Announcements & Catching Up

Hello Friends,  I hope you have been well.  We are settled back in our school routine.  Miss Baby is really bummed out she only has a limited amount of time after school before she heads to bed at 7:45pm!  And between the time she gets home from school and 7:45pm, she has to squeeze in snack, dinner, bath, homework from school, homework from Mom, music practices etc.  “But what about my stitching, my paper art, my reading, my marble game, my daydreaming…. my…..?”  Can you tell we sort of had a dose of rude awakening at our house?! :o)  Don’t worry, the rude awakening was tempered by a big ol’ Back to School cake – our family’s back to school tradition! :)  Cake definitely sweetens the deal of having to go back to school!



Before I forget, please head on to Sew in Love {with Fabric} and find out about the cover I made for my day planner using Lemon Squeezy fabrics from Benartex.  There is a giveaway over there for some Lemon Squeezy fabrics!!!  Chance to enter ends tonight at 11:59EST.




Meanwhile, I am SOOOO happy to receive pictures of your finished Quilting Treasures Harmony Summer Mystery Sew-Along quilt tops!  Some of you are being very creative in customizing your quilt with the leftover fabrics!  I was told I will receive by the end of this week a total of 3 FQ bundles from Quilting Treasures to go as part of the giveaway prizes.  As soon as I receive them, I will take a picture of the final giveaway prize!!! :)

Keep the pictures coming.  You have till Sept 9th to send me a picture of your completed quilt top.  My quilt is now quilted by my dear friend Darlene of Sew Graceful Quilting, and now I just have to bind it!!!  :)  Click here if you are unclear about the details of this giveaway.



And here is a sneaky peek of one of the upcoming quilts… made with Windham’s Atlas fabrics.


That’s all for now, Friends.  I shall check in with you tomorrow.  Have a lovely rest of your week!

9 thoughts on “Announcements & Catching Up

  1. Good Morning Wendy! Such a fun time going back to school and getting the schedule all set into motion once again! Miss Baby is going to be top of her class with all of the special attention that you make the time for in assisting her in her learning. Plus, with a splendid yummy cake to make the first day extra special what a special way to start off the school year. I wish I would have thought of that one. My daughter and I always went out for a special dinner of her choice.

    As always, I love your quilts! The Summer Mystery Sew Along is made with such delightful bright fabrics and pattern. I have really been leaning towards these types of quilts lately. Yet for my Daughters Bridal Shower she tells me she wants lots of Fall colors. So that is what she is getting. I also loved the tutorial on Sew In Love With Fabric and would love to win that fabric! I follow their blog by email. Thank you for the link though. I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  2. I can fully understand Miss Baby being bummed about the lack of time in a day, especially given she is working (at school, study, music, etc). Maybe she also needs a day planner, where she can schedule in time on weekends for her fun and creative interests. Speaking of which, I’ve always admired your organizational abilities and love your project for covering your day planner. And now I want to try to get a 17 month day planner like yours. Can you share where you found it.

    Lastly, all your projects are beautiful and I also enjoy seeing photos of quilts that others have made using your beautiful designs and tips.


  3. My condolences to Miss Baby. All those constraints, and new shoes too. I always hated to start wearing shoes again after a barefoot summer. School started here today and I’m sure there is more than one head echoing her sentiments. Creative time is important too.

    Blue and white. Mmmmm….. love that combination.

  4. What a cute Back to School cake! Definitely a sweet tradition.

    Miss Baby is learning early that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything one wants to do.

  5. Such a sweet (literally!) tradition! Life has many choices and sometimes there are NO choices but a discipline that must be observed…..for a time……in order to achieve the hoped for outcome. The phrase “This, too, shall pass” is appropriate but the reality is that oft times the current discipline is/may be replaced by another——–and that’s why there’s RETIREMENT!!!! For all those things we dream of doing but don’t have the time!!!!! LOL! Sending an e-mail about upcoming East Coast jaunt……………..hugs………SSAB

  6. What a cute cake! I made a birthday cookie yesterday for one of the granddaughters. It’s fully decorated like a cake, but a big chocolate chip cookie. The Atlas collection is beautiful. I emphasize with Miss Baby–summers wete so much more fun than sitting at a school desk. Best wishes to her for a wonderful year!

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