Happy Birthday, General George Washington!

Happy Washington’s Birthday, Everyone!  May the General always remain first in the hearts of his countrymen.


General Washington never penned an autobiography, nor did he allow anyone else during his lifetime to write a biography about him.  He considered it the ultimate immodesty.  In his own words,

“”…Though I prize, as I ought, the good opinion of my fellow citizens; yet, if I know myself, I would not seek or retain popularity at the expense of one social duty or moral virtue.”

“…The confidence and affection of his fellow Citizens is the most valuable and agreeable reward a Citizen can receive. Next to the happiness of my Country, this is the most powerful inducement I can have to exert myself in its Service.”

Legend has it Lady Washington had a Japanese Fruit Pie (a staple at the Ivory Spring household) made for the General for one of his birthdays.   Click here for the recipe.

Have a lovely day and week!

p.s.  Some have wondered why the title General was used for Washington even though he was President.  He preferred being referred to as “General” rather than “President” – another indication of his modesty, and grounded view of one’s life, accomplishments and destiny (in my opinion as a closet historian).


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, General George Washington!

  1. This was a nice tribute to the General, however those of us with some age remember that his birthday is really February 22. Poor Mr Lincoln has lost his as well. His was February 12.
    In order to have more days for shopping they gave up their birthdays to one combined “Presidents Day.” Don’t ask, I am not willing to give up my birthday! lol

  2. This post shows another of your admirable qualities….your patriotism. I’m with Marilyn….I STILL think of the 22nd as President Washington’s birthday. But this wouldn’t be the first time Washington (DC) took something just fine and tried to improve or just change it. The pie looks delicious.I don’t have raisins but I have dates, coconut and pecans. I think I’ll make it with the dates as a substitute….or maybe I’ll just leave them out and it will be kind of like a chess pie. Either way, my mouth is watering. I miss your earliest posts with place settings and seeing your beautiful pottery/dish collection. Stay warm…enjoy Miss Baby…. and I hope to hear Pat’s podcast today….I understand she has a BIG celebrity in the quilt world to interview today…..We got another 6 inches of new snow last night and it’s still pouring..

  3. When I was in elementary school and beyond we got February 12th off for Lincoln’s birthday and February 22nd off for George Washington’s birthday. Always felt a bit cheated when they combined the two and made it President’s day. :) Thanks for your post and this history on our first General/President!

  4. I always look forward to your Washington’s birthday posts. They remind us of the special reverence our country needs to keep reserved for him. Thank you.

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