Gearing up for Quilting Treasures Harmony COMPLETED Mystery Quilt Giveaway!


Hello Friends, here it is September 7th. As mentioned in our last installment of the Harmony Mystery Summer Sew-Along Quilt, you have till September 9th to email me a picture of your completed Quilting Treasures Harmony Quilt to be entered into the giveaway to celebrate YOU completing the quilt top!  Click here to read the last installment if you had missed it.


#1.  This giveaway is open to participating quilters who complete the quilt top of this Summer Mystery Quilt Along.

#2.  The winning prize (only one winner to US address) includes 2 FQ Bundles and 1 FQ Box from Quilting Treasures, my two books, the latest Fons and Porter Quilting Quickly magazine, a throw sized Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting (my favorite!) and some threads.

And here are all the goodies going to the lucky winner: FABRICS, fabrics AND fabrics, my two books, threads, the latest issue of Fons and Porter’s Quilting Quickly, and a throw-sized Hobbs silk batting (my favorite)!


I know, I know… you want to take a better look at the fabrics.  :)  Here they are… there are a total of 106 FQ’s — 36 Harmony Bright FQ’s, 20 Leola and 50 Temptations.  The Leolo and Temptations are what I had used to make the cover quilt of my Creative New Quilts & Projects book!



A huge shout-out to Quilting Treasures for their generosity.  If you were one of the quilters who were missing the Harmony Strips Set strips, you experienced their generosity.  SO, come back on Sept 14th for our giveaway reveal post, and the final post on our Mystery Quilt.  We will have a bit of fun strolling down the memory lane, and I will have a couple of ideas for you to use up the scraps if you haven’t already used them in creative ways! Till then, my friends…. meanwhile, send me pictures of your completed quilt top!  You have two more days.

p.s.  Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the quilt.  You absolutely can despite possibly not being entered in the giveaway.  Rossville Quilts has the kits here.


8 thoughts on “Gearing up for Quilting Treasures Harmony COMPLETED Mystery Quilt Giveaway!

  1. What a lovely prize package! Your quilt is lovely! I wish I would have been able to participate in that project. I just completed Thread Journey this afternoon. Best wishes to all who made Harmony!

  2. I already know I love Quilting Treasures Harmony line, and I would be “over the moon” with joy if I were lucky enough to win. That is such a generous prize. Thanks to you, Wendy, and to Quilting Treasures. That was my first mystery quilt, and it was a great choice.

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