RJR Fabrics What Shade Are You? Blog Hop!

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Well, you could probably guess… :)


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Being a part of this blog hop has been one of the ways I chased off the blues from missing Spring Quilt Market at Salt Lake City. TOTALLY lame pun!  :o)  Come meet my Blueberry Pie House wallhanging!

Style Shot1a

Working on Blueberry Pie House has been a personal challenge to me to see if I could design a quilt from one main color group of solids.  It was really fun, and I have really liked the effect of the blues mixed in with the grays.

Style Shot1b

See the grapevine wreath quilted on the door?  I have to say that wreath is probably my favorite thing on the entire quilt. :)

Style Shot3


You see why with all the blues, I named my little wallhanging Blueberry Pie House….


And I even quilted “blueberries”…. they are basically just swirls that stand out from being quilted in a tighter fashion! You can read about my basic swirls here, and once you master the curves, you can have a lot of fun modifying the motifs for various purposes/looks.


If you take a good look, and I hope you can see it…. these blueberries and background quilting are quilted with a light light blue thread.  I like the subtle blue quilting that shows on the white solid.  You can also read about my thoughts on subtle contrast in quilting here and, and the eventual curating of a thread collection for Aurifil here.


One other thing I was really thrilled about was how the solids highlighted the quilting so well.  I don’t often work with just solids.  So, I think working on Blueberry Pie House just opened up a whole new world to me!

Style Shot6

The other thing I wanted to point out is that I think I am getting more adventurous in my old age.  I used to only quilt with Aurifil’s 50 wt cotton.  For Blueberry Pie House, I actually used the 40wt, except for the blueberry/background quilting where I still used the 50wt (only because I didn’t have a light light blue in the 40wt). I hope you can see the difference in thread weight makes between the background quilting (50wt), and the pebble quilting done on the house (40wt).  You can read about my review on the Aurifil 40wt here.

Style Shot5

Well, would you like to make this little wallhanging?  It is not large – only 24″ x 26″.  Head on over to Quilt With Love for information on pattern download.  Meanwhile, my thought wanders to a nice break with a piece of blueberry pie and a cup of coffee! :)

blueberry pie

Have a great weekend, Friends.  I shall catch up with you later!

30 thoughts on “RJR Fabrics What Shade Are You? Blog Hop!

  1. It is sooooo cute….but on the site I can’t download the pattern….the link keeps taking you to Keep and Share with a trial enrollment….bummer! I looked on RJR’s site through their free patterns and it’s not available there either…..

    • p.s. I keep meaning to ask you and keep forgetting (lol) if you’ve ever thought of publishing your ThreadTalk articles in one booklet? I think it would be soooo helpful…and could just be the start of another career leg for you. I find them so helpful and often refer back to one or another….I just think to have them all together at hand would be a dream come true!

  2. Oh my!! Your little wall hanging is awesome!! I love it!!! I keep wanting a “house” quilt. Maybe I can finally have one, one that can be complete with only one house to stitch. Thank you for sharing “your house.” Have a great weekend. We have a rainy day here in middle TN, perfect for quilting!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Absolutely love your little house.

    Unfortunately, the link to the pattern does not work. It takes us to a Keep & Share log-in page. Just an FYI for you.

    Love what you consistently do. Love, Joyce

    Sent from my iPad, with Lots of Hugs, Joyce

    ** Our lives are like quilts, bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love **


  4. Hi Wendy, When I go to the Quilt With Love blog to get the pattern the link in the blog is to a program called Read and Share. I do not want to sign up for this. Help, why​ is this happening? I posted a comment on the blog and all sorts of people are having the same problem.

  5. Love the theme of this blog hop. I definitely would have tagged yous as a shade/color of blue. Not sure about me, but I’ve always been partial to soothing blues. Love your Blueberry Pie House quilt. Total #CreativeGoodness. Seems like a perfect quilt to make and give as a gift to anyone that has a new home, as well as Newlyweds, and so much more. Definitely makes me think of a welcome banner, as well as a summer fun project, that would be wonderful to also serve with fresh blueberry pie. Yumm.


  6. What a fun blog hop! And what a fun Wallhanging! Your quilting is very inspiring. I’m practicing and am encipouraged to see your beautiful work.

  7. Love the quilt! It shows off those gorgeous blues so well. My eye is drawn to that sweet aqua in the house – such a pleasant color to look at!

  8. I fell in love with the Blueberry Pie House the moment I saw it! In fact I had a blueberry house once. The trees are adorable and the wreath on the door. I definitely love blue.

  9. I vacilate between blue and green. Truly, I like them together. I really enjoy studying your quilting style!

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