DONE: My Aurifil Designer of the Month Block 3



Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again!  I always enjoy hearing from you.  You have seen my blocks #1 and #2 of the Aurifil Designer of the Month blocks!


I completed my Block #3 over the weekend!


Block #3 is designed by Christa Watson.  Click here if you haven’t downloaded the block instructions, or would like to learn more about the block.  Christa’s block features an improv-pieced block center.  Instead of piecing mine, I stitched out the improv look with Aurifloss, Aurifil’s 100% cotton embroidery floss.


I separated outall the strands from the thread, and re-assemble 3 strands for my stitching using Aurifloss.  The floss stitched out beautifully – the coverage was amazing!  I will have a later post reviewing with the floss later, but one thing I can say is that the quality that is so evident (and well loved) in the other Aurifil threads is definitely in the floss as well.  It was fun improv-stitching out the block center.  For now, if you want to get those springy colors for yourself, the colors are: 2135 (yellow), 2210 (copper), 1147 (green), 4020 (pink).

The really neat thing is Aurifil makes the floss for ALL the colors they make for the other cotton weights!  So break out your color card, and do what I do — bring the color card along to your activities, and daydream about them!  Now you know what I do when I take Miss Baby to her violin lessons. :)  In all seriousness, I do take notes!!!  This violin thing – it is a family affair!!

color card


Editor’s update:  Something came up and needed my immediate attention.  So, I am not sure how often I am going to be update my blog!  Please know that I will be back just as soon as I can!  Hugs to you all.

10 thoughts on “DONE: My Aurifil Designer of the Month Block 3

  1. Best wishes to you while you are away!
    Your embroidered block is beautiful.
    Congratulations on your win with Shimmering Constellations! !!

  2. I hope whatever is pulling you away is a good kind of busy! I always enjoy your posts and Instagram photos, whenever they show up. Do what you gotta do, all us busy gals completely understand :-)


  3. Love your block #3. The center with the Aurifloss is wonderful. Think that I need to add those threads to my “must-have” list. Take care, looking forward to your return!

  4. You just take care of you. We’ll be glad to see you back again, but first things first. And your blocks are gorgeous.

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