De-stash Update / NEW BOOK / Free Pattern & More

Hello Everyone, this is your long-lost wayward quilting friend checking in!  I am briefly crawling out of my “pattern writing hole” to write a quick note to you.  It’s been crazy since I last updated my blog… but all is well, and thank you to those who wrote to ask me to take care of myself.  I am so glad you are looking out for me.  Yes, I am doing well despite the craziness.  I am sleeping well – I go running at least once a week – I am getting my house in order – and I am getting caught up with my “home-school” regimen even though Miss Baby does go to an outside school during the week.

Most don’t know, but each blog post I write takes about 1.5-2 hours, and it’s been hard to carve out that time for me to update my blog.  Please don’t take that to mean I don’t like you.  In fact, many days, I would go through the day thinking about certain things my bloggy friends would find amusing!  I do like you very much, and often wish I have just a few more hours in the day.

So without further ado…



There’s been a bit of kerfuffle of late regarding my de-stashing project.  Many have written to asked why they haven’t heard from me.  I thought I would just share the reasoning here:  I am writing quilters on the waiting list in the order they signed up to be on the waiting list.  Back to the original first come first serve arrangement.  If you have not heard from me, that’s because you have signed up late, and I am not able to get to you.  The latest update is that I think I will have about 10 boxes left to the next 10 on my list, and that will be it.  There were actually close to 150 of you who signed up, and to date, I think I have shipped close to 50 boxes.  It’s been a demanding task that I have tried to fit into my daily schedule… and so, some days, I don’t get to pack any boxes or work on my stash.  And after that, I am tasked with hauling the boxes to mail them to the various destinations.

I will have a formal announcement to let you know the de-stash is officially complete once I am sure all the fabrics are gone from my guest room.  I have moved the rest of my stash off my family room floor to the guest room just so that my family could have a somewhat normal living space while I re-arrange things for our house.

I also have a BOM quilt kit and some additional fabrics to give away apart from my de-stash project.  I will have details soon.  Stay tuned.

I thank you for your understanding!


One reason I have been busy is that I have been proofing the pages of my upcoming book!  This book has been MY baby, and it is finally happening.  It is going to print next week in time for Market!  I cannot be more excited!  More about the book next week…

Most of you know I am passionate about machine quilting.  And to think back on my quilting journey to the point of this book, my heart is full!  I hope to be able to share  sample page with you, but for now, let me just say that my publisher has done a phenomenal job on this book!  I was just telling my husband this morning that the layout of this book has completely knocked it out of the park!!!



And I do have a lovely free pattern to share with you today that I had designed for Windham to highlight their Simply Red fabric line!  I am in love with the birds in the quilt!  Click here to download the free pattern.


And that’s all for now!  I am heading out to ship out fabric boxes to some of you, do groceries, and school pick-up! And I still need to work on my Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along etc… and get my weekend details worked out. Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!


p.s.  This story from my local area warms my heart — I always love to see a young person who is a go-getter:

“Even though I’m only ten, I would like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for.”  I love that boy’s sentiment!

I have been in the States more than half of my life, but there’s one Bible verse I can quote in my native Mandarin language till this day.  It’s Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

25 thoughts on “De-stash Update / NEW BOOK / Free Pattern & More

  1. Hello Wendy, How wonderful to hear from you again, yet it is magnificent that you have been on your new book! The cover does entice me to want to see inside and learn more, I am not a very good machine quilter and mainly do straight line quilting. Watching Quilters, like you, do such a magical masterpiece with needle, thread and your machine is just fabulous to watch as you create. I also fall in love with almost every quilt pattern you create, but in honesty I can not name any that I do not like. Being so talented and full of love for what you do shows clearly through and then the way in which you also share so freely is also another way that shows how passionate you are about quilting. Thank you Wendy for sharing everything that you do! Have a fantastic day!

  2. Ever the busy, busy lady. Wow! you get lots accomplished! Your upcoming book looks fabulous! I’m excited to learn from it!! I am sure that your new home will be lovely when all gets put away, mailed away, and simply rearranged……such an exciting time! Loved the video clip of the young man mowing the White House lawn. Such an accomplishment, such an exciting moment for all. Hopefully, his goal of becoming a Navy Seal will come true. He seems to be a very “goal oriented” young man. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Lots of odds n ends to do this weekend, this final weekend of summer 😔! ❤️and Hugs…….

