De-stashing updates – and MORE!

Hello Friends, I hope you have been well.  I had to disappear for a bit the last couple of weeksto work on a few really immediate deadlines, including those that were sprung on me last minute!  The struggle is real, but life is full. I did have to take a break from my de-stashing effort, and focused entirely on my work for a bit.  The struggle is not over, but at least I get a few minutes to say hello to you!   I hope you’ve been well.

And here are a few pictures of my own stashes of fabrics I kept for myself…

1.  First up, I have some fabrics organized by colors — red, blue, green, gray, yellow etc.  Here is a picture of my red stash, and my other stashes organized by colors are about the same.  If you have received red fabrics from me in the mystery boxes of fabrics, you KNOW how many red fabrics I have given away.  HAHA!

2.  And I have a section dedicated to just dots — polka dots, dots, and just dots!  And you can also see I save my empty Aurfil spools as my “sewing trophies”. :)

3.  And then, I have my 30’s stash!  I am collecting a bunch of 30’s fabrics to make a reproduction quilt.

4.  I have a small stash of reproduction fabrics.  I am giving away the ones on the right.  Stay tune for details!

5.  And a small Christmas stash — again, if you have received my de-stashed fabrics, you KNOW I used to have a lot of Christmas fabrics. :) Keyword is… “used to”.

6.  And my whimsical and mostly Riley Blake stash…

7.  And my “sewing machines” – these are made by Cardew, a British pottery company.  I share my sewing room with Miss Baby – she has a desk in this already rather small room that was meant to be a main level office, and not a sewing room!  So, there’s always something from Miss Baby tucked in here and there… thus the stuffed cat.

Notice how small my pink and orange stashes are — aren’t you proud of me?

Also, I always set out thread spools that are nearly empty… so that I remember to use them before breaking into new spools.

8.  I do have a rather large stash of Lynette Anderson fabrics.  Lynette is a dear friend of mine in the industry.

9.  I often have my work-in-progress things in view just so that I don’t forget about them.  This is part of my bird applique block that I still have to add hand embroidery for the next installment of my Spring on Bleecker Street Sew Along.  Click here if you would like more information on the sewalong.

And here you see my Bleecker Street stash, with which I am using to make my Spring on Bleecker Street quilt!

10.  And here are just some random stashes…

I just emailed 10 quilters today who were next on my list to receive the fabrics.  My de-stashing project has been successful, and is coming to an end.  My fingers are crossed with hope that the fabrics do NOT multiply themselves!!!  So far I have the following available:

#1.  I still have my books available for sale – 2 for $25, and 1 for $15 (both include shipping)

#2.  20 magazines (many with my designs featured) available for $15 for me to ship in USPS Priority Medium box.  I will add fabrics as well to fill the box up.  I have just 1 box.  Email me at asap if you are interested.

#3.  I have 2 USPS Priority Large boxes of scraps.  They aren’t the yardages that I have sent out in my de-stashing effort. They are usable pieces, some up to 1/8-1/4y for those of you who make scrappy quilts!  ONLY 2 boxes are available – email me at asap if you are interested! NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

I have been really happy to hear that the destash fabrics you received have already been put to good use!  I have heard from many of you who are using the fabrics to make charity quilts, and to teach others how to quilt.  I have even received a nice little pouch from Danette when she sent in her check to cover the shipment of her box of fabrics.  All that to say…. QUILTERS ARE REALLY SWEET PEOPLE!  Let’s all do our part to keep that sweetness going, shall we?


10 thoughts on “De-stashing updates – and MORE!

  1. Congrats on all of the organizing. It looks great! Whenever I get mine all sorted, I will be afraid to touch it. Won’t have to worry about that anytime soon. I am at the same point on my Bleeker Street birdie block. I need some serious stitching time. Love Lynette Anderson too!! I have lots of her patterns and fabric that need to be attacked!!

  2. Boy, I’m impressed! What a wonderful selection of fabrics – and so nicely organized. I like the idea of the spool trophies! : )
    I’m working on non sewing stuff still – will be so nice when the garage is done – the bookkeeping is done. They have to be done before I can even go into my sewing room!
    The Spring on Bleecker Street block looks lovely!
    : )

  3. Somehow I missed getting on your destashing list. Darn. I did get my magazines, though, and am very happy and busy sewing some great patterns. If you ever start a new destashing list, I would happily join. Thanks for all you do … As usual, I’m so impressed with all you do. Love your patterns, etc.

  4. Your progress is encouraging. I love all of your stashes. You have a nice variety.
    I am slowly sorting through years of fabrics and inherited fabrics. I m giving most of it away to a sewing shop/school in Lansdowne/Leesburg area, Sew Magarbo. The owner is such a doll.
    Speaking of dolls, My youngest daughter had a baby girl last week.
    Anyway, I am diligently working on projects and trying to down size.
    I always enjoy your posts, Wendy

  5. My Dear Wendy,

    If it hasn’t already been claimed, I would love the box of magazines. I have just realized that I neglected to thank you for the last batch of fabrics, but you know from my IG account that I dug right into them.

    I’m sorry to tell you that the Post Office messed up the package with the magazines you already sent. One end was completely open; the other about 2/3 open. When I took it to the Post Office, they figured that someone mistakenly tried to send it through the automatic sorting machinery – big mistake – and they were surprised it was delivered to me in that condition without some kind of message. There were still two magazines inside – not the Christmas ones however. The solution the PO said they were going to do was to track the package all the way back to its origin, and ask every place that it had been handled if they had any stray quilting magazines around. Sounded a bit optimistic to me, but that’s the Post Office for you. I didn’t want to bother you with this, because for anything else to be done would require that you file claims, and I don’t think that it is at all worth any time or trouble on your part.

    I love the fabrics you have sent. Every time I start a new project or need to make a block to send off, I start with those. It’s like visiting my own private fabric store. You are such a generous and giving person.

    Thank you more than I can express in words for all that you have sent me. It has been like Christmas (and not just because of the Christmas fabrics).

    Love to you and Miss Baby.

    Brenda 402-486-3220

  6. I’m really impressed with how organized you have gotten, Wendy. You are a real inspiration to me. Like the others, I have used so many of your fabrics in different projects that I have going on here.

    Love the Beatrix Potter figurines too. I used to collect them for our daughter and she now has them decorating her nursery.

  7. Oh Wendy, it looks like your de-stashing project has, and is, going quite well. You are an inspiration to all of us. I keep telling myself that I don’t “need” any more fabrics but beautiful and enticing ones keep popping up and jumping into my hands. I love the fabrics that I received from you, I’m anxious to get started using them. I think that I will begin with Christmas since it is just around the corner. Oh dear!, better get with it!! ❤️ and Hugs, 😊

  8. Oh, my, have you received my check? I was in the first group of de-stash lucky people. I know I sent my check a bit later than I intended, or you probably wanted me to, please accept my apologies for that. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do, and thank you!

    Barbara Snyder

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