Another chance to win Marmalade Meadows Floss Box

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you are all well and warm!  Right about now, I am an icicle contemplating a one-way ticket to Florida! :)

Last fall, Aurifil introduced my Marmalade Meadows Floss Collectionat Fall Market.  A few days before Christmas last year, Aurifil featured my new Embroidery Floss collection, Marmalade Meadows, on their blog Auribuzz. Click here to read more if you hadn’t had a chance to do so.


The purchase of the floss collection comes with my pattern instructions (including embroidery) for Marmalade’s Merriment.  If you remember, the embroidery design is based on Miss Baby’s artwork that I had adapted for embroidery.  I do have a funny story associated with that.  I had texted from Fall Market last year a picture of the floss box to Miss Baby at home.  When I checked in with home that night…

Miss Baby:  Urm, Mom, didn’t you tell them I drew the original picture?

Me: Yes?

Miss Baby: Why isn’t my name on the box?

Me:  Well, you see…




Over the next year, I will be releasing more Marmalade the pot belly bunny embroidery designs, as well as different projects you can make using the free download Marmalade’s Merriment embroidery design!  It will be fun.  So, get your floss ready to stitch… You can ask your local quilt shop owners to order the floss collection for you!


Aurifil is hosting another giveaway of Marmalade Meadows on their Instagram feed!  Be sure to check out the details there — just search for “aurifilthread”.


That’s all for now, Friends!  Happy Monday and Happy Week!  I will be back this Wed to catch up with you!  Hugs!!!

6 thoughts on “Another chance to win Marmalade Meadows Floss Box

  1. Thanks for what will be the biggest smile of the day—-Miss Baby wanting credit for her contribution….I don’t blame her one bit!!! Your well-wishes are only half right…I’m well, but not exactly warm. This is one of your prettiest designs…and I love the little quilt…looking forward to more of Marmalade…..blessings from southern WV.

  2. An astute young lady, yes! she deserves credit for the original design!! I know, she has already been given that credit by a very sweet Mom.😊. I’m looking forward to more Marmalade designs, maybe enough to make into a quilt? Weather is supposed to warm a bit here in middle TN; I’ll try to send some your way. Have a good week!!

  3. That was great. I’m glad to see that she has such a keen sense of copyrights!!! The design is adorable and it looks so cute stitched out and finished like that. I will look forward to more designs ….and credits!

  4. oh how cute. I used to really enjoy embroidery. Now I just do not have time for everything!
    I love the little quilt you made, adorable colors

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