Thread Journey Sightings…

…. also known as Eye Candies that make my heart flutter!  Friends, it’s been extremely busy over here.  Can you believe it’s already getting ready for Fall Market season?  Truth be told, I have been working with companies on Fall Market stuff even before Spring Market was over, but ’tis the season of pattern writing (LOTS OF IT!) to make sure samples happen for the upcoming Fall Market.  And I am also working on a new book…. and this week is when I finalize most of the projects!  Lots going on, but always with a heart filled with gratitude.

I am definitely not one who has been busy…. Miriam sent pictures of her complete Thread Journey quilt top, and it looks fabulous!!!!



Jody also sent in pictures of her version of the completed quilt top – absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely loving the border fabric Jody selected!!!!



These ladies have done an amazing job!!!!  If you would still like to join in the fun, and journey with the rest of us in the Thread Journey project, click here for the latest post.  The post also has links to previous posts.  The posts contain instructions on constructing the quilt top.

That’s all for now, Friends.  I hope you have had a lovely week so far.  It’s hooooot over here…. but we managed.

8 thoughts on “Thread Journey Sightings…

  1. Hi Wendy, busy is good…. I think. sort of
    I hope you are happily doing inside busy things
    Today was hot, like yesterday.
    I am greatly looking forward to Fall

  2. I agree that it is amazing the amount of work you get done…and teaching Miss Baby such a great work ethic, too. I think she gets her artistic talent from her Mama! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. Oh my, the “Thread Journeys” are stunning. Kudos to all!! “Busy” seems to be a way of life, maybe we all need to get back to “simpler” times. I spoke with my 90 year old Aunt today and she was mentioning how busy she is……… Remember to take a breath and “smell the roses.” Are you headed to “Fall Market” this year, I’ll be at “Fall Festival”!

  4. I love all the quilt tops so far! Great job everyone!
    I’m itching to be caught up. Hmmm think company will notice if I disappear for a “while” and sew? I have everything cut out. Just need time to sew it together.

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