All Things BLEECKER STREET… and the biggest snowman!

Hello Friends, I hope you are well.  The sun is out where I am with a high of close of 60F!  I am so thankful for that – as I am a winter wimp.

1.  Spring on Bleecker Street Sew Along.  I just emailed out the preliminary email to ladies who most recently expressed interest in joining in the fun!  Please know that you are welcome to join in anytime.  And I just added a Sew-Along Tab on the top of my blog page which has the basic information.   Click here to access the special sew-along page!


You may download the pattern instructions and templates here.  And start to gather your supplies!!!

I will be using the Bleecker Street fabrics from Quilting Treasures for this project!  I am totally in love with these fabrics!!!!  You may use fabrics of your choice for the project.  However, if you want to replicate the original quilt,  I know of places listed below that are selling the kits/fabrics.  For the embroidery, I will be using colors from my Aurifil’s Marmalade Meadows collection.  Click here to read about the collection if you haven’t known about it.  I would imagine any Aurifil dealer will be able to order the floss for you.  Please know that I will be showcasing more ways to use up the floss in a couple of months.

* The quilt and floss kits are available from  I think Lynn is still waiting for the fabrics and floss to arrive.

* Quilt kits from

* Fabrics from Quiltropolis.

* Quilt kits from Hancocks of Paducah.

2.  Other Bleecker Street Projects.  Now, Spring on Bleecker Street isn’t the only quilt I designed using Quilting Treasures’ Bleecker Street fabrics.


Pinwheel Quilt


Click here to download pattern instructions.

Click here to purchase quilt kit(s).

Alcott Quilt.  This quilt is actually inspired by a quilt made by mother of Louisa May Alcott.  Mother Alcott took on sewing projects to supplement her family’s income.  My interpretation of the design is a tribute to all mothers over the ages who did what it took for the sake of their families’ welfare.


Click here to download pattern instructions.


3.  Snowflake blocks and “Biggest” Snowman.  Due to upcoming travel, I have been sewing up a storm to make some my quilt samples happen for the appropriate people.  No, we don’t have snow, but I have been making these fun snowflake blocks. :)


And here is Miss Baby’s suggestion on how to make the biggest snowman!  I found this on one of her school papers. [This might have come in helpful for your next snowstorm fun! :)

“First you have to build a big ball as big as the 2nd grade classroom, then a ball as big as the lunch room, then one as big as the second grade door.  Stack the smallest ball on the top of the medium one, and so on.  Then cut two trees down and stick them into the medium ball. Then get some beach balls and stick them in to make eyes, and so on.”


Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have had a great week so far.  We certainly have, as crazy busy as we have been over here.  Hugs to you all.  I shall catch up with you before the weekend.


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8 thoughts on “All Things BLEECKER STREET… and the biggest snowman!

  1. I actually just emailed one of my LQS’s to ask about your floss collection and a fat quarter bundle of Bleecker street today. Not sure how good they are about answering emails though. I need to check the links you provided too. I’m in love with this collection, even though I put myself on a fabric fast!!

  2. Beautiful pattern. Going to be a fun BOM/QAL. And, I absolutely love Miss Baby’s instructions for making a snowman. Very easy to follow instructions. I hope you save that one as it would be great to create a book one day, of Miss Baby’s creativity or adventures.


  3. Miss Baby has beautiful handwriting — among all her other talents. She definitely has her Mommy’s genes Including imagination.

  4. Thanks for all of the downloads, Wendy. I am so impressed that cursive is being done in the second grade. She is doing a beautiful job with it too. I loved reading the comparison sizes for the balls!!!

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