DONE: My Aurifil Designer of the Month Block 2



Hello Friends!  It’s another exciting and busy start to a new week over here.  First up, my Block #2 of Aurifil Designer of the Month Quilt-Along is done!  Block #2 is designed by Kari Carr. Click here to find out more about Kari, and the block she designed, as well as for the instructions.

You have seen my Block #1, made with Windham Fabrics’ Blush & Blooms fabrics.

I am continuing to use the Blush & Blooms fabrics to make the rest of the blocks.  So here my Block #2.


This block has many (like A LOT) of half-square-triangle units – a grand total of 40 that finish at 1 1/2″, and 1 at 6″.  My favorite method of constructing HST units is to make them larger, and then trim them to their unfinished size.  And I press open the seams to evenly distribute the bulk.  So for the HST that finish at 1 1/2″, I cut my squares 3″ instead of 2 3/8″ (normally, 7/8″ is added to the desired size).  I construct as usual, press the seams open, and trim the HST units to measure 2″ x 2″ raw edge to raw edge.


I also constructed the block in sections, based on its “natural fault lines” to minimize having to deal with long seams multiple times.  I also piece my quilt tops that way – in sections – instead of row by row.  I have used red lines to indicate the fault lines in Kari’s block (in my fabric choices):


Now, it is quite a feat (I think!) to fit 40 (1 1/2″ finished) HST into a 12″ finished block.  When you make these small HST units, I have learned that it’s important to keep your 1/4″ seam even and regular throughout.  After all, we have to somewhat match up all those points!  And I have also learned piecing with fine threads helps with the accuracy.  I have talked about my choice of Aurifil 50-wt for piecing here.  If you are wondering how to quickly spot the 50-wt versus the others… 50-wt is always wound on an orange spool.



I had to borrow Miss Baby’s play table to take pictures of my block because my work desk is a total disaster at the moment (imagine that!).  So, all the toys came to play too while I was taking the pictures…. you have GOT to love Playmobil!  These cats (!) – they can’t resist playing with my threads!



When word got around, Miss Baby joined in the fun and added more props etc.  You can see her hands for a sense of how tiny those kittens are.


And that concludes my report on the Aurifil Designer of the Month Block #2.  Thank you again to Pat Sloan for hosting the fun!  Have you joined in this Quilt-Along? If so, how are your blocks coming along?

Have a great week!  Hugs to you all!!

15 thoughts on “DONE: My Aurifil Designer of the Month Block 2

  1. Your block is amazing and totally beautiful! I thought I was always “doing it wrong” because I piece my quilts in manageable sections rather than the long strings of blocks or sashings. Thank you for the validation! I also try to break the blocks down in sections for the same reasons. Love the toys!!! Your stage designer is such a darling.

  2. This block is amazing!! I, too, like to make my HST’s bigger, just makes life easier if they are the size they should be after you trim. Love the “kitties” playing in the thread!!

  3. Thanks for this. Even though I am not doing the block (too many things going on), this was interesting…might try to open up my seams as well in the future.

  4. Oh my, Aurifil block #2 is a beauty in color and perfection!! Thanks for the wonderful hints on how to achieve our own beauty! You continue to be an inspiration to all!

  5. I really like your block of the month 2-all those little triangles and the colour. I am not sure I would actually get going on it at the moment as my teaching schedule preparation takes my time-but I may have a go sometime. Thank you Lesley

  6. It looks wonderful and surely does have a lot of HSTs!! Ironing them with open seams sounds like the best bet for accuracy and reducing bulk.

  7. Love your tips for how to piece a block with all these little HST. I am considering making this block then catching up on the other one. I am also doing the Splendid Sampler and am surprised that I am up to date with that and waiting for the next one. Your tips will come in handy with these blocks too!

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