What Shade Are You FQ Bundle Giveaway

Hello Friends, I am excited to share the news that RJR Fabrics is generously sponsoring a giveaway of a FQ Bundle of fabrics used to my Blueberry Pie House!

Style Shot1a



Leave a comment between now and this Friday, and tell me what shade you are, in order to win this FQ bundle! Winner will be announced next Monday.

214 thoughts on “What Shade Are You FQ Bundle Giveaway

  1. I have various shades of blue all through out my home. My house is even painted
    a pale blue with white trim. The color is calming and relaxing for me.

  2. I’m definitely blue and yellow—clear yellows for sunshine and happiness and blues for peace and calm. But I do drift into purples occasionally…

  3. Interesting question and replies as I think of shade as degrees of light and dark. In terms of color and using it for your “house” I think blue and its many shades are most appropriate.

  4. Blue of course,….. Although, I do love soft pastel shades of all colors..
    Thank you for this great giveaway.

  5. What a neat idea! I am a blue gal; sky and water, my husband’s eyes and my favorite jeans with a hole in the knee…

  6. Well, blue with bright orange or yellow/gold accents are certainly near the top of my chart. Wonderful giveaway, and your house looks rather mysterious with those deeper shades of blue/gray in the windows.

  7. I love the darker deep blue shades. Really like your little house wall hanging and all the FMQ that you’ve done in there with that gorgeous thread.

  8. I’m two shades – blue and green. I relax don’t know how you can have one without the other. I love your blueberry house!

  9. I am a “firey” red: bright, enthusiastic, vivid & spirited, but not quick-tempered or angry. Love the question.

  10. Can’t narrow it totally to one color. Have to say that I’m the shades of sunrises and sunsets. Those golds, pinks, oranges in all intensities and blending one with the next.

  11. I am true red, white, and blue! Actually planning a blue and white quilt now for our guest room—-probably delft blue.

  12. Anything in shades of blue are my favorites. I am trying to branch out but I always fall back to blue.

  13. I am taupe, grey, black and white which seem so sophisticated. this is odd since I am an old farm girl. Often use blue and peach for tiny accents.

  14. Pink and maybe a bit of green, but love the gray and blue in this quilt, especially the top part of the tree!

  15. My mother has five daughters I was the daughter always dressed in red. As a woman I now appreciate the color red, any shade. The brighter the better.

  16. I love greens with pinks and oranges…but I have to say these blues are lovely! They are very tempting indeed!

  17. I loooove Blues!! (Greens are cloooose Seconds! lol) LOVE your Blueberry House!!
    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! :D

  18. Your Blueberry House is delightful! I’m royal blue. Thanks for the great giveaway and for your inspiring blog!

  19. What color am I is a hard question. It has changed over the years. Currently, I am leaning on beachy colors, but I am truly blue.

  20. How wonderful for RJR Fabrics to sponsor such a giveaway with you. I do think your quilt is stunning and the shades of blue are quite robust. As far as what color am I? I used to think I was 100% blue, or beach tones. Now I think it is difficult to say what color I am as I love working with so many colors. The fabrics you used in Blueberry Pie are stunning and certainly would be fun to create with. I’m also partial to what I view as Tuscandy colors (dark reds, browns, blacks, creams). Would be great to have sampler swatches to pick for a project.


  21. I love blues and purples. I have no favorite shade, because I love the variety. Lavender, sky blue, periwinkle, eggplant, aubergine, give them all to me!

  22. I am definitely a pink person. However, I also like red, along with green, and yellow, and sometimes blue. I am in the planning stages of a high school graduation quilt for my grandson. I’m collecting blues, blacks, and whites.

  23. I am really a red/orange person but…..I can think of all kinds of ways to use these beautiful blue fabrics!

  24. Oh so many colors,but to choose a shade.. aqua please . Thank you . Wonderful quilting. Very happy and free

  25. I’m a green/brown spring/autumn gal! I’ve never met a shade of either I didn’t absolutely adore! Green makes me especially giddy but Browns truly warm my heart.

  26. since i was small i always answer green to that question, any green, but then cornflower blue is just to good to pass up! as usual, beautiful quilt. and while i’m writing, thank you so much for the great teaching in your annies classes, i’m still at it and loving it more each quilt i make.

  27. I am periwinkle blue for sure. That blueberry pie house is so charming. It makes me think more about doing a solid fabric only quilt for a change.

  28. Yellow has always been my favorite color. ThougH I’m not particularly fond of blue, I do love blue and yellow together.

  29. Green is my favorite color. But, lately it seems like I am into blues. Cant seen to get enough of them.

  30. Hard to pick just one. Blue has to be a favorite. Peach/orange is also vert special. Shy away from pinks. 😊😊. Thanks

  31. Clear tropical blues and turquoises are my go-to colors for quilts, clothing, and decorating.

  32. I like all the colors; I think that is why I find quilting such an attractive hobby. I am partial though to the blues and greens.

  33. The blues in the bundle are perfect for me. I also like to add pops of bright yellow, lime green or orange.

  34. I like warm colors juxtaposed with cool. I use the color wheel to plot my projects. Adore your blueberry house quilt.