  3. Wendy, you are a dear person to all of us who follow your blog. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing so much with us. I am more than willing to wait for your blog post while you take care of you, your family and your quilty obligations. Especially when it results in a new book! I can’t wait for it to come to market. I have learned so much from quilting along with you and through your thread talk posts. I don’t like much about my free motion quilting sometimes, but I do like the feathers I learned from your posts. I think I’ll put a bunch on the quilt I’m working on now! Take care.

  4. Take care of yourself Wendy! You are much too busy 😀. I, too, love those birds and the quilt is so pretty. I am looking forward to your book. I can use my Longarm but have a real problem quilting on my sewing machine. Some projects are better done on the machine because of small sizes so I will be reading the book from cover to cover. I am so sorry (for myself..haha) that I wasn’t quick enough to get my name higher on your destash list….should have gotten up earlier that day. Maybe next time 😻 Enjoy the autumn weather!

  5. Beautiful quilt pattern. It may be the Christmas quilt pattern I’ve been hunting for. And thank you so much for all you done for all of us. I think we realize that you are human, that you have a family and a life apart from “us” and that you need to put yourself first of all. You give so much and I hope that what goes around truly comes around for you.

  6. Wendy, I am exhausted just reading about your day, your week, whatever! I don’t know how you do it!!
    I’m on to that pretty pattern download next . . . thank you!

  7. Congratulations, Wendy!!! This is the book I’ve been really, really hoping you’d write! I would love to find out what shops in Canada and, even more specifically, in Toronto or around the Toronto, Ontario area will be stocking it. I have so many tops piled up, just waiting to be quilted – and they’re ones that need something far nicer than cross-hatch or other straight line quilting. I just know this is the book I’ve been waiting for!!! I am one of those people that needs a book on paper to refer to while I’m doing things so I know this book will live nearby my sewing machine! I’m so excited about this book – I can’t wait!!! I’m almost positive that with your book I’ll finally be able to do some quilting on my sewing machine that is pretty!!

    For what it’s worth, I completely understood from the beginning that the destashing e-mails would be going out in the first come, first served order and that if I didn’t hear from you, it would be because I wasn’t at the top of the list yet. I really hope this hasn’t turned what was an extremely generous and wonderful offer to your readers into something unpleasant. We were all so fortunate to be given the chance to take part in your destashing efforts.



  8. Adorable pattern, Wendy. I hope everyone is happy with their personal treasure from You. That is so generous of you to share your monumental stash!
    I love this pattern. I am saving it.
    I have my moms olden 316G Singer and it is a great machine. I would love to do machine quilting, I want this book. I think I will have to get a better/stronger machine though. I am kind of afraid to over work moms machine. It might go up in flames 😀🎈💕
    I love the story too about the boy mowing the WH lawn. I was so happy to learn this news too.
    I really wish everyone would stop all of the hating. I pray for our POTUS Trump every day.

  9. It is easy to see why your blog posts take a couple of hours. You are so organized, so thorough, and share such well thought out insights and creativity. Please know I’ll be here whenever you have a chance and you should not feel pressure to share a blog post (ever). And, I agree 100% that shipping is time consuming. So king of you to de-stash and ship to followers.

    I’m thrilled to see the cover of your new book. Looks very inviting. And, what great news that it will be released at the upcoming Quilt Market. Woo hoo. I just hope you can find some time to relax and get plenty of good sleep before market. I’ll be eager to see pictures and hear more….but only when you are not pressured and have time to share. Big hug.


  10. Congratulations on your new book Wendy. I know I will be adding it to my library! I think I’m going to try that leafy sash design (from the book cover) on the quilt I’m working on. Mine probably won’t look that good lol but thanks to you I have the confidence to try (((hugs))) to you and Miss G!

  11. “de-stash-update-new-book-free-pattern-more,” …oh, my! I cannot believe how busy you are! I took a peek at all the projects coming up and they’re practically all designed by you! (I only have 24 hours in my day; how many hours in YOUR day?) From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing your talent with us wanna-be quilters through your books, blogs, sew-alongs, tips, free patterns, and more. It’s like Christmas in every blog. You are amazing! I love the delicate song birds–I’m definitely making this quilt. And getting your book–it’ll be my FMQ bible! Big Hugs for the Sheppards!

  12. Catching up too. Busy life makes for a happy life I think. Enjoy every moment of motherhood! I know that you are raising Miss Baby to have great faith in God, and she will have the same strong work ethic that you have (and that young boy mowing the lawn at the White House). I love that you include her stories in your blog posts and patterns! Congratulations on the book. I keep looking for inspiration for free motion quilting.

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