GIVEAWAY: My Annie’s Domestic Machine Quilting Class of your choice

Hello Friends, I am tired and groggy, but I went to Houston and got back safely.  It was a whirlwind of a trip.  I will share more about that later.  One of the major reasons I went to Houston is to present my upcoming book Stitching Pathways – a compilation of my Thread Talk posts in a book format and more.   The following pictures show snippets of the book projects that I have been working on to include in the Stitching Pathways book.








SO, to celebrate domestic machine quilting, Annie’s has generously sponsored a giveaway of any one of my 5 online machine quilting classes of your choice!

#1. Learn to Machine Quilt – click here for more information.

#2.  Machine Quilting Level 2 – click here for more information.

#3.  Learn to Machine Quilt Pieced Blocks – click here for more information.

#4.  Learn to Machine Quilt With Stencils & Templates – click here for more information.

#5.  Learn Modern Straight Line Machine Quilting – click here for more information.

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY – Between now and coming Sunday (November 6th), leave in the comment section which class you would like, and I will pick a winner to announce on Monday (November 7th).

Happy Monday, and Happy Week!

135 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: My Annie’s Domestic Machine Quilting Class of your choice

  1. Would love to win the Beginner Class. I get so intimidated with machine quilting, and I know this would really help! Thanks for the chance!

  2. You are my go to instructor for machine quilting. Can’t wait to get your book. I would love to take class #3

  3. Hi Wendy, thanks for the opportunity to try one of your classes. My choice would be #4. Learn to Machine Quilt With Stencils & Templates. Thanks, Nancy Schwall

  4. Looks like I should sign up for the beginning class #1. I hate to tell anyone how many beginner machine quilting classes I have taken and I still need lots of help!

  5. Hi Wendy. I would love Class #2 – Machine Quilting Level 2. I can’t wait to improve my free motion quilting, There is so much to learn and you can never practice enough! Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. My choice would be the pieced blocks class. I have a couple of blocks of the.month that call out for special quilting, but I am not confident! Help!

  7. I love all the photos you included with this post! Beautiful quilting, Wendy! I would most like the class on stencils and rulers but I may be better off taking the very beginning class as I am worse than a novice in free motion quilting.

  8. Omg, all the classes look good! I especially want to do the pieced block class. Thank you and good luck everyone!

  9. Hello, thank you for the opportunity to win, Wendy. I would like to take the class on stencils and rulers as this is a technique I haven’t used before. I usually do stitch-in-the ditch and free-motion quilting.

  10. Glad to hear you are back safely from your trip to Market. I sure enjoyed seeing your photos on Instagram, as well as photos and insights from others about you. Love all of your projects shared at Market. And thrilled about your new book, as well as all your wonderful classes at Annies. You are amazing.


  11. it’s hard to pick just one, but i would have to go for number 5, modern straight line quilting. i’ve already taken and loved the first two, learn to quilt and lean to quilt #2. thanks for the opportunity.

  12. All of the classes sound fabulous. Think I’d start with #5 Learn Modern Straight Line Machine Quilting because I am relatively comfortable with straight lines and would like to learn more.

  13. I would love to start at the beginning, I’ve heard it’s a good place to start…. :)

    Class #1 would be my choice!

  14. I would like to win and take #1 Learn to Machine Quilt. I am a novice free motion quilting on my domestic machine. Thanks for the giveaway. Your quilting is beautiful, Wendy.

  15. Can hardly wait for your new book!!! I’m interested in drawing my own stencils so to quilt them, I need class # 4. Thanks for the give away!!!

  16. My quilting skills are at the beginner level so I think #1 would be for me. Thank you for this opportunity.

  17. Definitely “NEEEED” #1 the “Learn to Machine Quilt” class……I am a very new to FMQ person! Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!! :D

  18. Congrats!!!!! And what a wonderful giveaway! I guess if I had to choose it would be # 3 or 2.
    Thank you again and congratulations on your book!

  19. Congratulations on another book!! That one sounds like it will be really great to have! If I won, I’d like to take the Learn to Machine Quilt as I’ve got to start doing something other than cross-hatching on my much too high stack of completed quilt tops!


