Sad News… Sue Garman

Hello Friends,  I am bumping my scheduled post for today to share with you the sad news Sue Garman’s passing this past Sunday.  Sue Garman lived an amazing life, not only at NASA, but also as a quilter of 40 years.  Sue has always been, and will always be my hero!

Let’s take a moment to remember Sue’s contribution to the quilting community, as well as our great land.  And along with that, do pray for Sue’s family as her husband actually passed away just a few months prior.

To view Sue’s amazing quilts, go to

I will be back tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Sad News… Sue Garman

  1. I like to think that she and her beloved husband are together again. What a legacy they have left…thank you for posting this because not everyone follows TQS. My understanding is that their daughters will carry on selling her patterns, but I can’t imagine losing both of your parents to cancer within a few months of each other. Prayers for the family for sure!

  2. I have to believe Sue and her husband are reunited now…..I only started reading Sue’s blog a few months ago. I found her New Year’s Day post really touching…then when she passed the following week I couldn’t keep from crying. “Don’t lose faith in me or my blog” were some of her last words she posted. Her legacy will live on and she will not be forgotten.

  3. I love that Sue was still “planning and designing” though out her difficult struggle with her health. Ditto Kathy in WV! Her beautiful work and inspiring designs live on. Blessings to her family and all who loved her.

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