Hello Friends, a Happy Eclipse Monday to you all!  We were going to chase the Eclipse down in South Carolina, but we chickened out… so, I will be logging on to NASA’s website to watch instead.  An interesting side note:  some WWII era bombers are being employed to take footages of the eclipse.  I thought that was quite interesting.

In anticipation of this terrestrial event, I had designed this quilt using Anthology’s batik fabrics a few months ago. The fabrics will be delivered to stores in Fall 2017.  I will have more information on the pattern instructions then.  But for now…. here is my Phases quilt.

It’s such a neat event, isn’t it?  Through all the excitement, the verse in Psalm 113: 3 came to mind, “From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’S name is to be praised.”


I haven’t forgotten about sharing pictures of my stash, and more de-stashing news.  I got caught in a whirlwind of some totally unplanned work and deadlines in the midst of my 100 star blocks craziness last week.  I hope to be able to send out emails to those who are on my waiting #3.  I will also have ONE Jinny Beyer BOM kit that I will be parting with – more on that later as well.


Have a lovely rest of your week.  I shall catch up with you later.

17 thoughts on “Eclipse!

  1. Oh I love your Phases quilt! My mom just travelled hundreds of miles to watch the full eclipse in Idaho. We are fixing up a room for her in the house we are building in Bozeman (yes we are leaving our beloved Alaska). This shall be the quilt for her new bedroom, it is perfect!!!! Can’t wait for the pattern and fabrics!!

  2. What a great quilt to commemorate the eclipse! I love the way the phases move across the quilt and the colors are great – like the sun, sky and earth.

    We used to sing Psalm 113:3 in church years ago – your quote reminded me of that song. Thanks!

  3. Your Eclipse Quilt Is Totally Awesome! In New York State most likely we will barely get to see the Eclipse. My Colorado Family is prepared!

  4. I tried to watch on the NASA site, but I think they got overwhelmed. It kept stopping. So I watched on TV. The eclipse in 2024 will very near us, so hopefully I’ll still be around to see it.
    My fabric box came today!

  5. Perfect quilt for this event, it was quite good even in Loudoun Co Virginia. We also thought about jumping in the car and going to SC actually…. but we did a road trip last week-end and it was horrible, loads of cars bad drivers, crashes. People can’t drive anymore I guess. That was enough road tripping ugh
    I went to Ashby Ponds and hung out with the amazing people that live there along with my daddy. Every one had special glasses and we had a great time.
    I am glad we stayed home.

  6. Perfect eclipse quilt!! It really does look like the phases of the moon! Special glasses were sold out around here, so it was a pair of welding goggles layered with a full welding helmet! This is my second one–I am old–it was pin pricks in shoe boxes last time. Fortunately, there have always been pin and needles around my house even when I was small!

  7. We were only an hour or so away from the path of totality, so we went early and took a picnic lunch. I wasn’t nearly as into it as my husband and son, but I ended up enjoying it a lot.

  8. What a great quilt to celebrate the once in a lifetime event. The fabrics are perfect for it. I enjoyed it via NASA too, but had two of our sons drive up north to see it.

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