I can quilt, but I can’t…

Thank you ALL for your sweet comments on my Thread Journey quilt.  My life is as human as can be, and Friends,  the struggle is REAL in every way!

I can quilt…. kind of,

low rew_Happy Stars Styled

but I can’t…

#1.  ride a bike

#2.  swim

#3.  sew a zipper

#4.  read and understand instructions for garment construction, and….

#5.  make a Swiss cake roll, and

… the list rolls on! :)

BUT, I am just glad I can at least quilt, and I am a child of God!

This is a light hearted post, and if you care to share what you can’t do (and would love to), I am ALL ears, in this case, should be “eyes”! :)

Happy Friday, and Have a great Sweet Valentine’s weekend!


p.s.  THIS just came in.  I am self-conscious sharing with you because I don’t want to flop and be a laughing stock…. but I am going to be brave, and if you are even braver, tune in next Monday Feb 15th (4pm EST) and listen to me being interviewed by Pat Sloan here.  You can also find out more about the Pat’s radio shows here.

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 294 Wendy Sheppard

27 thoughts on “I can quilt, but I can’t…

  1. Wendy,
    I love reading your musings that you post. I look forward to hearing you on February 15th, how exciting!!!! One of the things that I absolutely cannot do is whistle. Our whole family loves music and singing, but whistling for me never took hold. Have a wonderful day!
    Barbara Johnson

  2. I just realized that there are very few things that I can’t do! Of course, at only 5’2″ tall I can’t dunk a basketball. Big deal. I have always wanted to be a runner. My lungs just don’t allow me to be a great success at that😁 I can, however, throw and hit a baseball with my grandchildren-so I’ll take that. Beyond physical limitations, and we all have them, I have found that I can pretty much do anything I really want to do. I am blessed.

  3. Love to read your whimsical writings and your quilts are BEAUTIFUL.
    I can’t tat. My mother made the most beautiful tablecloths and many other things, but I was always ‘two thumbs’. I don’t knit well either. I try but it doesn’t look great. As I grow older I find there are other things I simply can no longer do, but the things I can God allows me to excel at. So I too am blessed.

  4. Oh, Wendy… too funny! Just the other day, my husband told me to do something. I said, “I can’t, I won’t, so I don’t.” At the moment I don’t remember what it was… maybe running. I walk the dogs, but running… I never could do it… short fat legs, even though I’m tallish. I seriously try to avoid doing things that I’m not good at and focus on the things I can do somewhat well. My mom could look at a garment in a magazine or my sketch and duplicate it. I could never do that, however I was good at following the directions step by step by step–lost if I didn’t follow them! I made all of my daughter’s clothes when she was small, then prom dresses and her wedding dress and wedding party dresses.
    You rock! Don’t stop quilting!!! You are a shining star of inspiration!!!

  5. Reading your post, makes me realize that there are a lot of things I haven’t tried. So, I’m not sure if I can or can’t do them. Most of my life was spent working, which left little time for anything else. But, now that I’m retired, it’s time to decide what I want to try, and see if I enjoy doing it.

  6. Oh Wendy. Fun post. I can do the five things you can’t do, but….. I am NOT a good machine quilter and you are fantastic. ( I’m improving and I’ve got your class.) I never thought much about the things I couldn’t do growing up or in my early years or even now in my later years, because I was/am very happy with the talents I do have. I’m a ‘happy camper’ with needle and thread. :-)

  7. I can’t play a musical instrument-but my lovely daughter Rachel makes up for that as she plays so many and very accomplished too. But I love your quilting and thanks for sharing.
    Yes it’s is so good to know we are children of God

  8. Wouldn’t it be a shame (and very boring!) IF we could all do/be the same!!???!!!! “Variety is the spice of life”! We were created in His image and the fact is no one person could possibly contain all that so the millions and millions of “dust people” were lovingly created to contain the whispers of His love!!!!! Totally magnificent, hmmmmm???? I’m prompted (by your jottings) to think that it is in the discovery of what I CAN do that will be the most fulfilling. Have a lovely weekend & Valentine’s Day! Sending warm Texas hugs to y’all…………………………………..

