Ready, almost set….. Secrets to share?

mystery harmony

Hello Friends, only 3 more days, and we will have the first part of our Summer Mystery Sew-Along revealed!  Are you ready?  Come back here at 7am EST for the first installment of instructions.  I know some shops are having sewing parties – that sounds so fun!  Check with your local quilt shops to see if they are participating in the Quilting Treasures’ Summer Mystery Sew-Along.  If not, you can easily follow along if you purchase the supplies from the participating shops.  Click here for the list of shops.  Please note that the list might not be the most updated version. Anyway how, I think we will have quite a bit of fun together sewing together this summer!!!

Harmony Mystery

I know there are so many projects out there that tempt us quilters.  I am one who is consistently tempted, and have to admit to you I have started a few quilts myself that are not work related.


A couple of things that I find helpful in keeping me keeping on with the projects:

#1.  I make sure they projects are easily accessible.  I keep them in handy tubs so that I don’t have to hunt for them when I have a few extra minutes to work on them.

#2.  I work on the blocks (if they are pieced) here and there in between piecing work-related quilt blocks.  I have to admit it takes extra concentration to keep the measurements straight when I am working on different blocks.  But that helps grow my non work-related blocks. :)

SO — what are your secrets in juggling multiple quilt projects?  I should dearly like to know!

10 thoughts on “Ready, almost set….. Secrets to share?

  1. Ha! Juggling it is!!! Not so much individual projects (deadlines usually dictate that) but sewing/quilting vs LIFE! Balance….we try but being “fluid”/flexible for this “black or white” gal is a bit of a challenge!!!!!!!

  2. So love your `Kitty` blocks. What was the pattern that you used? I too juggle my projects. Evening`s is stitching,sometimes embroidery/cross stitch or applique with stitching. My blocks with stitching I like to trace off,then make block up so once stitch done the block is complete. With sewing blocks: I cut out as much as I can then lay blocks out ready to sew at the machine. My ironing board is in another room so then I get some exercise :) Happy Stitching.

  3. I love the kitty blocks! You must have the entire collection of Aurifil threads–beautiful coordinates!
    Keeping up with all my projects isn’t easy, and I am often behind–having difficulty with Thread Journey now, especially when picking blackberries every day, freezing corn, and having my granddaughter visiting for several weeks this summer. I also try to keep my projects ready for my attention in plastic boxes as well as in plain sight–not so subtle reminder to make time for them. Sometimes, if I have too many projects at once, I end up with unfinished projects… trying to complete some of them this summer along with Thread Journey.

  4. Good Evening Wendy! Well one of the ways I juggle multiple projects is by having to set limits and say no far more than I want to! Three to Four quilt projects are usually my limit but it also depends on the size of each one and how far along, plus being honest with the difficulties of each pattern and what life may bring along the way. Being both physically and with a brain injury I have to deal with so many things on a day to day issue differently than most people and quilters. Yet, I love every challenge. Thank you so much for sharing and always encouraging! Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. I am a “container” person, with a lid. Everything into the container for a particular project. When I am pulling fabrics, the book or pattern, etc. I also use a series of small baskets that stack together (dollar store type) for pieces. Yesterday I cut a bunch of “log cabin” pieces and labeled the baskets for 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ strips. When I work on those, I will work on 4 blocks at once, chain piecing. The baskets stack together, so when I am on the 8″ strips, the 2-4-6 are underneath. I also use file trays for some projects.

  6. I can hardly wait, Wendy, for your mystery to begin!! So agree with you about putting projects together in tubs or totes….. with labels of some kind. Easy to grab and go. The people who commented also have some great ideas.

  7. I am unclear where your requirements are and where to find the posts for this quilt mystery… I would very much like to join, but wish you would make a central place & date/time to get the next weeks or days assignment….
    A a different note.. I have fallen in love with quite a few of your quilts… You use different fabric choices, and colors… Then add your personal touch to it.. Here lately I have been doing projects that have all been using one particular artists fabrics, and they are all so similar, it was nice to see a change! Love the DOM with Aurifil… Congratulations and thank you for the free block!😛💜

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