My Designs, YOUR QUILTS!!!

Hello Friends, I think there’s nothing more exciting for a designer to see her design being made into REAL quilts by quilters!  And I have a few to share with you today…

#1.  Here is another Movement in Squares quilt.  Pat made this as a graduation gift!!!!


#2.  Pam has used my Curious Cat design multiple times!!!  My original design used cat prints in the quilt, but Pam has used the design to cover different themes: Japanese Kawaii, Christmas, Cars and Underwater!  I love it whenever Pam emails me pictures of the quilts she makes with my designs!





#3.  The same Pam brought my First Thanksgiving wallhanging to sea!!!  Haha!!!


#4.  Miriam made a fabulous version of my Care For A Cuppa? wallhanging.  The pattern is found in my book Creative Quilts & Projects Using Precuts or Stash.  Incidentally, you can get the book at a sale price right now here.


#5.  And Deborah from Canada made a Christmas version of my Flight of Colors Pillow (also in my Creative Quilts & Projects using Precuts or Stash book).  Deborah does beautiful work, and you can follow her work on Instagram.


Thank you, dear quilting friends, for sharing your quilts with me!!!  Keep them coming.  Have a great day!!!!!


Click here if you would like to see more readers’ projects.

9 thoughts on “My Designs, YOUR QUILTS!!!

  1. They are all beautiful projects. You are a great designer! I love the way Pam quilted the Movement in Squares Quilt. I’m guessing it is something that could be done with a walking foot. The graphic quilt and the graphic quilting compliment !

  2. Sew much fun seeing so many of your designs/patterns created by other quilters. It is amazing how the same design takes on a different personality by using different fabrics. Thanks for continuing to shower us with your creative endeavors, Wendy. Enjoy some free moments of summer fun with Miss Baby.

  3. It is so much fun to see your great designs being stitched out in other colorways. Everyone did such a terrific job with their quilts.

  4. Hello Wendy

    Thank you for including me in your blog.

    Your kind words reduced me to tears. My son died almost a year ago. Hence, I have over 50 quilt tops in my closet waiting to be quilted. Sewing has helped to keep my mind occupied and literally to keep me going and to survive. Kind acts seem to make me cry.

    On a brighter note – I am totally in awe of all the amazing patterns you design. You keep coming up with new beautiful ideas. Perhaps your talent is part of your engineering mind and background. ☺

    Thanks again. Debbie

  5. Wendy, thank you so much for including my “Cuppa”. Everyone’s quilts are wonderful interpretations of your inspirational designs, and I am humbled to be included with them.

    Debbie, I so understand how putting quilt tops together has kept you going. My late husband battled cancer for over 3 years, and through that time and afterwards, quilt making kept me hanging on and kept me going.

  6. I found your site by chance. It’s really hard to find high quality content like this these days. This really answered my concern. Who was your mom? I think they deserve a trophy for a job well done. If your articles are always this useful, I will be back soon.

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