  35. I love blue, ever since I was a small child and I had blue eyes while my siblings all had brown! abh10066(at)aol(dot)com

  36. I adore blues of any shade but, if I had to choose, I would say royal blue is my very favourite shade. I always seem to gravitate to blues even though we only have blue in one room in the house!

  37. I’m blue – the very light blues and the deep dark navy. Not the bright blues like cobalt -I use them, but that’s not who I am.

  38. I chose the same blues that you used. I have always loved all shades of blue and have been collecting fabrics to make a quilt for myself

  39. Love your little house! Especially the grapevine wreath. Our ranch here in Central Texas is on the west prong of the Frio River called Grapevine Springs. I absolutely love blue and your photos with your china make me smile!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I am all shades of the rainbow. But if I had to choose just one it would be purples.

  41. Well, of course I’m a Blue, but when I was little my Mother thought that I was color blind because everything was Green!

  42. Hi Wendy – I am shades of golden yellow like the sun shining upon us and making the day bright and beautiful. :-) Add in green as the sunshine makes our garden grow.

  43. Blue is the color of the sky, in our flag, calming, used in cardiac units in hospitals, and blue shades of flowers are striking! The blues used in this wall hanging has a serene feel. Blue is beautiful!

  44. I didn’t think I had a favorite color but I seem to be drawn to purple because it was my mom’s favorite. The turquoise and purple together really pop!

  45. Blue has always been my favorite. Love your house, stunning.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    djcutting2 at gmail dot com

  46. Looking at all the comments, I think a lot of blue fabric is being sold! same here… I’ve been blue all my life. Everytime I’ve moved, my kitchen has to be redone in blue. I also have a love for patriotism, and my porches are all red, white, and BLUE. Working on a Liberty Road flag quilt right now.. with lots of blues. Perfect color for all the patriotic holidays coming up.

  47. Well, aqua is a favorite, and then of course there is lime green, guess I’m an ocean girl!

  48. Turquoise and navy are my favorites if you are asking about only blues! ALL color is exciting, and there are no bad colors.

  49. I love strong, vibrant colors. Sapphire blue is my favorite! But I do like the combination of turquoise, purple and lime green! Thanks to you and RJR Fabrics for the fantastic give away!

  50. While I think I am a bright yellow orange shade I have lots of blues in my stash this would go real nice with.

  51. Purple is my primary shade, but I love all colors. I love the blues, reminds me of the ocean.

  52. I’ve always been a blue and green gal, but in my older age I guess I have blended them together as now I lean towards teal.

  53. Honestly, I don’t even know anymore. I used to love all shades of green, and I still do, but now I am pulled towards other colors including shades of mango/peach, teals and rusts (not all together, though).

  54. Just like Carol King sang, “my life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue,” so I think I lean toward royal blue. I am drawn to royal/sapphire blue, but there is not a bit of it in my house! Thanks for asking as I’d love to make a blue quilt.

  55. I’m not quite sure if I’m the sky blue behind the glorious green of the trees or the green in front of the brilliant blue…depends on the day.

  56. I find myself drawn to anything any shade of blue. I have recently discovered the batik aqua blues and they are really pretty as well.

  57. I love that blue toward the middle of the stack. What a generous giveaway. BY the way, I recommended you to Cheryl Lynch of Bromall PA, who is booking speakers for her Philadelphia area guild. Cheryl taught a class I was in 2 years ago, and hosted a retreat this weekend. We compared ideas on lots of special people and I encouraged her to consider contacting you. :)

  58. I am – and has always been blue – my mother used to call me “my little bluebell” (freely translated from Norwegian). I thrive on blue and aqua and have told my husband to bring fabric in these colors to the hospital should I ever be laying there “incomunicado”

  59. I like blue fabrics, and these would work wonderfully in a Storm at Sea quilt! Today I am an aquamarine shade of blue!

  60. That stack of blue fabric gives me the shivers. It is just so gorgeous. My friend is expecting her first (and probably only ) baby in October, aged 38. I am hoping she has a boy because I have so many 8deas for a boy quilt. I am not too good with pinks, and I don’t see her as a pink, girly person. I want to do something in blue and light brown. Awesome together and very chic.

  61. I love shades of browns and creams together. One day I hope to have enough browns and creams to make a bargello.

  62. I am green, a sort of olive green tone. It’s the colour of a plant I did my doctorate on, and now whenever I see that shade, my heart does a little skip in recognition of it. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, love the quilt.

  63. Soft buttery yellows, golds, blues of many hues, greens like the forest and the grass and the sea, majestic purples, lavender, and wines; red, white & blue, creams, but browns, too… πŸ˜‚

  64. Your swirled feathers on the trees of your Blueberry Pie House are so pretty. My favorite shades are teals, greens and blues.

  65. Purple is my signature color and anyone who knows me, puts the two of us together! Love all shades of purple.

  66. I’m the deepest blue and the softest gray – loyal and true, but cool and structured. Blue just calls to me every time.

  67. Wonderful collections of blues. My favorite colors are orange/yellow and purple.

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