Quilting Treasures “Harmony” Summer Mystery Sew-Along / Part 6

BEFORE WE GET STARTED, YOU WILL WANT TO DOWNLOAD TODAY’S INSTRUCTIONS IN PDF FORMAT TO FOLLOW ALONG HERE. [Please note that this file is the MOST updated version! Always check the postings on this site for the most updated versions of instructions.]  Instructions will be available on this site through Oct 31, 2016.


If you are new joining in, and would like to access previous posts, click:

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mystery harmony

Hello Friends, this is it!  Today is the day!!!  We will have our big reveal today, and the quilt will be a mystery quilt NO MORE!

Harmony Mystery

Are you ready?!

Mystery Reveal

I hope you have enjoyed making all the blocks.  I received this really sweet note about our Mystery Quilt Along last week that really made me smile.  And the smile stayed with me all day. :)  Thank you so much to the anonymous quilter who took the time to leave the sweet comment!

“I’m creating the Harmony mystery quilt. I got so excited to make trees today. I loved it so much that I made them all today. I also loved making the stars. I’m new to quilting so I’m learning so much and can hardly wait for a new lesson.”

And today, we will be sewing the blocks together into rows, and then rows into quilt center and then outer border, as shown below.  NOW, you may choose to play with the layout as you wish if you would like to have a different final look to your quilt —  as long as you sew together 5 rows of 4 blocks.

Mystery Reveal Schematic

I hope you liked what you saw.  Now I can share with you the back story behind the design.  The basic premise of the Quilt Along is to just make a fun quilt using very basic pieced units in quilting.  And since it was summer, I thought it would be fun to make a few units a week.  And if kept up, quilters will end up with a nice sized throw quilt, finishing at 46″ x 65″.  The colors make the quilt useable all year round.  And once completed, you will have a quilt top ready to be quilted to be used later this year, or given as a gift for Christmas!

I want to thank you again for sewing along with me!  It’s been soooo fun for me.  So curious mind wants to know if you would like to do another mystery sew-along, perhaps in Spring 2017!

Thanks SO much for being my sewing friend these last few weeks.  I have liked hearing from many of you!  Have a lovely rest of your Saturday.



#1.  This giveaway is open to participating quilters who complete the quilt top of this Summer Mystery Quilt Along.

#2.  The winning prize (only one winner) includes 3 FQ Bundles from Quilting Treasures – 2 bundles are what were used to make the cover quilt of my “Creative Quilt & Projects using Precuts or Stash” book, a copy of my “Precuts” book, a package of Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting and some threads.



#3.  To enter, you MUST complete your quilt top.  Please take a picture of your completed quilt top, and email to me by September 9th.  I will then post pictures of all your computed quilt tops, and announce the winner on September 14th.  I hope you will all play along!


Here is a picture of my finished quilt top — I should have the quilt quilted and bound by the time I showcase your quilts on September 14th!


10 thoughts on “Quilting Treasures “Harmony” Summer Mystery Sew-Along / Part 6

  1. Oh my! I love everything about the Harmony quilt!! Colors are gorgeous!! Pattern is a delight! I need to get my trees stitched together so that I can put it all together. Thanks for guiding us through the process, Wendy. Up for another mystery next Spring, Absolutely!!! 🤗✂️

  2. Thank you so much for a wonderful quilt. I have enjoyed every minute of making this and I’ll be sure to enter the drawing with a picture of my finished quilt top. I love mystery quilts and would love to do another of your designs. This quilt will be mine and I can’t wait to finish it! Thanks again.

  3. I love the top! It’s so pretty. I wish I had started it when you gave the first clues. I would love to do one again with you, so I’m hoping my calendar is free next year.

  4. Thank you so much for hosting this Mystery. Do to other issues I did not srart my quilt until August 22. I loved your instructions and learned some very useful techniques, I especially enjoyed making the trees and can see many more in my future. Flying geese have always scared me and pressing open the seams is genius. I am not good with color so using all the different colors and seeing how well they played together was good for me. Hope you have another one in 2017 I will certainly be on board. I have always lov d your blog and Boeing all to interact during this mystery was just icing on the cake.

  5. Oh, this was so much fun! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Have gotten many positive comments on my quilt top; was actually able to use scraps on this one! Will send picture; have posted one on your FB page just in case this one doesn’t go through! And also, thanks so much for the chance to win the beautiful fabric bundle!

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