When the CAT is away, the MICE play GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Hello Friends, I hoe you have been well.  Well, it would seem like this cat has been away quite a bit of late…. I returned safely from Market two Mondays ago, and have been going and going since!  But all is well, and I want to thank you all for playing along in my giveaway! I have so thoroughly getting to know you through the little snippets you share….

I did get quite a bit of goodies – and my loot  goodies barely fit my carry-on luggage (shown below).  I had actually considered bringing along an empty suitcase for check-in, but I decided against it last minute.  So, I had to be a bit creative in getting all my stuff home!  As you can see, I had very little room to fit my clothes and toiletry, hahaha.  In the end I didn’t have to leave behind any clothes, but I did leave behind a few little things… PRIORITIES, ya know?

I decided with all the goodies I brought home, I couldn’t pick just one winner.  Instead I picked EIGHT winners!  I have already emailed you separately.  Please email me your mailing address so that I can get the goodies sent out to you!

#1.  Wendy T:  A cat fabric FQ bundle by Windham Fabrics + the latest issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine.

#2.  Julie A:  An RJR Fabrics FQ bundle + Fons & Porter Easy Quilts magazine issue.

#3.  Paula Mountjoy:  A Charm Pack + a copy of my book.

#4.  Rosemaryflower:  A Charm Pack + Fons & Porter Easy Quilts magazine issue.

#5.  Kattails — Kathy in WV:  A Charm Pack + the latest issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine.

#6.  Pat Evans:  A Charm Pack + a copy of my book.

#7.  Barbara Johnson: A Charm Pack + Quiltmaker’s latest 100 Blocks magazine (my block is in there!!)

#8.  Miriam:  A Charm Pack + Quiltmaker’s latest 100 Blocks magazine (my block is in there!!)

Thank you to ALL OF YOU who played along… Let’s do this again when Fall Market is here.  I promise, I will bring an additional check-in suitcase to bring home as many goodies as I can!  I turned over a new leaf a few years ago and started traveling light.  It was a big change for me… considering..

I packed 10 pairs of shoes for a 3 week long trip once to go see my family in Southeast Asia, and probably 25 outfits!  It was insane…. but I was young, naive and honestly, stupid!!!  HA!  

Click here if you haven’t seen my “riding the quilt tail of my quilts” postings on Instagram.  I have one final thing to share on that matter on my blog — a funny one, stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “When the CAT is away, the MICE play GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

  1. THANK YOU for the charm pack and your book, Wendy!! I can’t wait to receive them!! I’m in shock that I won! To all of you who entered and didn’t win, keep entering these contests, patience and persistence pays off 😀👍

  2. Oh Wendy!!! I am so pleased to be a winner today. Thank you so much
    This was fun, yes, I did enjoy reading so many wonderful responses to your readers! So many interesting and wonderful like minded friends.
    I am so happy you had a great time at the Market!!

  3. How generous of you to have eight winners! i never win anything, so a giveaway to receive fabric an de a quilting magazine? Priceless!

  4. Wendy,
    Thank you so much for being so generous in picking 8 winners. I still can’t believe I won. Love the story about your history of packing for trips. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Packing goodies like that is more important than shoes and clothing! Congratulations to all the winners.

    Like you, I travel light these days too. I like your comment “young and stupid”.

  6. One never knows what one is going to in the mood to wear while away…..right? Wendy, I think that you win the prize for “Most Shoes Packed” for a vacation!!! Congratulations to all the winners!!!😊

  7. Congratulations to your winners. I’m signed up to receive your posts, but they’ve stopped showing up in my email :(.

  8. I’m thrilled to be a winner and look forward to the charm pack and 100 Blocks. You are so sweet to share your haul with those of us who can’t make the shows. I was happy to see your Stamp Pad pattern in the April/May Quick Quilts. It would be a showcase for larger prints and companion prints. I like the tailored look–a balance of modern and traditional. Quick, but not slapped together. Lovely!

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