Island Batik & Creative New Quilts Blog Hop Day 3


Happy Wednesday, Dear Friends!  It’s pillow time for Day 3!!!!

Monday, March 14 – Island Batik Intro – be sure to stop by for the giveaway of a free fabric bundle! You will also see what outfit I wore to church yesterday when you visit Island Batik’s blog today.  Totally unplanned… I chuckled when I saw the picture!

Tuesday, March 15 – The Fit Quilter – Adele is using the Desert Rose collection to make her version of Crossings! You have got to pop on over to see her quilt – simply gorgeous! Adele is a quilt designer herself — check out her work, and the patterns she has for sale!

TODAY!!!  Wednesday, March 16 – Pamela Quilts — Pamela gives a batik-y twist to my Flight of Colors pillows. Pam is also a Craftsy Designer, as well as Etsy Shop owner.  Do take a moment to check out her offerings!!!  And there’s a giveaway of a copy of my book!

Thursday, March 17 – MooseStash Quilting
Friday, March 18 –  Bejeweled Quilts
Monday, March 21 –  One Quilting Circle
Tuesday, March 22 –  BeaQuilter
Wednesday, March 23 – Freemotion by the River and KISSed Quilts 
Thursday, March 24 – Mary Mack Made Mine
Friday, March 25 – Lemon Tree Snippets

Here are the original Flight of Colors pillows made for my Creative New Quilts & Projects from precuts or stash book.

Flight of Colors Pillows

It is a stash-busting quick project if you are one who keeps the leftover triangles after you trim off your blocks when doing the flip-and-sew method.  I have amassed hundreds of these triangles myself.  And actually, the three pillows you see are made with triangle scraps from my Crossings Quilt!  Click here if you missed the blog hop post on my Crossings quilt.


So, I am curious to know if you hoard keep these trimmed of triangles, like I do…. I always keep the triangle pairs as they are cut (right sides facing each other).  That way, I can just pick them up to sew/chain-piece.


For a few chuckles today…. here is a paper Miss Baby wrote for her class a couple of weeks ago.  [For the new followers, Miss Baby is the joy of my life.  She is currently 7 years old and in first grade.]  In case you can’t read from the photo below, “If I were a Pioneer, I would live in a log cabin.  If I were a Pioneer, my husband would have an axe. If I were a Pioneer, I would live in the woods.  If I were a Pioneer, I would have a garden at the back of the house.  If I were a Pioneer, my husband would have an oxen.”


So… I did ask her about why the “oxen” specifically.  Her reasoning, “In case we have to move, and we would need oxen to pull the covered wagon.”  Oh — right!!!  

Stay tuned for the sequel of the Pioneer series — I will share as soon as I find that sequel paper!  It’s amazing to me just how many papers Miss Baby brings home from school.  Thank you for stopping by – have a great day!  AND don’t forget to check out Pamela’s blog to see her batik pillow!

14 thoughts on “Island Batik & Creative New Quilts Blog Hop Day 3

  1. I wish I had my triangles organized as well as you have yours! I sincerely try… sigh!!! Yours are exactly as I would imagine they would be. Miss Baby’s essay is delightful! She has lovely penmanship for her grade/age! I think they have quit teaching cursive in our area. I’m enjoying each of the projects in this hop.

  2. How proud you must be of Miss Baby’s well thought out essay! And I’m also impressed with her penmanship, and delighted to find that cursive writing is being taught somewhere; it’s almost extinct here.

    Sylvia Strange

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  3. Miss Baby’s cursive is beautiful! I taught 3rd grade for many years, and it was rare to have a student with handwriting this gorgeous. Does she attend a private school? I’m only asking because “common core” has discouraged the teaching of cursive, which I think is not a good thing. You have a bright, talented daughter. :-)

  4. I adore your little snippets of life with Miss G. Her penmanship is excellent, too. But is there a reason she wouldn’t have a treadle sewing machine, if she were a pioneer?? I can’t wait for part 2. Hugs! Oh, and great book, loving the hop (and can’t wait to show you mine next week).

  5. Kudos to Miss Baby for both her story and her penmanship. As others have stated, it is no longer being taught in our schools.
    As far as the bonus triangles, I follow Bonnie Hunter’s habit and sew that second seam before cutting off the extra triangles, so the HSTs are already made.

  6. Love Miss Baby’s story! Perhaps she will have her own blog soon?

    I save my triangles and give them to a friend. She’s much more creative with them than I would be.

  7. Interesting how everyone is focused on Miss Baby’s handwriting skills. I guess we quilters are especially sensitive to that becoming a “lost art.” She absolutely gets an A+ for creative writing and penmanship, and for stitchery from what I have also seen. A+ to you as a parent!.

  8. Loved Miss Baby’s story and amazed at her wonderful cursive handwriting. I am always sad when I think of cursive becoming a lost art.

    Has Miss Baby read any of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder? There is a whole series of them and they are all about growing up a Pioneer!

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