Another Thread Journey sighting… and totally unrelated question!

Hello Friends, I hope your summer has gone well for you.  We are already entering the last week of our first month of summer vacation.  I was so happy to see another Thread Journey quilt center completed… this time by Vicki.  If you haven’t known about Thread Journey, you may click here to find out.  Instructions to make the quilt center are posted here.


Please keep sending me pictures of your work, not just Thread Journey.  I love seeing what you are working on – because I am nosy!

Meanwhile, we are enjoying our summer activities – library, museums, and stitching for us among other things. What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer?




Come back tomorrow – I shall share about Miss Baby’s summer “busy work” stitching!!!!  It is soooo adorable.  I am tempted to stitch it along with if I weren’t up to my eyeballs in deadlines.

7 thoughts on “Another Thread Journey sighting… and totally unrelated question!

  1. I can understand the up to the eyeballs in busy….My eyeballs can not even see over the top anymore! LOL. Have a great time with summer vacation; it is one thing I truly miss with my baby being all grown up; her and her fiance just bought their first house and our getting all moved in. Wow how time does fly by quickly! Thank you for sharing all that you do and have a fantastic creative day!

  2. Vicki’s piece is lovely too. It’s such a great summer project. I’m looking forward to seeing Miss Baby’s work. She always does such a great job….must be the fantastic teacher she has had. ;-)

  3. Oh, I like Vicki’s center! This is so much fun.I stitched mine yesterday, and I am quite pleased. Looking forward to seeing Miss Baby’s latest pieces! Happy summer!

  4. Eeeeek! The first of July staring at me/us square in the face!!! So much stitching left to do!!!!! (quickly stepping back, refocusing…….deeeeeeeep breath………..) SSAB

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