Big Time in McCALL’S QUICK QUILTS (April/May 2016) & Giveaways!

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Hello Friends, you may recall I had shared with you a free to use Big Love quilt pattern, using Windham’s Go Big or Go Home fabric line.  Click here if you had missed the post.

High Res_Design 2a_redo3_63 x 76.5

Today I am happy to share with you about my Big Time quilt that is featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts April/May 2016.   This is another quilt I designed using the fabrics from Go Big or Go Home fabric line.  Disclaimer: Please be assured that the name Big Time chosen for the quilt does NOT implied I have hit big time in any way.  In fact, I am still a very small timer! :)  The magazine copies are on newsstands NOW!



This is actually a queen sized bed quilt, but is designed for you to finish piecing the top in a very very reasonable amount of time.  Click here for my guest blog post on McCall’s Quilting blog to find out why.  A big shout out to McCall’s for having me back again to guest-post.


You can see I have grays in my quilt!  And the grays don’t really look all that gloomy when used with the other brights in the fabric line!


This is another example of my potluck approach to designing – I just throw in all the colors, and see what comes of it.  Hot pinks, Lime greens, Aquas and Orange seem to get along well with each other.  I never know what I get — and I have to say, I am surprised every time by the result when I use my potluck approach.


A big thank you to Karen M. Fisher and Cathy Messner for making the quilt happen!  Check out the aqua tonal fabric. Miss Baby is of the persuasion if I were to let her use the quilt on her bed, she would display the quilt with the quilt back on the top, showing the entire expanse of the aqua tonal fabric!  No comment on that, haha!


Giveaway #1.  I am giving away two magazine copies to those who would like the instructions to make this quilt! Leave a comment and tell me if you actually use the quilts you make.  I will pick and announce the winner on next Friday (March 11, 2016).


Giveaway #2.  You will have a chance to win a signed copy of my new book Creative New Quilts & Project using Precuts or Stash if you leave a comment on my McCall’s Quilting guest blog post!  So, be sure to make a stop there.


That’s all for today – I hope you have a most fanta-bulous one!  I have to brave the traffic and run errands today.


My 2016 Line-up

Note:  You may click here for the exhaustive list of my published work.

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45 thoughts on “Big Time in McCALL’S QUICK QUILTS (April/May 2016) & Giveaways!

  1. I have been quilting only a little over a year and the 6 quilts I have made where Christmas gifts. So none for me yet but I have 4 UFO that will be for me. I seem to finish gifts before I get anything finished for myself.

  2. I sure do use my quilts. Have given many away to family members and they use them too. In fact, the one on my bed, I’ve been using since I made it in about 2000. Love your blog and pictures. Congrats!

  3. Your patterns always showcase the fabrics perfectly Wendy! Thanks for sharing! I use some of my quilts and the rest are stored.

  4. Of course I use my quilts. I have one on every bed in my house.
    I also have an 18 foot long railing between my first and second floor that I display my quilts on. I rotate the quilts so the all get a chance to be seen.

  5. I do use most of my quilts. I have a large quilt on my bed, very colorful. I admit I have some smaller quilts tucked away. Some, I would like to hang on my walls.

  6. I definitely use the quilts I make but truth be told I’m starting to wonder how many quilts can one home really have and have started making more wall hangings which I change out frequently.

  7. Congratulations! Love the colors–some of the best combinations are found next to each other thrown in the scrap basket–serendipity! Then there is the challenge of finding more fabrics in those scrap colors… We have quilts on the beds, on the sofas, and one on the wall in my sewing room. Mostly I give them away and hope they are well used and much loved.

  8. Apart from the queen sized “Daisy a Day” quilt I made for my own bed, most of my quilts are made to give away to specific people or organisations. However I have started to make a couple of small quilts each year now to enter in quilt shows, and these end up on my walls, so I get to use these, but just not in a traditional way :-). I’d love to win a copy of McCalls Quick Quilts so I could see how to make such a gorgeous quilt quickly.

  9. I have given away every quilt I have made (mostly baby and kid sized), but I made one for myself which is currently at the long-armer’s (for way too long). So hopefully it will be ready when I return home from Florida.

  10. I’ve given away all the quilts I’ve made except for one – a 60″x60″ triple bear paw which sits nicely on top of our queen bed!

  11. Your book looks great & I love the colors you used. Yes, I actually use my own quilts and so does my family who have rec’d some of them too.

