More Giveaway (Destash) News — Happy Monday, and Hello — my name is…

… Wendy Sheppard, the rather accidental quilter!  I want to welcome my new followers following me in the last few months!  I hope you have enjoyed your visits to my blog.  Since there have been quite a few Ivory Spring friends of late, I thought I would take a moment to share a few things about myself.


#1.  I didn’t start off thinking, wanting or imagining to be a quilter.  You can read about my quilting journey here, and why I quilt here.


#2.  I am passionate about domestic machine quilting, but I have also learned this year to enjoy piecing!  More about that in an upcoming post!  I currently have 5 Annie’s different online /video machine quilting classes – check out the sidebar for more information on each of the machine quilting classes.

#3.  I am more a thread-aholic than I am a fabric-aholic!  I am definitely a dish-aholic!

My thread-aholism has landed me in a couple of “mug shots”…



#4.  At any given day, I would rather rip out ALL the seams of a completed quilt top than clean and shine my glass top stove!

#5.  I like to design quilts that ONLY look complicated, but are really easy to put together. :)

#6.  And right now, I am in the process of doing a major de-stashing project.  I am in the process of giving away 80% of my fabric stash.  Come back later this week and I will show you pictures of the fabrics I did keep for myself.  I just sent out an email to those who made it to my Waiting List #2, and I will be sending out another email soon for those who made it to Waiting List #3.  I think my fabric stash is mysteriously multiplying!

#7.  My favorite cookies are oatmeal raisins!  I can’t be left alone with them.


Meanwhile, the following photo shows copies of quilting publications that have published my work.


Duplicate copies of magazines have accumulated over the years.  I am giving away these duplicate magazine issues.  I can fit 3-4 (depending on the magazines) in a USPS Priority Envelope for $9. [If you have received my fabric boxes, you will know I don’t skim, hehe!]  I have enough to send to 20 of you if you are interested.  Please email me at and write “Magazine De-Stash” in the subject line!  Please note that I can only guarantee you will have at least ONE magazine issue that will have my design in it.  


And lastly, I am happy to announce Marty won the Adventures in Hexagons book giveaway!  Congrats, Marty.  I have emailed to ask for your mailing address.  Please respond, and I will pass on the info to get the book mailed out to you. :)  I ran out of time getting my hexagon project completed due to some very intense and unexpected workload.  So my part is forthcoming!  Meanwhile, I hope you will pick up at copy of my friend Emily’s book!


Thanks for stopping by… and have a lovely rest of your week!

21 thoughts on “More Giveaway (Destash) News — Happy Monday, and Hello — my name is…

  1. Wendy, would you consider giving some of your small quilts to the Fairfax County Chapter of Project Linus? These quilts would go to sick children at hospitals and clinics around the county and Washington DC.

  2. Hello Wendy, I really appreciated the refresher links even though I have been following you for several years now. I truly enjoy all of your posts! It is also so fabulous of you to share your destashing boxes with us. I know I am hoping to make the list, I would sign up for the magazines only I love magazines and have far more right now than storage room myself. LOL. Thank you for sharing all that you do, like the beautiful tulip quilt today, and so much more! Have a great day!

  3. So glad to hear you are still de-stashing. I hope I’m on waiting list #3 . . . I’m really looking forward to receiving some of the beautiful fabrics you work with!

  4. I would love to be added to waiting list for your de-stashing fabric! I’m also a dish-aholic; I collect all blue & white–also have Spode Blue Italian I see in your picture!

  5. Ugh, I have so much stuff. :-D I do like collecting, now I have a lot of things from my parents.
    I do not know what to do with all of those treasures.
    I am so happy that so many of your followers are loading up on your massive stash

  6. Enjoyed your blog very much. Love that tea cup. I would have put my name in for your destash, but unfortunately I live in the wrong country for that. Keep up the good work. I didn’t realize you published that many patterns. Way to go. Thanks for your hard work. Instagram @joydicksonquilts 😉

  7. Dear Wendy,

    Would love one or six envelopes of your magazines. Found myself drooling over those Christmas ones shown in your post. I don’t often buy the special issues. And if you pack these envelopes like you did your boxes, it’s more likely that folks will receive a half dozen magazines!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Brenda 402-486-3220

  8. I have enjoyed getting to know you over the last few months and I look forward to reading more of your story! Love your dishes. I collect them also. Mostly green depression glass but whatever I fall in love with usually comes home with me.
    I might have to take some destashing lessons–dishes, fabrics and books take up lots of room!

  9. Hi Wendy, I have been an admirer of yours for years. I feel like we are kindred spirits because we love so many of the same things(I also have noticed we have many of the same dishes). I would love to be put on the waiting list for your fabric stash as well as your magazine collection. Keep up all the beautiful work and thank you for so generously sharing your talents with us over the years.

  10. Congratulations to Marty. I love how you are such an exceptional “accidental” quilter. You have made such an impact on the quilting world and we are all the better off for it.

  11. Hi! I sent my name in for your fabric destash when you first posted it–still hoping I made the list!! I have stash fabric, but someone elses is always tempting. (I signed up for two boxes if you have them still)

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