Totally non-quilty pumpkin post!

Hello Friends, I heard on the news last week a total of 360 million dollars were spent by American last year on pumpkin-related products during the autumn/fall season – ranging from pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pop tarts, pumpkin body wash, pumpkin body butter to pumpkin pet products.

So, curious mind wants to know what pumpkin products you have purchased for this autumn season.  Be specific because I am really curious.

All that said, a little someone at my house is crazy about these pumpkin sandwich cookies.  I can’t stock them fast enough!  [And this year, we caved, and got pumpkin pop tarts.]


So — pumpkin products for you?  If so, what kind? :)

Thanks for stopping by… a very Happy Fall to you all!

p.s.  If you must have something quilty, click here for an Autumn virtual trunk show I did years ago.

24 thoughts on “Totally non-quilty pumpkin post!

  1. Well we generally wait for something pumpkin to be plopped in front of us. We don’t go out of our way to buy pumpkin products. We will have something of the pumpkin variety at Thanksgiving.

  2. I have purchased Turkey Hill pumpkin Pie ice cream. It is the best, and is only sold October through January. I have also purchased two pumpkin pies at Costco today. I like to cut them into small serving sizes, and wrapping them well and hiding them into the freezer for surprise treats :-P
    This year, I am not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving….

  3. Last spring we bought the pumpkin seeds we planted in our field. We grow sugar pie pumpkins and a few fall decor larger pumpkins, both white and orange ones. We make our pies from scratch, including the crusts. I did buy one fat quarter with pumpkins and other fall images.

  4. So far only real pumpkins for a pumpkin carving/decorating contest. I love, love, love Halloween so I’m sure that there will be more things bought plus pumpkin food things for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh, and I spent a small fortune on pumpkin decorating supplies, if that counts.

  5. I have mums out on my front porch. I was at Bath and Body Works with my teenage granddaughter last weekend. She enticed me to purchase a “Caramel Pumpkin Swirl” candle as well as “Autumn Spiced Strawberry” and a “Sunlight and Apple Scent”, both kinda “Fall-ish” foaming hand soap. However, we are ahead of the game, we also purchased a “Frosted Cranberry” scented foaming hand soap. Gotta love the holiday season!! Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies? those sound yummy!!!!

  6. I purchased 2 pumpkins for my front porch. I ate some yummy pumpkin ice cream that someone else bought….does that count 😊

  7. I grew some sugar pie pumpkins and usually make pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie. I’m not crazy about the pumpkin flavors in coffee lattes or teas. When I have too much pumpkin puree in my freezer, I sneak it into chili or soup to get my husband to eat more veggies. Don’t tell him!

  8. I didn’t realize you had Trader Joe’s in your area. I love shopping there. Did recently pick up their Pumpkin biscotti and it was quite good. Not too sweet. I saw their Pumpkin Joe Joes, but didn’t give them a try. Based on the recommendation some little person, in your home, I’ll pick some up to share at a class this month. I had no idea that so much was spent on pumpkin related products. Absolutely amazing. I wonder what pumpkin soap would be like, although I should probably stick with the biscotti and/or other cookies.

    Oh, almost forgot that I do plan on making pumpkin cupcakes to share with neighbors this month.


  9. Inquiring mind needs to know what the pumpkin cookies are? Store bought? If so, need info. The shop I help in made cloth pumpkins that are stuffed and so cute.

  10. Oh my…I love fall and pumpkins. I’ve had pumpkin latte, creamers, cookies, pie (at church dinner), and cheerios. Just saw where there are also pumpkin mini-wheats so have to try them. Did I mention I love pumpkin!

  11. There is a pumpkin quilt hanging in my entry–does that count? I adore pumpkin and spice flavoring. Pumpkin cinnamon chip bars will be on the baking agenda soon, and perhaps pumpkin cake and/or pumpkin bread. And Thanksgiving is only complete with pumpkin pie, preferably home baked. I do have a couple of mini-pumpkins decorating the entry chest of drawers. Not only do I like pumpkin, but I also like the color orange.

  12. We like them … so we grow them. Hubby is ever over-planting just in case they don’t germinate. So we harvested about 30 pumpkins and will use maybe 5. I am giving them away! We roast the seeds, bake down the flesh for pies and pumpkin bread.

  13. I love pumpkin of all kinds!! My sewing group’s treat table at this month’s meeting included pumpkin pie, bread, candy corn and pumpkin cookies. We have amazing bakers in our group. I have bought a pumpkin candle, pumpkin fat quarters, pumpkin soap, and pumpkins for decorating. Sad we don’t have a Trader Joes here as I would certainly take the recommendation of your resident cookie sampler and get some of those cookies!!!

  14. I’ve not seen those pumpkin sandwich cookies, but they look good. I just recently made some pumpkin spice cookies from a mix at W-Mart and added cream cheese frosting on them, and they were very good. Later in the year I make a Harvest Loaf Cake that’s pumpkin with chocolate chips. I don’t do pumpkin flavored drinks. Somehow liquid pumpkin flavor just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

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