FREE PATTERNS for Windham’s Storybook Christmas

Urm, anyone has any idea how many days there are left before Christmas?  I said that in jest — because in my mind, I just got through Christmas 2014!  However, keep your eyes peeled for Windham’s Storybook Christmas fabrics popping up at your local quilt shops in May.  These fabrics are simply the cutest!!!!  Click here to view the fabrics.

NOW – if you aren’t able to locate these fabrics at your local quilt shops, try contacting The Patchwork Co (

I actually designed four quilts with this line.  Two of them were display at Fall Quilt Market in Houston last year.


So, first up, we have Holiday Forest.  Click here to download the free to use pattern instructions.

Design 2a_66 x 72

And then, we have Gift Boxes.  Click here to download the free to use pattern instructions.

Design 1a_56.5 x 77.5

And, we have Star Bright.  Click here to download the free to use pattern instructions.

Design 4d_39 x 45

And A Storybook Christmas – I like this one because the quilt uses the panel print to “tell” a Christmas story! Click here to download the free to use pattern instructions.

Design 3d_39 x 50_rework

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the cute Christmas projects you can make for Christmas this year! :)

So – tell me, are you a last minute Christmas shopper, or are you one of those who gather gifts for your loved ones over the course of the year?

Thank you for visiting.  I shall catch up with you again!


My 2016 Line-up

Note:  You may click here for the exhaustive list of my published work.

Editorial Features:

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McCall’s Quick Quilts (December 2015/January 2016): Rows of Roses

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McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2016): Sherbet Stars

Quiltmaker (May/June 2016): Lavender Love

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Free-to-use Designs:

January: Heads Up Crib Quilt & Playmat (Quilting Treasures)

January: Big Love using Go Big or Go Home (Windham Fabrics)

January: Star Dust using Brittany (Benartex)

January: Wish You Were Here (Hoffman Fabrics)

January: Farfalle using Whisper (Windham Fabrics)

January: Tulips Quilt using Flower Pedals (Windham Fabrics)

February: Dream Boat (Quilting Treasures)

March: Garden Maze using Emilie (Windham Fabrics)

March: Lattice using Emilie (Windham Fabrics)

April: Holiday Forest using Storybook Christmas (Windham Fabrics)

April: Gift Boxes using Storybook Christmas (Windham Fabrics)

April: Star Bright using Storybook Christmas (Windham Fabrics)

April: A Storybook Christmas (Windham Fabrics)

13 thoughts on “FREE PATTERNS for Windham’s Storybook Christmas

  1. Hi Wendy, I know you have been busy and also enjoying time with your sweet little flower.
    Thanks so much for these patterns! They are really marvelous!
    Today is a drabbo day and I am back home after a busy day with my parents.
    Thank you for always sharing your inspiration!

  2. I was just thinking of you today! Such a lovely line of fabrics and you have showcased them so beautifully. I just don’t know how you find the time. Mi probably say that in every comment. A delightful post, as usual! XO

  3. The patterns are lovely, as usual, Wendy. I’ve downloaded so many of your patterns I actually have a WS folder on the computer! lol…..When my children were small I started shopping for Christmas right after January…each month I would buy things for them and keep them hidden until the following December….even stocking stuffers. Sometimes I had so many stocking stuffers I couldn’t fit them in their quilted stockings! But now that they’ve moved out with families of their own I start shopping in December—truth be told I’m out on Christmas Eve looking for last minute gifts. Oh my….I think I’ve been suffering from empty nest syndrome and didn’t even realize it. Thanks, Wendy!

  4. Wendy, these are lovely – very bright and cheerful! Thank you for these patterns. I have started to make Christmas quilts already, as have some of your followers, so I will be purchasing some of this fabric. Can’t wait!

  5. Okay. I’m ready for Christmas after seeing your quilts!! I try to buy or make gifts all through the year, but that that does NOT always happen and I’m left scrambling two weeks before Christmas. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to see you posting again!!!

  6. Oh my, Christmas already and it isn’t even July! Sew many cute Christmas quilts using “way too cute” Christmas fabrics. I think that i could leave “Star Bright” displayed all year long. Yes, I am one of those who does my shopping all year long. When I see something for someone, I purchase it and put it in my special “gift” box. Even though I shop early I always have a big crunch just before the holidays when I am trying to finish my handmade gifts. Handmade are the most fun!!! We have sunny and warm here, enjoy the weekend!!! :-)

  7. I love the blues incorporated with the red and greens.We usually don’t start shopping for Christmas until November, but I like to have it done by the first or second week of December.

  8. Oh, I remember seeing those in Houston! I didn’t read the tags/signs closely enough to realize they were your designs. So fresh and pretty for Christmas! A nice change from the dark heavy traditional red/green combinations. You’re really good at adding the right amount of white to brighten things up.


  9. Fun Christmas quilts. Sometimes I work ahead of Christmas and sometimes it’s more last minute. Every year is it’s own…

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