FREE PATTERN: Sheeps And Peeps + This & That

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well!  Happy February to you.  Can you believe the month of January is already in the rear view mirror?  A fun fact for you: I am actually a January baby! :)  So, it’s really exciting to see one of my designs, Sheeps and Peeps, being selected for Quilting Treasures‘ calendar this year.  It’s doubly special since I am a Sheppard, and a shepherd has got to love sheep!


Click here to download the pattern instructions.  Don’t you think I did a good job in keeping the wooly creatures safe in the fence? :)


Meanwhile, guess what’s on the table being cut?! :)  Yeap, I am getting pictures ready for the first part of Bleecker Street Sew-Along.  Click here if you want to find out more about it.



It’s been a busy week over here trying to piece two quilts at the same time.  I am trying a new trick in piecing.  I hope my experiment is productive enough to share a couple of tricks with you!  Till next time.  Hugs to you all.


My 2017 Line-up

Editorial Feature

American Patchwork & Quilting (Jan/Feb 2017):  Close Quarters (Cover Quilt)

McCall’s Quick Quilts (Feb/March 2017):  I’m Blue For You


Free-to-use Design

Jan 2017:  Stars and Stripes Forever (Hoffman Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  HOPE (Windham Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  Bleecker Street (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Sheeps and Peeps (Quilting Treasures)

15 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Sheeps And Peeps + This & That

  1. Well, I’m a January baby! Sixty-three years ago :)
    And my first granddaughter who just turned two, is a January baby too!

  2. Sheeps and Peeps is going to be fabulous. January birthdays you ask…1 on the 15th , 1 on the 16th and 1 on the 19th, not to mention the extended family birthdays on the 16th, 22nd and 25th!

  3. Sheeps and Peeps…..such a cute pattern! No January birthdays here. However, my Dad was a January baby and he would have been 101 this year. Looking forward to the sew-along with Bleecker Street. It’s gonna be fun!!!

  4. I love your new sheeps & peeps pattern! January babies – let’s see if I can remember them all – hubby, daughter-in-law, son, grandson, granddaughter, brother-in-law, two cousins (at least!), and a couple very good friends!

  5. “Sheeps and Peeps” is absolutely adorable! I may have to make this for my granddaughter and keep “Bleeker Street” for me…lol! Are you a January Capricorn or a January Aquarius? I’m a December Capricorn and my youngest daughter, Emma, is a January Capricorn.

  6. I love the sheep! When my first daughter was born I wanted sheep prints, but there was none.. My name being Mary.. I had a lamb. Now its all over, so glad! Love this pattern and Yes, my baby girl is a January Baby – she turned 9.

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