Happy National (International) Quilting Day 2016

Happy National (International) Quilting Day!!!!  I hope you have a most lovely day, and that you might even squeeze in a bit of time to sew.


Why do I quilt?

#1.  Quilting is fun, enough said!


#2.  Quilting brings people together, just as the pieces of fabrics being brought together to make a quilt happen!

Coxcomb Berries4

Book signing, Houston Fall Quilt Market, 2014

#3.  Quilting is caring, the charity quilts, the fund raising etc!  I firmly believe quilters are some of the most loving people!


#4.  Quilting is learning – it keeps the mind young!


#5.  Quilting is history – I shall leave it at that because I can spend a day and a half non-stop to just talk about quilting and history!

00 RAQCover


low rew_Happy Stars Styled

#6.  Quilting reflects my own life!  There is more about my life posted here to celebrate last year’s National Quilting Day.  But this year, one aspect of my life is the Work-in-Progress (WIP)-ness of my life.  My life is a work in progress, like quite a few of my quilts… I only pray that I will always be obedient and teachable under the loving guidance of my Lord and Savior.


And so, why do you quilt?  Leave a comment below, and you will be entered in the giveaway of one of my brand new Learn to Machine Quilt Pieced Blocks class DVD.  You will learn 9 different ways to quilt Ohio Star Blocks if you are interested in quilting your pieced blocks beyond straight line quilting.  You may read more about the class here.  Winner will be announced on April 1.  Please note that the giveaway is for a class DVD.  Giveaway of the same class in online class format is forthcoming.



Have a great day from your devoted quilting friend!  Quilty hugs and love to you all.


54 thoughts on “Happy National (International) Quilting Day 2016

  1. Hi Wendy! I quilt because it lets me be creative and make something useful at the same time. I can’t draw, paint, sing, or act, but I can cut and sew! I love taking blocks and patterns and recreating them using my fabric choices. In the end, I get to let my creative juices flow and I end up with a useful object, be it quilts, pot holders, mug rugs or table runners. I’m kind of practical that way!

    Thanks for the chance to win your class DVD. I struggle with how to quilt blocks, so this would be very helpful!

  2. I quilt because I have to. It is a burning passion. A lifestyle. I’ve made many friends through quilting, even before social media took center stage. I’ve put smiles on many faces, as quilting gives me a way to give back, express love, show compassion.

  3. My profession was numbers – lots of numbers. I quilt to have a tangible output from my efforts. They go to family and charity, and decorate my home.

  4. When I considered your question about why I quit, my mind immediately went to the movie “Chariot of the Gods”. Eric said he ran (Olympics) because he felt God’s pleasure when he ran. That is why I create/quilt: I feel God’s pleasure that I am doing something that in a tiny way reflects His creative glory. Doreen

  5. I quilt and teach quilting as I appreciate that it is a gift from God and who wouldn’t want to pass on such a gift so that others too can also benefit.

  6. I’ve been a fabric junkie most of my life. When I began quilting, I realized I needed more FABRIC! I also doodle, and quilting allows more purpose for doodling. Perhaps above all else, quilting allows me to experiment and express creativity. Besides, literally being able to wrap someone in love is a gift to both the receiver and giver.

  7. Hiya, I quilt because the process and challenges make me feel happy. Leaving something behind for my family and future generations feels like a very worthwhile thing to do. I share what I know with a few other sewers and I see them enjoy creating something new too. I feel very lucky to have something I can do that gives me so much fulfilment in so many ways. 😊

  8. I quilt because I enjoy it and love to make things for family and friends. I also enjoy learning new techniques and trying to master them. I find deciding how to quilt a block/quilt is very challenging.

  9. I’d be perfectly content to look at your beautiful quilting all day long, Wendy. It is always so much fun to see the “oldies” once again.

    I quilt for so may reasons – for family, for friends and for people I will never meet, but who need a soft hug to know they are loved for being them. They always say that it is cheaper than therapy and I have to agree!

  10. I quilt because it frees my mind. And also the look on someone’s face when they receive something hand made with love.

  11. Quilting let’s me express myself in ways I can’t with other creative methods. Plus it’s just so relaxing! Your work is beautiful.

  12. I like to quilt because it is a connection to the past. It reminds me of a time when life was simpler and families were tightly connected. It is my attempt to stay connected to loved ones.

  13. What a nice blog Wendy. You are such a blessing. I quilt for many of the same reasons you listed. It also helps me to cope as I navigate my way helping my mother live with Alzheimer’s and dementia every day. I can go in my sewing room and start cutting and sewing and not have to think about the serious things like living with lupus and mom’s problems. If it were not for quilting and my sewing friends it would be a challenge indeed. Thanks for all you do to help us on the journey of quilting. Thanks for all the encouragement and extras you bring our way. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air on the internet. Many blessings to you.

  14. I quilt because of the pleasure it gives me to make something beautiful and lasting. I treasure the quilts my Mother and Grandmother have made and know my children and grandchildren will was also treasure mine. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of quilting with us.

  15. I would love to win the DVD. Your quilting is beautiful. It has been my goal to learn free motion quilting for two years but I too hesitant to begin. I need an boost.

  16. Quilting is gift giving, art, and therapy. After the passing of my father in the fall of 2005, I made a quilt of patriotic colors (he served in WWII & Korean War) with some of his sayings machine embroidered. I have had numerous occasions to display “Dancing with My Star” quilt.

