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Quick announcement before I get into today’s post re: de-stashing!  I have started contacting those who made it to the waiting list in the order of when your email came in.  I will be contacting more of you as I manage to pack more boxes.  To date, I think I have shipped off 25-30 boxes!  If you haven’t heard from me and are on the waiting list, that because there are others in front of you in the queue! I will share more about my de-stashing project next week.



Happy Saturday, Friends! I am happy to be part of the celebration featuring Emily Breclaw’s new book “Adventures in Hexagons”, published by CT Publishing. Emily is a very talented quilter, and you may learn more about her and her work at  Emily and I definitely share our choice of coffee as our “stay awake juice” (coined by Miss baby).

I have always been fascinated by the hexagonal and octagonal quilts, and have secretly saved in my archive pictures of tile floors with the the notion that I will bring the designs to life one day with fabrics.  Meeting Emily for the first time at Houston Quilt Market has piqued my interest even more….

I like the way Emily presents her instructions in the book for either machine piecing or hand piecing her quilts!  It might sound weird, but as much as I use the machine for my quilts, I am tending toward handpiecing when making these fun hexagonal quilts!  AND…. the best part of the book for me is the pictures!  Emily’s quilt are truly awe-inspiring!  Here are a couple of my favorites!

There are many more eye candies included in the book – I hope you will pick up at copy of Emily’s book!  Meanwhile, CT Publishing is generously giving away a copy of Emily’s book!  Leave a comment here between now and next Saturday (August 12th, 2017), and tell me if you have ever made a hexagon quilt or hand-pieced quilt!  I will pick a winner and announce it on the following Monday, and show you my version and first ever Hexagon quilt!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend! Hugs to you all!

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  1. Yes! I’m 2 years into the intuitively designed 1″ hexie quilt…it’s about 75 percent complete and will be queen sized

  2. I love Hexagons. I have done several items from them. Some paper piecing, and some that were machine sewn.

  3. I have hand pieced a quilt but have not made a hexagon quilt. I learned to piece at a local quilt shop class that was all hand piecing and using templates for cutting!

  4. Though I do love hexies. and English Paper Piecing, I have not yet made a complete quilt of hexies. I am in the process of hand piecing a Promise Quilt which is then hand quilted. The title comes from the promise that each stitch will be a hand stitch. I am not looking forward to attaching the binding though when I get there I will be almost done. I am at the stage of assembling rows of what will be a queen sized quilt. Thanks for sharing about Adventures in Hexagons. Looks like a must have book.

  5. I am working on the Lucy Boston blocks. They are made with elongated hexagons. It is really fun to see things coming together. It does take a while though to sew around all the edges! I have 3 cross blocks done and almost 2 in between blocks done. I hand baste my pieces which sometimes results in not all the same size finished pieces! :-) But they are pretty forgiving when you sew them all together. Have a great day! K-

  6. I’ve made two hexagon projects. One was a set of hexagon place mats for my sister (machine pieced). The second was several small fabric Christmas wreaths donated to The Ships Project. These were made of a ring of green hexagons and I used English Paper Piecing to make these. I love the look of hexagons and I have more projects and ideas of projects for the future!

  7. I’m working on my first hexie project. Started summer of 2016 as I took a granddaughter to tennis lessons, while watching our “fur ball” grand-dog, and while relaxing by the lake. Not using a pattern but just making various sizes of flowers and making a “garden”. It is growing…and I really don’t know how large it will be.

  8. I love Hexies. I haven’t made a whole quilt, but I made blocks for an auction quilt my bee made. Loved it, wanting to get back to it, but I have so many other “hand” projects to be finished. Congrats on your De-stashing efforts. I know it is a challenge to part with loved fabric.

  9. Hi! Sending hugs. I have done some hexi stuff, then appliqued the sewn shapes onto a top of a table runner. I do like doing it by hand, and have also done larger hexies with setting triangles as table runners, too. Great inspiration here, though. And why I haven’t requested some of your lovely destash, is that I have too much already, lol. Have fun!

  10. Yes, I made hexagon hand quilt- I started small and ended up king size – Took me 1 1/2 year to finished and my husband told me to have it quilted professionally since I put a lot of work on it. This is my second quilt made.

  11. The second quilt I ever made was a 4-block sampler quilt. It was all hand-pieced and sewn. One of the blocks was a grandmother’s flower garden block.

  12. I have made and completed a hexagon quilt (hand pieced) with 1 inch hexies and hand quilted (queen size). I made a Patchwork of the Crosses (hand pieced) hand quilted (queen size). Currently I decided to try EPP and I am making a 7/8inch hexagon quilt which I hope will be queen size and a 1/2 inch hexie EPP that I will be a table topper.

  13. Just finishing up a handmade grandmother’s flower garden that started out as a potholder. Addictive!

  14. I have made a few hexie quilts. I love them. It’s a wonderful way to incorporate the Star of David into my quilts.

  15. Hi, Wendy!
    I always thought hexagons were boring. But the photos you displayed from Emily’s new book convinced me that I definitely need to get this book – those quilts are NOT at all boring.

  16. I’ve taken a class but only completed a pincushion so far. It’s on my bucket list of things to make some day.

  17. I’ve never actually finished a hand pieced quilt, but I have explored both EPP and traditional hand piecing. Now, with my arthritis, hand work is more difficult, so I love the option of machine piecing.

