Aurifil Thread Journey: Wrapping up – almost!

Happy Thursday, Friends!  To be honest, I am not ready for this week to end because I have quite a few things I would like to check off my list before the weekend is upon us… be that as it may, Aurifil’s blog (click here) is updated with another Thread Journey post!  You will see my notes on the following pictures…




My daughter’s violin teacher always admonishes her to not play sloppy — and I have challenged myself to not quilt sloppy on my Thread Journey quilt.  I have learned much through making this quilt…. it’s been therapeutic in many ways!  Anyway, click here to read up on Thread Journey’s latest!  If you have followed along the journey, you know I have sunk A LOT of thread into it… :)


Thank you for stopping by.  I will leave you with a Miss Baby quote when she was a little miffed from not getting any sympathy from me regarding a gnat that’s been flying around… (what I can say, I grew up in the tropics!).

Miss B:  When I have a husband and kids, I am going to have 14 fly swatters lying about!!!

8 thoughts on “Aurifil Thread Journey: Wrapping up – almost!

  1. I’m with Miss Baby–I have several fly swatters… HANDY! And, I know how to use them!
    I have sunk a lot of Thread into my Thread Journey, but I also picked out a great deal of it. I’m still working on improving my quilting. Thank you so much for this great sewalong and quilting project!

  2. Am I right that I only have until tomorrow to send a picture?  I am on the last border but no quilting yet,  Dolores Good

  3. “Out of the mouths of babes!” One never knows what it will be. “Journey” is a beauty. I hope to begin mine one of these days. I continue to work on “Harmony.” Hopefully, I will get the blocks stitched together and the border attached tomorrow, Saturday at the very latest. I want to finish it in time to be entered in the fabulous give-away. I see a late night on the horizon. 😐


  4. Well I’m very glad I was too busy to join the Thread Journey QAL, because I’d still be back on step 1 trying to do the applique. Your work is beautiful and I still love the piece. While I’m satisfied with the quality of my own FMQ, I’ll never be able to match yours.
    Don’t kids come up with the best responses?
    Have a great weekend.

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