Project Preview: River Farm

Hello Friends,  I am still kicking, and haven’t quite dropped off the face of the earth!  In fact, I have been hanging on by a thread. :)  I am being silly.  My little family is doing well.  Life has been a bit busy… I shipped off two quilts within the span of a week. One of them looks like this… Yes, it was another quilt for me to indulge in my love for Sawtooth Star blocks.  Click here and here if you haven’t seen my other Sawtooth Star quilts.


And now, onto pattern writing, and MORE pattern writing and other irons in the fire (including a few unplanned deadlines that I have to meet before the week ends)!  Anyway, I just want to let you know that you all are still on my radar screen — I haven’t forgotten about you!  Hugs to you all!

So, what are you doing this week?


9 thoughts on “Project Preview: River Farm

  1. Ooh, la, la……….my kinda fabrics!! Bet that the quilt is a beauty!! Always the busy lady……remember the sweet scent of roses once in a while. This week and last week are eye weeks. Cataract surgery last Thursday and yesterday, with a dreadful cold sandwiched in between. I did complete one 12″ block for a guild BOM…….yippee!! Lots of cold rainy weather, chance of flurries for the p.m.

  2. Lovely sneak peek. Just looks like a super comfy and cozy quilt. I’m looking forward to when you can share more about your beautiful quilt design and fabrics. Glad to hear all is well. I do hope you can build in some down time to your schedule, simply to get a breather…..especially “before” Spring Market.


  3. Enjoy the busy, better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs! Ha! I do hope the hectic calms a bit for you. I’ve got a lot on my plate, too. But I’m working on beading a batik panel that has a Chinese Dragon in the center. I’m so excited about it. I call him my Teal Dragon. Then I find out that I was born on a Black Dragon day and my dragon likes the water. Something like that. An Asian friend directed me to a website that would let me know my Chinese Zodiac sign. (Probably not Zodiac) I basically remember the Black Dragon and the water. And I know it’s not the year of…..So anyway, Hugs and take a breath! Thanks for thinking of us readers!

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