  18. Hi Wendy, I have never made a hexagon quilt nor have I ever made a handmade ‘anything’……..maybe this book would be an incentive for me. The quilts shown are very nice!

  19. I started hand-piecing a quilt with 4inch hexies in 1980 and stopped—it could be a table runner now…I just lost interest. But last year I bought a package of 1 inch plastic hexies and started hand-piecing another one in batiks. This one I finished and just love the technique of English-paper-piecing (ok…English plastic piecing…lol). The smaller hexies were prettier than the larger ones. Thank you and C&T for a chance to win.

  20. I have not made any hexie quilts yet but have wanted to try making hexies for a long time. These quilts are beautiful.

  21. I have not made a hexie quilt yet, but got templates and the Glorious Hexagon book for Mothers Day. Now I’m trying to find the courage to start. Emily’s book makes it seem like something I could do.

  22. I have two hand pieced hexagon quilts in the works. One is red, white and blue. The other is a grandmother’s flower garden. I need to finish the flower garden since I started so long ago. I love having a hand project fir road trips and while at my daughter’s practices. Beautiful quilts from her book too! May start a third now.

  23. In the process of making a hexagon quilt. A friend gave a small box full of already cut Hexies out of 50’s & 60’s (?) material and have a short pile to finish putting the papers in. Not sure on a pattern yet, Also have done a table runner with hexagons. Thanks for the chance at this lovely book. Y

  24. I like to hand piece as it’s so relaxing but haven’t made an entire quilt this way. I’ve hand pieced a background of hexies but the wallhanging isn’t finished.

  25. I love hand work but have never made a hand pieced quilt.. I’m new to hexies, I have small box of them but I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, so I just keep making more!

  26. I have made several small hexagon projects & have one using my collection of vegetable fabrics an assortment of EPP/hexagon blocks with lots of fussy cutting. Needless to say that one has lingered awhile…

  27. I haven’t made a hexagon quilt, but I did hand piece small hexies. I made a sewing kit for hand piecing small hexies when I’m traveling. I found the tutorial for it on a blog a year or two ago.

  28. I love hand piecing and hexagons are my favourites. Hand Quilting is my go to for relaxation and when I am travelling, saves me from getting board on a long train trip. I love the designs you chose and will definitely be buying that book.

  29. I have never done this kind of thing. These that you have shown are just stunning. I love the colors.

  30. I have been seeing hexies when I just crave a hand project, but I am in need of a project to use them. This book would be perfect!!

  31. I have not made either a hand pieced quilt or a hexagon quilt. I would like to make a hexagon shaped quilt as a table topper.

  32. I started one years ago, then lost interest and put it down. Now I want to start a new project and love the two you have shown on your blog! Must get my hands on a copy of the book and check out all the others!

  33. My first quilt was made with precut hexagons; I hand pierced it then appliqués the blocks on to muslin!! I still have it!!
    Thank you.

  34. No, I have not made a hexagon anything nor have I made a hand-pieced quilt! I have on my 2017 goal list to make at least ONE hexie, so this book would inspire me to get it done and then, probably get hooked on them. I do love those projects!

  35. I have not made a hexie quilt. I’ve done some handwork on quilts (embroidery), but never a whole quilt by hand. I’d love to try some of Emily’s methods.

  36. I have never made a bed quilt from hexis but have finished a butterfly wall hanging I made from a beading pattern and a small landscape and right now I am working on a Patchwork of the Crosses for my summer hand work project.

  37. What IS this de-stashing you speak of?!? I will keep reading your blog… I already bought Emily’s delightful book, but I have REALLY enjoyed the tour! What fun!!! Your cinnamon roll quilt looks yummy! Thrilled with the use of rectangles! Thanks for sharing!!

  38. I love hexagon quilts. I’ve made a huge grandmother’s flower garden & a couple of smaller ones. The quilts in this book look awesome.

  39. Yes, I made a hexi quilt by hand in 1993. It has approximately 5,000 hexis. It was my first attempt. Cutting, piecing, and hand quilted. A lot of work!

  40. I’ve hand pieced a GFG hex top, but have yet to quilt it. I’m now hooked on hexies and would love to win the giveaway. Thank you for offering the giveaway and joining the blog hop.

  41. I have hand pieced two quilts (and one in the making), and one was a hexagon baby quilt. I did not sew over papers, but used Inklingo to print lines on the back of my fabric, so I could use a running stitch. I would love to win Emily’s book for more hexagon quilt ideas.

  42. Yes and yes! :) I’ve not completed my Hexie MF quilt yet, but my hexagons are all sewn together and pinned to the background. I hand appliquéd and hand pieced and hand quilted a quilt for my daughter and SIL several years ago.

  43. No and no! I am finding, as I relax into retirement, that slower projects are becoming much more appealing. I am more and more attracted to hexies and should like to combine these with some hand embroidery. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely book 🌞

  44. I’m currently making a hexagon quilt from a pattern called Whirling Pinwheels by Nancy Mahoney. It’s a machine sewn. I haven’t hand pieced a quilt, but I have hand quilted a table runner. I really like the examples of Emily’s quilts that you shared, and can’t wait to see your first hexie quilt!

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