A fun back story…

Congrats to Alex Veronelli of Aurifil for being on the cover of Craftposium‘s February 2016 issue.


The article is free to read once you register on the site.  It is informative on the story of Aurifil.  No spoilers here – but I came away with the words “family” and “friendships” after reading the article.

Thanks for stopping by!  I have got to fly for now.  Enjoy your day!

p.s.  If you ever have a chance to attend Alex’s lectures on threads near you, do so!  I attended one last year, and loved it!

2 thoughts on “A fun back story…

  1. What a great magazine! You summed up the Veronelli article perfectly with those 2 words. I also really enjoyed the article ” Is It Really a Crisis If You Love Fabric”. I have been known to fondle my fabric stash when bored, down or need some inspiration.You wouldn’t believe how many times I have refolded. I did wonder “will Wendy read the article as ‘is it really a crisis if you love THREAD’ “. LOL

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