  17. I love to quilt and I think it’s because it links me to my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother. They all stitched with it being a big part of their lives. I must have gotten the creativity gene from them. It’s also fun!

  18. Quilting is a way for me to leave a legacy for my grandchildren and great grandchildren..My grandmother was a quilter and she had a lot of grandaughters, she made a quilt for all of them…I was one of the youngest and she could no longer quilt..she gave me the one she had made for herself…an embroidered flower of each state…48 at that time!

  19. First thought that comes to my mind is: what else would I do? Quilting gives me a creative outlet, something I require as much as you do. When I heard the words, “it’s your quilt, make it the way you want” I knew I had found my passion. And I haven’t looked back. Thanks for the give away too.

  20. I quilt because it brings me peace and quiet, much cheaper than a therapist. Plus I am leaving a part of me with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  21. I quilt for the enjoyment it gives me and also the fulfillment of creating something. It also give me pleasure to see the joy of others when receiving one of my “masterpieces”. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I enjoy quilting for many reasons: the quiet environment, the creativity, giving a gift, the journey and the destination of the finished project. One of the memories I will treasure is spending afternoons quilting while my dog naps in her bed beside my chair.

  23. I quilt for the joy of creating something that is beautiful and useful at the same time. I quilt to express myself. I quilt to release stress.

  24. I quilt because it is a way to create, I don’t think I will ever get tired of it!Thanks for all you share Wendy!

  25. I love the feeling I get from making something beautiful a sense of accomplishment. Plus I love to make my family happy by giving them something they love.

  26. I guess I quilt for several reasons….the sense of accomplishment in making something, because my grandmother and mother were quilters, but most of all because I have one of those overactive minds that won’t shut down easily and quilting is almost meditative for me—I can easily find my happy place and lose myself for hours just quilting away. Big quilty hug right back at ya, Wendy. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day….kathy

  27. I love to quilt as I enjoy seeing fabric come to life. I love the beauty of the colors, designs, fabrics, threads all blend together to become an expression.

  28. I love quilting, seeing the colors come together, playing with blocks and designs, and sharing it with others. Besides, what else would I do with all that fabric I’ve purchased?? lol

  29. Because I can-I believe I have a God given gift and I love to use it and share it with others and share the love He has given me through my teaching and making with others.

  30. I totally agree with all of your reasons! The most important thing to me is Love- I love the entire process from choosing the fabric to the last binding stitch. I love learning new things with each quilt I complete. Most of the things I make are given away which is my expression of love for the recipient!

  31. I quilt for a creative outlet….I’m not that creative, but with the help of fabulous fabric and pattern designers, I can feel really creative! Quilting is also very relaxing and feeds a craving I have for working with my hands.

  32. I quilt because I must have been stung by the quilting bee!! Quilting is my passion in which I can give love and a part of me to the people I love. Thanks for sharing your love of quilting. (Also, can you tell me the name of the pattern for the first quilt on this blog post? I love it!)

  33. I quilt to spend time with friends and meet new people. I live in a small town and we gather at the local quilt shop to visit, eat, inspect the newest goodies, and of course, sew. I love seeing everyone’s projects and progress!

  34. I quilt to keep my sanity! It is my therapy and it just makes me happy!. Even if I can’t sew on some days, I like to “pet” my fabric. The feel, the colors, the possibilities … all contained in fabric.

  35. I haven’t started quilting yet but I want to learn. I remember my maternal grandmother quilting years ago when I was a child. To see all of the beautiful quilts she made over the years makes me want to learn. I grew up in an Era when they had quilting bees. Handmade things are things of beauty and show the love that was put into whatever it is.

  36. Have just got into quilting in the last couple years. I haven’t been brave enough to try fancy designs or free motion quilting but want to learn. I love the pictures above and would love to take me quilts to the next level. Quilts are just love.

  37. Why do I quilt? Sounds like the beginning of an essay. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do after being the recipient to my great aunts quilts. It’s an expression of me. It’s fun. I’m a fabri-holic, so got to have a reason to accumulate fabric. Hope you had a great Quilt Day! I sewed with friends. Hugs!

  38. I love to quilt. A friend of mine taught me to quilt about 30 years ago. I was doing every kind of craft there was. Crochet, knitting, painting, sewing, pottery, crewelwork, counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, etc. I guess I was searching for a favorite. When I learned to quilt, I found my favorite. I’m not great at it, but my quilts do come out good and I give them a lot as gifts. I do get many compliments on my creations. Quilting is my favorite because I can create my own patterns, use my imagination and I love to buy the fabrics for them. I am always buying fabric. My daughters are always asking me when I buy new fabric, “what are you going to make with that fabric?” I say I don’t know yet, but I will in time. I can’t resist the beautiful colors and designs.
    So, I quilt because it make me so happy and relaxed. My craft room is my happy room.

  39. I quilt because it allows me to be creative in my own way. I enjoy making gifts for others and only wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do!!

  40. I am learning and loving to quilt. I have a lot of chronic pain and had turned to food for comfort. I have now lost 80 pounds and have a new hobby, sewing. I have 3 beautiful granddaughters that I hope to be able to teach them. I made them little quilts for Christmas our favorite times are Saturday nights reading books snuggled under their blankets. Thanks for your help and future help!

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