We have a kid-sized win!

Hello Friends, you might remember seeing this right after we had that huge blizzard earlier this year…


We brought home the ornament with a ribbon from the 53rd Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition yesterday.  The ornament was judged in the Junior Category.


I couldn’t be more proud of my 7-year old-Miss Baby!  Thanks for stopping by – I’ve got to run for now as I am still catching up on things from when I was gone.  Hugs to you all.

22 thoughts on “We have a kid-sized win!

  1. Congratulations to Miss Baby! I bet she’ll eventually have a board covered with ribbons, as she has clearly inherited her mother’s talent!


  2. Woot! Woot! Congratulations Miss Gwen (((hugs))) to you and your proud Mama! And Happy Mother’s Day Wendy!

  3. Wow wow wow Miss MIssy I think she has earned a raise in name to Miss Missy… Congratulations you have made Mom and Dad very Proud and I am so sure you are proud of yourself. Hugs Bunny

  4. Oh WOW. Well done you. You should be very proud of your achievment. Your Christmas ornament is beautiful and I am sure it will be treasured for many years. Imagine showing it to your own little girl in twenty or so years time!!! Oh Golly, Wendy, does that make you feel old?
    I am showing my Grandson (who starts school in September) things that his Daddy made at school. He is very excited.

  5. That is just beautiful! Gwen is really talented, but of course she would be! Counted cross stitch is way beyond me! Congratulations, little miss!

  6. Miss Baby! So proud of you. If I lived close to you I would give you a hug! All of your needlework projects are beautiful. This one is special. Congratulations on winning 2nd Place. Whoo-Hoo!

  7. Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations Miss Baby. Do you have a special place to display your ribbons? My advice is to make sure the space can grow because I think you’re going to be adding alot more to your collection as time goes by. I can tell your Mom is so proud of you. Beautiful handwork runs in your family. Thank you for sharing.

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