Are you smart, are you catty? Are you a Smarty Cat?!

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a good week.  My week went by all too quickly.  A quilt editor and I were just lamenting earlier today how we can’t believe it’s already Friday, because it didn’t seem like we had gotten enough accomplished…. but be that as it may I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

I got to play with a fun fabric line last fall for Windham Fabrics, Smarty Cats.  You can check out the fabrics here.

Cat Tales  – you can purchase this bed-sized kit here.  Click here for free pattern download.


Faces All Around –  you can purchase this throw sized quilt kit here.  Click here for free pattern download.


Smokey and Friends – you can purchase this crib/child size quilt kit here.


The sweet people at Windham fabrics sent some Hot Dog Cool Cats fabrics for my “resident cat” (aka Miss Baby). She doesn’t necessarily want a cat (and we don’t have one), and is purr-fectly fine “being” the cat at our house.  So she goes around pretending to be a cat.  It all so compli-CAT-ted, hahahaha!  I had this P+S Oliver Ice Cream made for my house cat, by sewbeeitclothier.  Alison does great work.  Check out the self-covered-buttons!


So, a question for you – cat or dog, or neither?

Thanks for stopping by.  I shall catch up with you next week.

My 2017 Line-up

Editorial Feature

American Patchwork & Quilting (Jan/Feb 2017):  Close Quarters (Cover Quilt)

McCall’s Quick Quilts (Feb/March 2017):  I’m Blue For You


Free-to-use Design

Jan 2017:  Stars and Stripes Forever (Hoffman Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  HOPE (Windham Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  Bleecker Street (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Sheeps and Peeps (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Smarty Cats (Windham Fabrics)

20 thoughts on “Are you smart, are you catty? Are you a Smarty Cat?!

  1. Those are so cute! I love kitties. Before I was 6, we had a neighborhood black cat. Back then cats and dogs roamed free. But I insisted we feed it Friskies. (It probably had a home). then the dogs got the cat food so we had to let the cat in so he could eat. (I was spoiled rotten, anything I wanted, I got. haha!)

    I was allergic to fur when I was young. Some cats still bother me. As an adult, we had a cat in Mississippi that we gave to friends when we moved back to a city. He was definitely a country cat…

    My neighbors had a dog that thought he had 2 families. He would spend time at both houses. Craziest thing….As an adult I’ve had 3 dogs. Two chows and now a border collie/blue heeler mix. I love my dog. What was the question? oh, can I choose both? haha!

  2. I’m neither, but I guess if I had to choose I would lean toward a dog rather then a cat. We have had to embrace our son and DIL’s dog and she is very sweet. Because of my house cleaning business in the past I’m all too aware of the extra clean-up involved with pet hair. Oye…and it’s relentless. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Both, although at present I only have 3 dogs who have adopted us. Like the hobos of past times knew a friendly house where they could get a meal, strays or country dumpees know a friendly house where a lady with a big heart resides. They don’t move on like hobos did; they just take up residence and become part of the family here.

  4. Cat Tails is perfect and such perfect timing! My granddaughter is going to be working on a quilt with me in a month or so for her bed since she will be moving into her own room later this year (she & her little sister have shared for four years & it is time for them each to have their own space). She LOVES cats & LOVES to read so her mom had asked me if we could make her a “bookshelf “quilt. This is just perfect! Thank you, thank you for the right pattern at just the right time! ❤

  5. Adorable. Love the quilts and the dress, and I’m sure Miss B will look adorable. I’m a dog person (allergic to cats). Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Cats! My cat Cocoa wants to be an only right now. I grew up with cats and I love their independence and company. Cocoa sleeps in his bed in my sewing room if he’s not up on the cutting table. I also have both indoor and outdoor fish. My son has a dog named Sally who I adore but she needs a lot more attention than a cat. By the way I love the bookshelf quilt with cats.

  7. I love cats. So warm, soft, cuddly, purry… but can no longer look after a pet so don’t have one. I like dogs, if they’re well-behaved.

  8. Thank you for a couple more sweet, free patterns! I have a stash of kitty fabrics that would work so well with either one of these :)

    We have one cat, Angel, who lives with us on our boat. When we started our mobile lifestyle, we had two cats and one little dog. We miss the other two so much; we’re both big softies for all sorts of animals.

  9. Totally agree, this first week of February has flown by. I have neither cats nor dogs. I’m allergic to them all. My four children all have dogs, however. Fun patterns, thanks for your creativity!!

  10. I have one red mackerall tabby cornish rex kitty, Miles.
    I lost my sweet lovable kitty Pierro last November, 18th. I miss him He was Cornish Rex too, but very very handsome white with grey splotches. I miss him.
    I love dogs and cats very much, all animals are adorable.
    I do not like the “fine print” about when they die. That hurts forever
    I like this quilt design and I like the dress. I am sure Miss Baby is enjoying pretending to be a kitty. Girls are wonderful

  11. Cute fabrics and designs! I’m not a pet person in general – I don’t like what’s involved in taking care of them and don’t feel like I need that kind of company. But we had one dog as the kids were growing up. If I lived alone I might think about getting a cat, as they are more independent, except that one of my sons is allergic to them.

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