. Have a happy holiday.

  31. Oh yes, I do give away hand made gifts… but not his year. That will have to wait as I had a medical emergency this year and I look forward to better days to make gifts for everyone again!

  32. I’m up to my ears in hand-made gift projects this year, from quilts to quilted placemats, dinner napkins, snack mats, and ornaments. Oh yes, four totes too. Merry Christmas!

  33. I usually gift at least 1 quilt for Christmas every year. Have one finished for this year, but haven’t decided who it will go to.

  34. Some years Yes, some No.

    This year one friend is getting a cushion (pillow) made of friendship stars. I am putting a zip at the back – but it has taken time and practice.

  35. Yea, I love making Christmas gifts whether knitting, quilting or sewing. ‘This year I’ve knit a pair of socks, pieced 2 spy quiltS for grand children. I’ll finish quilting this week. Still have to make 2 doll quilts and pillows. They will be fast using fat quarters. Oh, and several quilted christmas tree gift card holders/ornaments for older DGC. It’s all fun for me! I’ve missed your more frequent blog posts!

  36. What a great Pillow! LOVE this Collection…the Fairies are soooo cute! I do make most all the gifts we give,,,I crochet, sew things & always make new Jamma’s for the Kiddo’s & few Grankiddo’s have been added to my List lol…I have made Throws, and doll clothes too. We make Caramel Corn, Fudge & Cookies most year to share as well. Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too. (I have a Grangirlie that thinks she’s a Fairy/pixie too) .

  37. I prefer to give homemade gifts whenever I can. This year it will be pillowcases. Thanks for the chance to win, and for sharing your delightful trees!

  38. I give homemade gifts every year to family, friends, co-workers, my class. This year I made 16 pillow cases for the displaced people in Paradise, California. The fires were only two hours away and I wanted to do something….anything…and this is what was asked for. I made 20 pillowcases for my class, some notebook covers for friends and family as well as the cutest paperclip angel ornament for almost everyone I know!

  39. Love this. The fabrics are so cute, and the tree shape is perfect. I do make gifts for a few people. Most often it’s pajamas. Sending hugs.

  40. I make handmade gifts every year. This year I made table runners, pillows and knitted hats. I love your Christmas pillow. Thanks for the giveaway! ☺ ❤🎄❤

  41. Wendy–good to hear from you! I’m making table runners and potholders and pillows for my gift list. I’m about to finish all the tops, and next will be marathon quilting and binding. hope to finish by Christmas!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  42. Yes, I definitely make and give handmade gifts. I beats running around from mall to mall not knowing what you are looking for. Plus finding a parking spot and standing in long lines at the check out.It is a cozy feeling sitting in my sewing room making something from the hand. I work on Christmas gifts all through the year.

  43. I often make little gifts to give out to the family at my family Christmas party and Christmas Eve for my husbands family. Everyone seems to enjoy them and look forward to see what I give. Unfortunately, this year I did not get to making gifts because I now watch my two grandsons four days a week. Time is a premium now. Love your tree pillow.

  44. I love to make handmade Christmas gifts. For the last 16 years I have made pillowcases for Grandchildren. The tradition began with two pillowcases, it has grown to nine pillowcases over the years. They are a Christmas Eve tradition. 🎄

  45. My heart skipped a beat at the quilt photo of all your beautiful trees! With the added pillow, it makes a gift that would be tough to give up! I do make hand-made gifts, but usually lean towards smaller ones like table runner and toppers. Love in every stitch!

  46. Good Morning! This year I have actually made two gifts for presents. The first is a lap size quilt for a young man who just bought his first house. I can hardly wait to give it to him! The second gift is a table runner made from 48 HSTs that went together really quickly in a chevron pattern. Happy Happy Saturday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  47. I exchange a handmade gift with one friend and occasionally give sewn gifts to other friends and relatives. Last year I made a cute tote bag for my hairdresser with beauty shop fabrics. It was a big hit.

  48. I finished a Christmas quilt, and mailed it to a special friend last Friday. I hope she peeks in the package! That way she can use it longer this season. (and I just finished a doll quilt with 8 of the 3″ finished Ohio stars. Not all points are perfect, but the quilt sure is pretty.)

  49. Yes, I make my grands something handmade every year. Last year I made reading pillows, and even the oldest grandson loved them.
    This year I’m making large fleece throws. We also have a little tricky game planned.

  50. I have made each of my siblings a Christmas throw, something to remember me. I also bought this pattern last year and really want to make it and now a pillow to match. Thank you for this giveaway.

  51. Yes, I love giving handmade gifts! Right now I’m working on a bunch of table runners to give to members of my husband’s extended family.

  52. Oh yes, I love giving homemade gifts, when I have the time to make them. My imagination is always bigger than the time I have to create!

  53. Wendy, so glad to see your post on your blog!!! Have been missing you! Yes, to handmade gifts. My small quilting group does “Handmade Christmas” every year and we each bring a gift to exchange. I love this party! Have gotten some of the neatest things…..knitted scarf, table runner, small winter painting, candy, cookies, soap, candles

  54. Wendy, glad you asked. This year I am making 4 adorable pillows that have an embroidered center and are centered with a patchwork border around each. I try to choose a design that fits the family member I am gifting it too! Ps Love Michael Miller fabrics.💕

  55. I love making pillows! I usually make gifts, but I think the only one I’ll be making this year is for an ornament exchange for out guild. I’ve been in full free motion quilting mode trying to get two quilts for me finished in time to use this season.

  56. i love giving handmade gifts but so far this year my quilting is lagging behind! LOL but I did get my sister’s table runner finished and given to her at Christmas in July this year!!! very proud that I have given her Christmas quilts two years running (even if the first one took three years to get finished!!!!)

  57. I do make homemade Christmas gifts. I wish I could make more but there just is never enough time. I make my honey something every year though. I LOVE your tree block and the star is so perfect! Merry Christmas!!!

  58. Yes I make quilts every year and one year I made pillow cases and wrapped the presents in them with a big bow!! Love the tree farm quilt bought the fabric and pattern but only made a few stars so far.

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