A catch up post….

…. that is desperately overdue!!!

HELLO FRIENDS!  Loooong time no chat.  2016 will go down as the busiest year in my life, EVER!  I feel like I just never got to get off the ongoing treadmill of life, haha!  I am not complaining — because this has certainly been a “God’s grace is sufficient” for me year!  And here we are — Christmas 2016 is just days away.

We braved the frigid cold over the weekend to go see the Christmas Tree at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  It’s something we have done since Miss Baby was very little.  This year’s tree is my “most” favorite of all the ones we have seen.


The tree is always HUGE (at least 3 stories tall), as well as the ornaments.  Miss Baby is all to happy to demonstrate…


On the home front, our tree is no where near as tall or has near as many ornaments or lights….


Last year, Miss Baby placed the ornaments at her eye level on the tree.  I would secretly try to even things out after she went to school, and she would get home from school and redo the ornaments.  So our cat-and-mouse game went on for days.  I am happy to report we didn’t have that situation this year.  In fact she was quite adept at distributing the ornaments evenly.  We spent an afternoon after school hanging up the ornaments and chatting about Christmas memories.


It was nice to inspect each ornament closely as we unpacked them…







Besides the Christmas-sy things,  I have been working lots (A LOT!), but I am definitely not the only one. Many I know are working hard to get things turned in before Christmas. But I managed to find some quiet time when everyone else was asleep for a bit of stitching fun.

I finished up a Christmas ornament using the colors from my Marmalade Meadows collection.


I also finished smocking a dress insert for an outfit for Miss Baby.


And during those quiet moments, it was impressed upon me that Christmas isn’t really Christmas until it happens within the heart, no matter how busy things are on the outside.


I hope you will enjoy a most blessed season!


Giveaway Winner — thank you ALL for playing along in my giveaway of a copy of the latest American Quilting and Patchwork!  I am happy to announce the winner is: Rhonda (#4)!  It will be coming to you very soon!


19 thoughts on “A catch up post….

  1. Wow, that may be the largest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Glad to hear you fought the cold weather and were able to go see it. Nice Holiday tradition. And, your own tree is stunning. Sounds like you and Miss Baby had great fun sharing holiday memories while decorating it.

    Merry Christmas.


  2. I am beginning to feel the Peace of Christmas enter my heart. What a joyous season to remember the birth of Christ and be thankful for friends!! Merry Christmas, Wendy!!!

  3. Your tree looks beautiful, and your newly made ornaments are too. I love the “marmalade” colors. Christmas Blessings to you and your family.

  4. So wonderful to see all the preparations at your place!!! Miss Baby, I’m sure, qualifies as a “grown up helper” this year!!! The smocking is so pretty and takes me back to days year ago. Such handwork exemplifies a bygone era/generation in America. On the blogs I seem to see more of the quiet stitching done elsewhere……we’re all in such impatient hurries with woeful consequences for those who may inadvertently slow us. Maybe that’s too harsh a statement and “all” was not an appropriate/accurate word choice but such is the fodder for headlines, I guess. We are ready for this sweet season and Tom is eagerly anticipating our departure to warmer climes (we leave next Tuesday for So. TX for 4 months).
    May you experience the Joy and peace of this Christmas Season on through the New Year!!! I wonder if our paths will cross next year???? Keep me posted if you even make it to Fort Wayne…….we could do a supper again!!!! Sending luv and hugs always to you all………..

  5. That tree is marvelous and I am so glad that we have some idea how large those ornaments are. Your tree is lovely and full of so many cherished ornaments.

    May you and your family enjoy a blessed Christmas.

  6. The huge tree is a beauty. I bet that it is awesome in person. Wendy, your tree is a treasure filled with many memories, memories that I am sure will continue to grow as time goes by. Your handwork is stunning; you continue to inspire. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas! 😊🎄😊

  7. The outdoor tree and your tree are both so lovely. I remember the tug of war last year with Miss Baby and the ornaments. Fun that she is able to see more of the whole picture with even distribution. Hope you have some peaceful moments for a few days over Christmas.

  8. Lovely tree (both) and love that you remiss on each ornament as it is hung. The little pineapple ornies do impress me. Happy Holidays to you and yours

  9. Your tree is lovely. I don’t put up a tree anymore and I do miss seeing all the ornaments and remembering their history. I have to figure out a way to display some of them. Have a joyful Christmas.

  10. Thanks for sharing the trees. The one is amazing. I love seeing all your beautiful ornaments. You are very talented and Miss Baby is not far behind. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with many blessings from God.

  11. Good Evening Wendy! Oh my goodness, I do not believe I have ever seen such a tall Christmas tree before and tell Miss Baby Thank You so very much for letting us see just how big those bulbs are; really amazing and beautiful! I think that your Christmas tree is gorgeous and all of the special cross stitched ornaments and each special ornament that you shared really make a home feel extra special and filled with love this time of year! What special gifts you are making also, the smoking is lovely and I love cross stitching and seeing what others make! May your Christmas be filled with the Love of Christ and celebrating his birth! Merry Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas! Reading your post I had a vision of the cutest, sweetest little guinea pig on her treadmill….lol! I’m so happy this year has been busy for you…your fame and your accomplishments are praiseworthy. Our daughters, sons-in-law and grandbabies will be with us for Christmas—what more could I want? I’m finishing up a queen-size quilt today as a gift for a brother-in-law…and other than wrapping presents and cooking I’ll be through! Another year gone—with it’s good memories and regrets. God’s grace truly is sufficient—each new day brings with it a new start, if we choose. I hope 2017 finds you with more joy, peace, love and prosperity. Give Miss Baby a hug for me and tell Mr. Ivory Spring I wish him well too. Blessings and all my quilty love, dear heart.

  13. Loved your Holiday Tree and Stories. The Miracle of Christmas Always Seems To Fill Our Hearts With Warmth and Love. Thanks for Sharing.

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