FREE PATTERN: Love My Hero (Quilting Treasures)

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well!  May is Military Appreciation Month!  If your family is/was one, please know that my family appreciates you.

I am happy to share with you another Quilt of Valor free-to-use pattern to bless a service member!  This star quilt is designed using Quilting Treasures’ Love My Hero fabrics.  Click here to view the fabric range.  You might notice the star block I used is another variation of my favorite sawtooth star block!  I just can’t help it… ha!

Click here if you are interested in purchasing a kit to replicate the quilt!

Click here to down load pattern instructions.

Some of you probably remember this picture from a couple of years ago… but this is one of my favorites!  On his way back from work, a soldier-gentleman took the time to stop, smile and look a child in the eye.  He patiently answered her questions, and totally made her day!

Thank you to all the servicemen who serve with valor, and their very courageous families!  May prayers and safe travels always follow you, wherever you are and wherever you go!

Please feel free to share any stories you might have related to Military Appreciation.  I should dearly like to read them.


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May 2017: Love My Hero (Quilting Treasures)

7 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Love My Hero (Quilting Treasures)

  1. Thanks for sharing your talents to honor our military! My father and step mother are both career Army officers, and each retired as a Lt. Colonel. My 80 year old Dad is currently writing his memoirs of his time as an ordnance officer in both Vietnam and Korea. I keep trying to get him send me a rough draft, but he’s making me wait to read the whole story!

    As a military family, we moved as often as once a year. I learned to love travel by my exposure to many different places as a kid. I’m proud to be an Army brat! :)

  2. That is one of my favorite photos you have shown. I even saved it to my photo stream. The young soldier looks like he is enjoying conversing with a child.

  3. A very special photo indeed. The quilt is a beauty, one that I know a military person would treasure. Thank you Wendy for what you do. 🇺🇸

  4. Wendy,
    Beautiful quilt pattern.
    My husband retired after 20 years as a Marine Officer. Our family loved all the different countries and places that we were privileged to live in.
    Our Son Dan is now a Major in the Marine Corps . 2 weeks ago he was returning from Qatar from a 6th month deployment. He had a lay over for one night at BWI. Thinking he was going to be meeting just us (Mom & Dad) there , we surprised him instead and flew his wife in from SC. What a wonderful surprise. It was a very beautiful touching runion. They were able to fly back to SC together to be greeted by 3 very excited children. Thank you for letting me share. Have a wonderful week!
    Barbara Johnson

  5. Beautiful pattern and will share this with my guile. We are donating to a Wounded Warriors ceremony in December at the Windham Ski resort – winter games.

  6. As an Air Force brat, Air Force wife, and special force mom, I appreciate your kind words. Vietnam was difficult for my dad, after wwll and Korea. My husband was too young for Vietnam thankfully but we weren’t too young for the backlash. My son is fortunately not experiencing what my dad and husband experienced.
    Retired in tx

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