  9. I can’t believe you said you can’t do stuff! Most of what you’ve stated can be done with practice. I’ve been pretty good at accomplishing most things that I’ve tried. Just don’t ask me to eat a banana or go near the smell, lol I can fix a toilet, or rebuild the inside of it, or fix a leaky faucet. I don’t want to have that knowledge (would prefer if someone else would do it for me) but it’s nice to know I can do it and save the plumber fees. The only thing I can’t do is tolerate when someone puts limits on their skills. (I know you meant this to be lighthearted, but…)

  10. I can’t imagine you being a flop. I will look forward to that podcast.
    I can’t resist chocolate or caramel or any gooey combination of the 2
    I can’t resist keeping updated on the blogs of the exciting quilters & you’re on that list

  11. Since you mentioned that you cannot swim I have to tell you a funny story. I, too, cannot swim. I took lessons as a child and a teenager but never quite got the hang of it. Several years ago I decided to try again and I was determined!! I signed up for lessons and after 4 sessions the instructor said if it was up to him he would just give me my money back! (Obviously I wasn’t catching on)

    I love Pat Sloan’s radio interviews and I will be listening. You did her show once before and I thought you had a great voice!!

  12. Well…you sure can quilt and your needlework is lovely. Happy Heart weekend to you and yours! Bet Miss Baby is excited about Valentines!

  13. Good Morning Wendy! Because of my brain damage their are many things that I can not do, like read most books, go shopping all by myself…so I try and have fun and do well with the quilting and hand embroidery I do, I also am a Christian and gain strength and courage from the Lord. Thank You for sharing and have a fantastic creative day! Both quilts pictured are beautiful by the way, I just wanted to make sure and tell you that!

  14. I can actually do all the things on your list better than I can quilt. I can piece and I love working out how a block is put together (must be the teacher in me!) but I get scared when it comes to quilting. Perhaps trhat is why I do geometric type blocks and then I stitch straight lines (not in the ditch though) I can’t paint, I can’t walk (very far) I can’t stand on one leg (even stone cold sober – I haven’t tried drunk!!)

  15. Sweetheart, you can more than “sort of” quilt. You rock the quilting world. Those things that you can’t do–well accomplishing the rest of your list is highly overrated. 💕

  16. I love music. Tried the flute in high school and I just could not get it. I cannot crochet. I tried to ski and I panicked. Discovered I was afraid of heights!

  17. You more than “kind of” quilt! There is probably a long list of things that I can’t do – knit or crochet, swim, ski – water or land, play an instrument, dance, probably can’t ride a bike any more with balance issues. The list could go on and on. But I have plenty of things I can do that keep me busy and happy. No one can do it all. The one thing on that list I’d love to do is play an instrument – the piano and/or the cello. I know I could learn if I wanted to (the basics anyway – mastering it would be a different issue), but I don’t know when I’d fit it in. A lady in our church in her 80s is taking piano lessons – inspiring!

  18. There is so much that I cannot do, but I admire the people who can. You quilt so beautifully, but as well, you are a super mom. That is what will be remembered. I don’t know anyone who can do it all and do it well.

  19. Yay, Wendy! You will be Great on Pat Sloan’s show… What can’t I do? Long list, I’ll share a few and they are things I want to do but am unable….Speak Spanish, Roller Blade, Make a video of self sewing or playing violin, (I know how, but can’t stand the ones I’ve done…mental), swim laps, eat strawberries.(allergies) Wendy, you may only be human, you are a child of God and I am blessed to have you in my circle of friends!

  20. Oh golly, my list of “can’ts” is indeed long, but I think that my list of “cans” balances the scale. I tend to focus on what I can. I continue to love how you “can” and “do” inspire us, Wendy. Enjoy this “sweet” weekend. Looking forward to Monday. 💞💝💘

  21. There are a lot of things I can not do:
    – proper enunciation: e.g. pin vs pen, wash (sounds like warsh), etc.
    – juggle
    – whistle
    – host a dinner party for more than six and not totally stress out
    – sing (I was actually asked to drop out of a children’s church choir when I was quite young).

    I could go on and on about the things I can not do, but I’ll close with sharing I can’t design nor quilt as beautifully as you do. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from finding inspiration in what you create, nor striving to get better.


  22. I can’t…
    cook without a recipe
    put on makeup (I just don’t wear it!)
    sew clothing
    play most sports
    wear high heels

    But I can drive a boat, ride a motorcycle, quilt, dance, sing, and make my favorite people laugh. So it’s all good :-)


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