Stamp Pad in McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017) & More


Hello Friends, Happy Monday, and a Blessed Week to you!  Today, I am sharing with you my latest magazine quilt that became official, Stamp Pad.   Stamp Pad is featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017) issue.  The full instructions are included in the magazine issue.


This is a design that majors in the basics — flying geese and rectangular patches — and yet, the result is quite eye-catching, no?  This design is perfect for telling a “fabric story” with any large or colorful prints.  But if you interested to use the fabrics I used, they are from RJR Fabrics‘ Garden Gate line by Robyn Pandolph.  Pandolph always has the most amazing florals!!


I have also designed an exclusive runner project using the same fabrics for Keepsake Quilting.


Purchase the kit here, or purchase the pattern here.

Be sure to check out my other offerings in Keepsake Quilting here.


Meanwhile, I want to welcome those of you who have recently signed up to join the Spring on Bleecker Street Sew-Along.  I am so glad you are on board.  Click here if you would like to learn more about the Sew-Along.



Again, like I have told many, I am running this Sew-Along with the pace of one who has way too many projects going on at the same time.  So, we will just be tackling small portions of the quilt each month.  The house/tree block took me 2 hours to complete… so, if you could just spare about 2 hours a month, I am certain you can keep up. :)Also, I found out this week Cinnamon’s Quilt Shop has the kits if you need to pick one up.  Click here to purchase the kits, and here to purchase the accompany Aurifil embroidery floss pack!


I will be posting installment #2 of the sew-along on March 15th.  So, you definitely have time to catch up with part 1. :)  Click here if you haven’t seen installment #1.

Meanwhile, I have also been smocking.  Miss Baby still lets me dress her, mainly because she is not one who puts too much thought into what she wears.  It’s a win-win for us right now.  She is needed some new outfits.  So, here is my latest completed smocking project.


And here, I completed the stitching for a small little project that I work on at the school parking lot when I wait to pick up Miss Baby.  The colors I use are from my Marmalade Meadows floss pack.


And here is me and a homemade apple pie a couple of weeks ago.  I am not crazy about pictures taken of me, but I had to do it for one of the fabric companies, hahaha.  Miss Baby can handily consume an apple pie in half a day, if I let her… a pinch of nutmeg is my secret ingredient when I make apple pies! :) That pie looks a bit pale because I was scared to death the pie would look too brown for the picture, hahaha.  Truth be known, I popped that pie back into the oven after the picture was taken.  Things I do for work….


But I am curious though — what is your favorite pie?

And that’s it for now!  I shall catch up with you again in a couple of days.  Hugs to you all!


My 2017 Line-up

Editorial Feature

American Patchwork & Quilting (Jan/Feb 2017):  Close Quarters (Cover Quilt)

McCall’s Quick Quilts (Feb/March 2017):  I’m Blue For You

McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017): Stamp Pad


Free-to-use Design

Jan 2017:  Stars and Stripes Forever (Hoffman Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  HOPE (Windham Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  Bleecker Street (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Sheeps and Peeps (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Smarty Cats (Windham Fabrics)

Feb 2017: Wildwood Way (RJR Fabrics)

18 thoughts on “Stamp Pad in McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017) & More

  1. All those beautiful quilts AND a homemade apple pie! Wendy you are amazing and did I say beautiful too!? So love seeing you in pictures dear friend! Continue to be awed and amazed and always very proud of you. Much love to you!!

  2. My favorite pie is lemon meringue, very close second is apple……. yum, I can taste it now! Yours looks way too yummy!! Cute photo of the pastry chef!! You are a lady of many talents, wow. “Stamp Pad” is very cute. I’ll be on the lookout for the magazine. As always, you continue to amaze, Wendy!!i

  3. Beautiful quilts and I think your pie looks yummy. Thanks for letting us know about your quilt in McCalls Quick Quilts issue. I can honestly say, the only time I buy a quilt magazine anymore is when I know you are in the issue. Looking forward to this one. I do so love stars & LeMoyne Star is one of my FAVS.


  4. Whenever I see such pretty quilts, I always wonder how they made it, if they could share the instructions, because I would love to make one myself. Now that you have shared it so generously, i would love to be part of this sew-along if I may, and talk about it on my blog too. All I need to do is get the fabrics and the floss too!!! Apple pie is my favourite too!!!

  5. You have been busy! The pic of you and your pie looks great! Why are we always so self-critical? My favorite pie is pecan pie. It was also my mother’s. She wouldn’t eat any other kind of pie. I will definitely eat other pies.

  6. Thanks for being such a great inspiration Wendy! Everything I see that you have come up with appeals to me!! So glad I found you! Cannot believe no one has mentioned coconut cream pie…not that I eat pie anymore…well, maybe a bite here and there! Ha. It was always my favorite.

  7. I don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do with “needles” and then add baking too!!! You are amazing. I can almost smell it baking from here. My favorite pie is cherry – especially for breakfast. lol

    Your smocking looks so pretty. I’m glad that you still have a young model to wear it. The cross stitch is darling too. Guess you will have to find a new car sitting project now. ;-)

  8. Wendy I love the Stamp Pad Pattern and the Fabrics you chose! So lovely. It really perked up my day. We have been having tornado’s, pounding rains and snow in New York State. Our power was lost several times in our village and our home! When I saw your quilt it was a breath of fresh happy air.. Your choice of fabrics were awesome. I will watch for the April/May Magazine. Hugs, Nancy

  9. Lovely things to see here today Wendy. You know I’m looking carefully at your blue dishes! Your pie looks delicious. I think berry pies are my favorite.

  10. Pumpkin pie! I could eat it all year long. I love that you are sewing like a person with way too many projects going because it makes me feel better. If only silly work didn’t get in the way too. I am almost finished with the second tree.

  11. I have decided to attempt the sew along “Spring on Bleecker Street”.. Margaret Shaw

    From: Ivory Spring To: Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 10:12 PM Subject: [New post] Stamp Pad in McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017) & More #yiv7074953459 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv7074953459 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv7074953459 a.yiv7074953459primaryactionlink:link, #yiv7074953459 a.yiv7074953459primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv7074953459 a.yiv7074953459primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv7074953459 a.yiv7074953459primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv7074953459 | ivoryspring posted: “Hello Friends, Happy Monday, and a Blessed Week to you!  Today, I am sharing with you my latest magazine quilt that became official, Stamp Pad.   Stamp Pad is featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017) issue.  The full instructions are include” | |

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