Aurifil DOM 2016 Block 5 is here & Patchwork Bears


As many quilters know, this week is Spring Market in Salt Lake City, and it affects the goers, and the non-goers alike! For non-goers like me, besides waiting with great anticipation for pictures posted online, I will be working on the new Aurifil Designer of the Moth 2016 Block!!! Click here to download the instructions for this month’s block.

Aurifil 2016 Design Team May Amy Friend collage

Some of you wrote to ask about the patchwork bears I posted last week.  I have no pride, and thus I am going to admit to you I didn’t make those bears!  I can quilt, but most of the time, I can’t sew to save my life!!  Many years ago, we hosted a Japanese exchange student.  Upon the return to her home country, this Japanese girl’s mother made and sent me the large pink patchwork bear.  When Miss Baby was born, this sweet lady sent me two more (the large blue and the baby-sized) to complete my bear family.


As for the pattern, I think it is similar to the one featured in The Embroidered Patchwork Bear, written by Carolyn Pearce.  You can still get the book from Amazon here.

I have been busy getting last minute things happen for a few companies for Market this week. But I hope I will finally be able to make the rounds and visit your blogs sometime this week.  Have a great week ahead.  Hugs to you all!

So…. what are you working on this week?

5 thoughts on “Aurifil DOM 2016 Block 5 is here & Patchwork Bears

  1. The bears are adorable! Since discovering the delights of quilting, I seldom do any type of sewing. Yet, in the past year, I have been sewing once again on and off. It is rewarding, but have not done anything like the bears. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  2. Oh those bears are cute but they are probably hard to make. I can sew just about anything but I do not enjoy making stuffed animals, especially the ones that need to be really STUFFFFFED tight.
    I can make floppy bears :-D
    This quilt with the poppies is so pretty,
    Right now, I am doing the usual: Every thing at the same time.
    Love always, Dear Wendy

  3. Loved seeing the bears. Reminds me of 11 years ago when my father passed away, I used his striped flannel pajamas and made two bears, a small one and a larger one. One bear was for me and one was for his first great granddaughter, born just a month before his passing. I was surprised how easy it was to make our keepsakes.

  4. How sweet that the bears were made as a special gift! I’m sure you think of your Japanese friend every time you see them.

    I’m away from my sewing machine this week, so I’m spending the time taking Craftsy classes and planning quilts. I’ve decided to make your Movement in Squares pattern for a friend who is having some health struggles. I know your pattern will be full of good healing energy and I’ve got the perfect bright, modern fabrics for it. Any extra prayers you can send her way are appreciated, too!

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