  20. I love you machine quilting style and learing from you would be just fabulous! #2 machine quilting for my #1 choice.

  21. I’d love to win your machine quilting 2 class! I really want to practice making feathers that look like yours!

  22. My choice would be Machine Quilting Level 2. I already know the basics and would like to turn things up a notch.

  23. Awesome! I’m glad you had a safe trip. I can’t wait to see the next book. I love your Thread Talk series. I would love Machine Quilting Level 2. Hope G had a fun Halloween!

  24. That was a quick trip! I’m looking forward to your book! Your classes are excellent… now if I could only find more time…

  25. I would love to win #1 Learn to Machine Quilt. I am a relative newcomer to quilting and I have not tried actual ‘quilting’ yet and find the prospect a bit daunting but I would prefer to quilt my own quilts rather than let someone else do them so I am ready to take the plunge and have a go.

  26. I think class 4 sounds wonderful. Templates always look great but are hard. Then again class 2 would be great too.

  27. Such a generous offer! I would love to learn how to use stencils and templates so I would go for class #4. Hope you enjoyed your trip to market.

  28. I’d love to try the Machine Quilting Level 2. I’ve been doing some free motion and enjoying it, but struggle to decide on designs and how to mark.

  29. Welcome back from Houston, and congratulations on the book. I definitely want one when it comes out! I would love to take the Level 2 class. I really want to learn to quilt feathers and other motifs. I still haven’t quilted my Horizon Brights!

  30. Wow – a lot of comments. Seems like I’m not the only one needing lessons. I just tried my first time machine quilting – – after two blocks – – tore them out stitch by stitch and took the quilt to a friend to long arm quilt it. I would definitely need Class # 1. Thank you for having this opportunity available. Have a blessed day everyone!

  31. I would love to take any of your classes, but I think I would start with number 3 Pieced Blocks, as I always struggle and spend a lot of time deciding on a quilting plan! I often refer back to your tutorials, good luck with your new boook.

  32. I would love to learn how to choose a motif for pieced blocks. I already do free motion quilting, but sometimes struggle with what to quilt on a pieced block quilt.

  33. I would love all of them….but alas I can only have one – I guess the class on quilting pieced blocks would do me a world of good. thank you.

  34. Thanks for such a great giveaway. Would love to win #1 Learn to Machine Quilt. I am definitely a beginner!!

  35. I have the first 3….yay!!! I have the first one online and 2 and 3 on dvd….as I have limited internet I really wish I had the first one of dvd too!….Nevertheless, I would love to have #4…Quilting with Stencils and Templates…. p.s. LOVE the photos of your quilting here….ideas, ideas…… :)

  36. I would love to win the Learn to Machine Quilt Pieced Blocks Course. Love your quilting and already have 2 of your other courses. They are really good.

  37. All of the classes look great. I have always admired your quilting. I would like to win the Machine Quilting Level 2 class most of all.

  38. Looking forward to you book. I would love to win Machine Quilting Level 2 – click here for more information.

  39. Would love to take machine quilting passed the beginner stage so would love to follow you in class number 2. Many thanks.

  40. I would love to take the class called Machine Quilting Level 2. Your work is so inspirational. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  41. Would love to take “Learn to Machine Quilt With Stencils & Templates”. I’m a fan of yours and taking this class would be “fan”-tastic!

  42. I have done limited quilting on my home machine. I would love to take the Machine Quilting Level 1 to be sure I have the basics down, then move on with the next course in the series.

  43. I would like Machine Quilting Level 2. Thanks for this opportunity. I would love to take one of your classes.

  44. I love your new book. I can hardly wait to get a copy I would love to win #3, Learn to Machine Quilt Pieced Blocks. I have taken your #1 class, and it was wonderful. Thank you.

  45. I would probably choose #1 or #3. I have quilted several of my own quilts, but could definitely use some more confidence and would love to learn new quilting patterns.

  46. How terrific to get to choose one of your video classes. I’d choose Learn to Machine Quilt Pieced Blocks. I could totally use that one! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  47. I would choose the class of “Learn Machine Quilt Pieced Block” because I have so many “Block of the Month” blocks and this class would be a big help. I enjoy free motion quilting on my home machine and so happy that you’re offering the class that we can use our home sewing machine to achieve the result. Thanks.

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