Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along: Part 6

NOTE:  If you are just now hearing about the Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along, and would like to find out more, click HERE.


Hello Friends, I hope you have been well since our last Spring on Bleecker Street post (Part 5).

But before I share about the new part added to the quilt, let’s enjoy what you have sent in!  And THANK YOU!!!!

This is mine, made using Bleecker Street fabrics by Quilting Treasures.

Billie of http://billiebeesblog.blogspot.com (I have “known” Billie for quite a few years.  I have affectionately called her the queen of BOM’s because she works out the coolest BOM projects. Stop by Billie’s blog and see all the amazing quilts she is making!  Seeing her projects always makes me want to retire!

Alice sent in her progress picture as well, despite having had a busy month!  Good job, Alice!  I am loving the calming effect of the blues Alice has used in her blocks!

And here is Kim’s batik version — so happy to see this done in batiks because the batiks give such a sense of depth to any designs.  And you can see that Kim has been VERY busy!!! I love seeing all the blocks that I have yet to make, and I am feeling really motivated!!

Good Job, EVERYONE!  Your quilts will all be absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

I am VERY happy that you are sewing along.  You can send me pictures of your quilt at anystage at any time, and I will just include your pictures in the next posting of Spring on Bleecker Street.

Remember, this is a sew-along for those of us who have more projects we can count, all going on at the same time, and still have a life to live. :-) So, absolutely no pressure to get things done on time. You can go as fast or as slow as life allows.  More importantly, I just want you to enjoy the project as I have.

Life took on a crazy pace for me, and before I knew it… another part of the Sew Along is due, ha!  I want to thank all my Sew Along friends for keeping me accountable on this.  I can tell you if you weren’t sewing with me, I wouldn’t have done as much on the quilt as I have.  I have had an under-the-weather Miss Baby for part of this part week, and add to that a rather traumatic experience of being locked out of our house because I was out just for a jiffy getting leaves for our new wooly bear pet!  It was good to finally settle in to get a bit of leisure sewing done.

For Part 6, I am making the birdhouse block – only the pieced portion because I am a bit unorganized currently with my sewing notions as I continue to outfit my sewing room!

Since this block will have some tiny pieces, so I made sure I press-starched my fabrics before I cut them.  The rest is actually quite straightforward with a few things to note:

#1.  When making the flying geese unit, I pressed the seams open so that I made sure I “hit” the point just right when I added the white tonal strip above the flying geese unit in finishing out the block.  Below is a blown-up image of where the point of the flying geese unit meets the white tonal rectangle at the top.

#2.  When I trimmed off the dog ears when making the flying geese units.  I went ahead and cut into the dog ears into triangles to make HST units to make the pinwheel units for the outer border.  With the dog ears, you can cut 4 sets of triangles enough to make HST units for 1 pinwheel unit.

#3.  When making the pieced leaves and stem unit, I pressed the seams to one side when making the pieced row units, but press the seams open when sewing the rows together.  The main reason is that with 1″ finished width, I didn’t want to lose any real estate from pressing the seams to one side.

And here is how my birdhouse block is looking.

I shall be back next month with the applique butterfly and stitchery added to the birdhouse blocks, as well as the swirl and bird applique blocks!

Use the image below as a guide for applique and stitchery if you decide to go ahead and finish the block.


Happy Sewing-Along, Friends – keep making those pinwheel units!!

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