  12. Big Time looks like fun…and, perhaps, size adaptable! Use the quilts, of course. We have some that we rotate in the living room and some that we rotate in the bedroom. Most quilts are given away… and just last Sunday, two of them arrived at church with their babies in tow. How fun is that!

  13. Hi Wendy….I use about 1/2 of the quilts I make….but the rest are given away and are used by others. I’d LOVE a copy of the magazine as I really like this pattern and have a fat quarter collection that I’ve been saving for just the perfect project. Blessings…..thanks for a chance for two of us to win.

  14. Yes, I do use my quilts. I use them on beds, for throws & for decor. I often rearrange them to highlight different ones. Lots of fun.

  15. I love this quilt design. I can see it in so many colors, and love the gray and white with the brights. As for my quilts, I’ve made some specifically to keep, have given others away, and also made some to sell. Sometimes those end up getting donated or given away.

  16. I’ve given away a number of quilts and always tell the receiver to use it, love it, wrap up in it. My grandsons each have quilts that have been with them since they were born. Their quilts are comfort when they are sick and fun to build forts with.

  17. Oh, my goodness, Wendy, you certainly have the magic touch! I have given all but one quilt away. It’s probably an even draw between friends and family, and people who have needed some comfort along the way.

  18. I love the quilt!!!
    Some quilts i give away, well, most of them, really.
    I need to make a quilt to keep and put on our bed
    I would love to win this BOOOOK! It looks like just what i need

  19. I use my quilts& give as gifts quilts to family, my nieces & nephews, and 6 grandchildren. I make bed size and lap size quilts and make sure they are used. They populate my home!!!
    Thank you.

  20. Oh my goodness, yes, we do use the quilts on our beds! Here in WNY it can get mighty cold in the winter, and our bedroom is at the far end of the house from the furnace. There was one night that I had 4 quilts on my side of the bed! Most nights it’s 2 or 3 during the winter, and maybe just one light one in summer. We have more on the couch and chairs, the guest room, on the quilt racks, you name it!

  21. I am fairly new to quilting. So far all my quilts have been gifts for my grandchildren and children. One of these days I’ll make one for me. I do love making them. It’s a great change from all the years I spent making clothing for myself and kids.

  22. I like to use all the bed size quilts I make if i don’t give them away. I rotate my wall quilts as able to change up the season. Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  23. I made a lot of quilts and gave them away before I decided that I needed some of my own, Now I regularly make and use my quilts from bed quilts to wall hangings. I also love and use small quilted items like pincushions, totes and pillows.

  24. I am on a quest to have bed quilts for each season for my own use (for a change). I am working on my neutral anytime of the year quilt now having finished my autumn, winter/holiday and summer quilts. Next will be spring!

  25. Congrats on hitting the “big time”! Just kidding…Love the pattern and the fabrics. I have 9 quilts that I made that I use. I give most of my quilts away and I think they are being used, at least that is my wish. I have a few that I have made that aren’t being used at this time. Now, that summer is on the way, more will be stored. The quilts that I have from my great aunts are stored in a quilt chest, only because they are starting to fall apart. So I want to save them until I learn what to do to repair them…So many memories with these quilts…

  26. Duh! Of course, I do! And, I insist that those I give as gifts be used, too; and I make sure to let them know they’ve ALREADY been washed, so it is safe to wash them again when needed.

  27. I absolutely use the quilts I make! Log cabin in on our bed much of the year, the guest bed has an Ohio Rose quikt made by yours truly. I’ve got quilts hanging on the walls and the grandbabies all have quilts I’ve made. 😊 I hope I’m the lucky winner…can never have too many quilt patterns just itching to be made!

  28. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! To answer your question, yes I do use every single quilt I make, and I make a lot of quilts. First were ones for our bed, then the kids beds and the family room. The kids all have several quilts as their tastes and interests changed over the years. Then there are my siblings and my DH siblings and the neices and nephews. Then all the babies I’ve known, and people that have gotten married or had cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Then I started in on charity quilts, quilts for friends, quilts for those I’ve left behind when we moved, quilts of valor and other causes. I make a lot of quilts but I use these quilts to bless the lives of people I have the honor to cross paths with in this lifetime. It is my hope these quilts are used every day, and not hanging in a museum somewhere out tucked away in a drawer “too good to use.”

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