UPDATE AS OF noon EST — I am amazed at the overwhelming response.  Thank you so much, Friends!  However, I have taken enough requests for the waiting list as well which I think I can fill.  Any requests made from henceforth, I cannot guarantee.  THANK YOU AGAIN — I look forward to being able to actually see the floor of my family room!

UPDATE AS OF 6:45am EST — Order for 20 boxes is fill!  You will receive an email from me confirming you made the first come first serve 20.  I am turning off comments.  If you would like to be on the waiting list for the next 20 boxes.  Email me at


Happy Monday and Happy Week, Dear Friends!  I hope you had a good weekend, and are really to roll with this new week!

A few months ago, Miss Baby and I had a conversation.  For some reason, the conversation made an impression on me, and you will see why!

B:  Mom, do you mean I will get to have ALL your quilts in your future?

M: Yes…. But you can always pick out your favorites, and perhaps donate the rest.

B (with a visible sigh of relief):  Oh, that makes me feel better.  I love all your quilts, but I don’t think I want a whole house full of quilts.  If you only made a few, of course, I will keep all your quilts…. but not when you have more than 200 quilts.

I mentally counted as I was organizing my quilt stash – big and small, I think I have over 250 of them, and the pile is still growing.  I keep almost all my quilts because I never know when I need them for educational purposes.  So, I have them neatly folded (and aired and refolded every three months or so) into piles, scattered all through out.  I have:  #1. a bed quilt stash where the quilts are used on beds,  #2. a basket full of smaller projects like runners, placemats and pillowcases, #3.  a utility quilt stash in the coat closet where the quilts are to be used, #4. a linen stash where the quilts are used on the table, and #5. a (large) stash of throw sized quilts that have filled up a couple of bookcases in my sewing room.

Here is a snapshot of my #5 stash:

The side effect of me having made many quilts is that I have a huge fabric stash!  HUGE!  With the conversation I had with Miss Baby in mind, I am determined everything sewing related is going to be confined in my sewing room. I am turning over a new leaf — I am not going to have anymore fabrics stored in boxes and tubs, and have the boxes and tubs stored at various spots around the house.  I am giving away 70% of my fabric stash.  SOOOOOOO — if you could help me de-stash, I would be ever so grateful. Here is how it works…



C.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BOXES WILL BE MYSTERY FABRIC BOXES — I am sorry I can’t take special order.  But you will get quality cotton and batik fabrics from Moda, RJR Fabrics, Riley Blake, Hoffman Fabrics, Island Batik, Windham Fabrics and Quilting Treasures.  They are fabric pieces of considerable sizes, FQ’s and yardages – unless they are precuts.  

If you are interested — 

#1.  Email me your intention — with your name/address — and how many boxes you would like.  Please write “Destash/fabrics” in subject line.

#2.  I will email you back with information where to mail the check.

#3.  I will stuff the flat rate medium box FULL to the brim with fabrics, and mail the box to you!

#4.  This is on a first come first serve basis.  Right now, I have about 20 boxes!  Once the order for 20 boxes are filled, I will put you on a waiting list.  The way things look right now, I can probably make another 20.  But let’s start with the first 20.

#5.  I have first offered the ladies in my Bleecker Street Sew Along Group, and have already shipped out quite a few boxes.

#6.  Offer is good only for US Addresses.


Meanwhile, I also have a few copies of two of my existing book titles (signed) if you are interested… I need to make room for copies of an upcoming book.

Click here if you want to read more about this book.

00 RAQCover

Click here if you want to read more about this book.


$15 for one book (includes USPS Priority shipping), or $25 for both (includes USPS Priority shipping).  

#1.  Email me if you are interested for which book(s).  Please write “Destash/books” in email subject line.

#2.  Offer is good only for US Addresses.


Thank you, Friends — for doing a good deed in de-stashing my stash… and my family thanks you too!


6 thoughts on “HELP ME DE-STASH!

  1. I would love 1 box pls.

    Terri Richards 5141 York Ave. S. Minneapolis Mn. 55410

    Thank you

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I would love to help you with your problem of too much fabric….like I need more myself……but I plan to retire within the next six months so I’m hoping I will have a need for more fabric then…. thanks so much

    Theresa Hayes

  3. I to would love to help, I am new to quilting and I love it. It takes the stress out of my life if only for a little while. So building a stash would be awesome.

    Books and a few boxes

  4. destash/fabrics

    I’d love to help you destash with 2even 3 boxes. Giving a box each to a couple of my Quilting buddies.
    I can’t find your email addy to address one to you via email so am hoping you’ll accept this request.
    Thanks Wendy and baby too! Lol

  5. Dear Wendy

    I would love a box of your fabrics! Thank you for being so generous!

    My info

    Nancy Rakicki

    7045 Sayles Rd

    Yale, MI 48097

    I can mail you a check immediately, when I hear from you.

    Thank miss baby for inspiring you to de-stash!


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