Happy Birthday, General George Washington & Giveaway!

Happy Washington Birthday, Friends!  I thank God today that General Washington was born, and that his life was being used mightily in the history of America.


This year, we are celebrating the General’s birthday with pies.  I was going to just make a cherry pie to celebrate even though the story of Washington cutting down the cherry tree isn’t true.  [Fun fact, the story was originated not too far from where I live).  But Miss Baby reminded me I should make a Japanese Fruit Pie too — because it is a historical fact that Mrs. Washington had a Japanese Fruit Pie served for the Generals’ birthday.  Then, somehow Miss Baby sneakily put in an apple pie request because that’s her all-time favorite pie.  So, we will have three pies — for the three people who constitute my family, ha!

Another fun fact about George Washington:  even though he was the first President, he still preferred being addressed as General Washington.  So, Mrs. Washington lovingly referred to him as “the General”.

TAKE A QUIZ http://www.mountvernon.org/quizzes/quiz/washingtons-presidency-quiz/to test to see how much you know about this great American hero.  This is a new quiz this year.  I know I have shared with you another quiz in the past, but this one has totally new questions this year! :)


I actually just finished a Patriotic quilt, and have the following fabric pieces to share with you.  These fabrics are Hoffman Fabrics.  That fireworks print is a fun fun fabric!!!  Leave a comment if you wish to receive these fabrics.  You would have to pay the shipping cost of $8.  I will announce the winner in a few days.

That’s all for now, Dear Friends.  I have to make a quilt happen in two short days… so I have to fly for now.  I hope you have a blessed rest of your day!  Hugs to you.


46 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, General George Washington & Giveaway!

  1. I can not lie, I’d love to see your patriotic quilt and would love to receive the fabric so I could make a quilt for a veteran donated from my quilt guild.

  2. Thanks for the link to the George Washington quiz. I totally bombed it. But it’s always fun learning new things! I also did not know the pie fact either. :) Would enjoy making a patriotic quilt very much!!

  3. Hello Wendy; How marvelous to make three separate pies to celebrate The Generals Birthday! Plus, I always find it fascinating the facts that you share with us! Your Patriotic Fabrics are beautiful and I look forward to seeing what the quilt looks like when you have it all finished. I have no idea if I should put my name in for any more of the boxes? I know the last box was superb! But, if you feel it is alright, then count me in! I hope that you and your family enjoy this day!

  4. I am starting to quilt a patriotic quilt today. I inherited orphan star blocks in some scraps which were my inspiration. The blocks will return to their original owner in a finished quilt…it would be wonderful to restock my patriotic stash. Thnk you for giving me an opportunity.

  5. Lovely fabrics! I would willingly pay the shipping cost if I were to win them!

    We used to visit my aunt and uncle a lot when I was younger and a lot of the president’s homes. Always loved the history and stories told!

  6. Love the idea of three pies. I am curious as to what “Japanese fruit” is. And I would love to win your scraps from this quilt (or any quilt of yours — they are all so beautiful.

  7. Happy birthday to George Washington! And thanks for the great quiz that I answered more correct than I thought I would. I would also love to have the beautiful patriotic pieces to use on my quilt for my WW II veteran father. He’s coming up to his 97th birthday so I hope to have it finished by then. i too am curious as to what is Japanese fruit, also.

  8. My first thought is, “What is a Japanese Fruit Pie?” Thanks for the history lesson, I wish we had more Presidents like George Washington. I can’t wait to see your patriotic quilt and thank you for the chance to adopt your scraps.

  9. I would love to win the fabric and paying the shipping is no problem. I have been going to make a patriotic quilt for some time now.
    Yum, pie sounds good too ! Miss baby is right, apple pie is the best.

  10. Yum……three pies!! They are all my favorites!! I don’t win things very often but if I were to win these fabrics I would be speechless!! I have my $8 already to mail to you!!!

  11. It all sounds so good, and I would love to win that fabric, but I live in Australia so I don’t think I have any chance at all of winning. Here’s hoping!

  12. I love patriotic quilts! My goal is to make one for each bed in our cabin for the summer. So I would love the fabrics and will pay the shipping.

  13. Those are beautiful fabrics and would work beautifully in the QOV that I plan to make for my husband along a Naval theme. He served for 27 years but was never in a combat zone so doesn’t qualify for an official QOV. He was however, the lone surgeon on the island of Guam when the first wave of refugees from Vietnam landed in Guam. He worked nonstop for at least three days before relief arrived. I think he deserves one! :-)

  14. Wow. My George Washington knowledge is not what it should be, even after visiting Mt. Vernon, the Capitol and the White House on numerous occasions. Interested in scoring higher on patriotic fabric lol. In the meantime I’m off to go find a good book or two about “The General.” Thanks for sharing 😍

  15. Yes interested in the patriotic fabrics. If you lived closer I would help you with getting rid of one piece of pie! LOL And hope Miss Baby does well in her competition of counted cross stitch. So beautiful!

  16. Enjoy your pies! Miss G is so funny. I would love the fabric, if the pieces are larger than 3 1/2″, to cut tumbler shapes. Hope you are all well. Sending hugs.

  17. Thanks so much for the Washington information. Enjoy your pies! The fabric is lovely. Would be great for my quilt guild that makes quilts for the military.

  18. I’ve always wanted to make a patriotic quilt! What beautiful fabrics and what fun learning about General Washington. Thanks!

  19. Today is also my grandson’s birthday – he is 22 on the 22nd. It was also my grandfather’s birthday, and my great grandfather (Abraham Lincoln Taylor) was born on Feb. 12, 1865. Haha, that is my American History. You are very knowledgeable in American history! I’ll have to try the quiz, it should be fun. 3 pies? Wow, you are good to your family. :)
    And yes, I would love Americana fabric! Thanks, Wendy

  20. HI Wendy,
    I would love to win your patriotic fabric! I just got home from a Karen Miller free motion class and bought your book there….Quilting Pathways…..and tried Aurifil thread for the first time. I liked it! Can’t wait to try some of your designs.

  21. We went to Mount Vernon last spring. Loved it. So much history. Would gladly pay shipping if I won the fabric. Thank you for the chance.

  22. The fabric looks great and of course I’d love to win it! My grandsons would like anything I’d make with it as long as it’s not girly! They are 9 & 6 but we know their day will come😂

  23. These fabrics are AWESOME…especially the fireworks! This country needs statemen like President Washington, Jefferson and others today. Our founding fathers were only human and made mistakes like we all do…but I believe God’s wisdom guided them in the formation of this new country. God bless America!

  24. Don’t usually comment for fabric because I have so much already, but these are really great for a patriotic quilt. I am in the process of making quilts for all of my nieces and nephews and the red/white/blue theme works really well for the boys.

  25. I realize that I know a lot less than I thought I did after taking the test. Thanks for the fun. I’d love some of the great patriotic fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity.

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