Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along: Part 5

NOTE:  If you are just now hearing about the Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along, and would like to find out more, click HERE.


Hello Friends, I hope you have been well since our last Spring on Bleecker Street post (Part 4).

Let’s enjoy some progress pictures you have sent in?  I am really loving seeing how your quilts have grown!

Billie of http://billiebeesblog.blogspot.com (I have “known” Billie for quite a few years.  I have affectionately called her the queen of BOM’s because she works out the coolest BOM projects.  So, it is an honor to have her join my humble little sew-along).  I am really loving the orange Billie has incorporated in her quilt!

I am loving Alice’s milk chocolate bunny!!!!!

And here is Gail’s progress picture!  I am loving the 30’s fabrics Gail has used.  Gail is a master quilter, and I am so honored she joined my little sew-along party!

I have been hoping to see a batik version of the quilt, and Kim’s doesn’t disappoint!!!  LOVE the rich color tones.  I love those tree fabrics — be still my heart!

Jennifer’s Japanese neutrals really give the quilt a unique and elegant look.

Margaret mixed in Bleecker Street fabrics with her choice of fabrics — LOVE!  Plus, she used a green fabric for the grass – what a genius idea!

GOOD JOB, everyone!!!

I am VERY happy that you are sewing along.  You can send me pictures of your quilt at any stage at any time, and I will just include your pictures in the next posting of Spring on Bleecker Street.

Remember, this is a sew-along for those of us who have more projects we can count, all going on at the same time, and still have a life to live. :-) So, absolutely no pressure to get things done on time. More importantly, I just want you to enjoy the project as I have.

As it tured out… life for me has been more than a little crazy this past month, and my sewing capacity has been temporarily reduced!  As a result, I am declaring Part 5 our “catch-up/because life happens” party!  There just has been too much happening at my end in May and the early part of June… among which, a college graduation, Quilt Market, work deadlines, and what looks like outfitting a sewing room!

So Part 5 is going to be short and easy – we are going to on the 4-patch with a bow blocks!  I think those are one of the sweetest blocks, ever!  I can see a whole quilt made with them.  In fact, I have an upcoming design with just those blocks!

These 4 blocks go on top of the embroidered bunny panel we did for Part 4.

One thing to point out is that you want to make sure which fabric your white tonal corner will be to get that alternating effect on the bows.  ASK ME HOW I KNOW!  Make your yellow and pink blocks together and the same, and your blue and green blocks together and same — and you should be ok!

How I pressed my seams —

OPEN when flip-and-sewing the white corner triangle — we are dealing with small pieces here.  SO to prevent wonkiness, I would press-starch my fabrics with a dry iron before cutting.  One the white 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ square is sewn onto to the print 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ square, I finger-press the seam open.  THEN, I trim off 1/4″ for the seam allowance before pressing the seam open again with my dry iron.  Pressing – not ironing!

TO ONE SIDE when sewing 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ square to the patch with white corner triangle to make a row unit

OPEN when sewing row units together

OPEN when sewing the blocks together

And adding the row to the top embroidered bunny portion – and we have Part 5 completed!

And there are three other of the same block that will be used later.  You may make them now, or you may make them later.  I did all 7 in an hour!

That’s it – my sewing friends!  I am going to spend a little more time making those pinwheel units.  See you for Part 6!

5 thoughts on “Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along: Part 5

  1. I love this quilt project. I wish I had started it, but I am drowwwwning over here, not just in sewing but everything. It will settle. Being a gramma can be exhausting at times.😂
    What can I say, babies run. I love these blocks I love the stitching. Thank you for sharing and to the sharing quilters, thank you for your inspiration.
    It all looks good.

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