Thread Journey: My Quilting Heart and Soul & Behind the Scenes!

You might empathize with this sentiment…. sometimes you just sink your entire heart and soul into a project, not necessarily quilting.  My Thread Journey is my most recent heart-and-soul (quilty) project!  It was made as a companion piece for my Subtle Strings Thread collectionYou may remember it hanging at Aurifil‘s booth at Fall Houston Market last year.  You have seen pictures of the quilt quite often on this blog post-Market…


Thread Journey is my heart-and-soul project because I sought to encompass all that I have learned about quilting (particularly domestic machine quilting) since I took up quilting in 2005, from not ever touching a sewing machine to the present.  It is a quilt of my own original design, and I stayed up many a night just thinking about the design, and colors!  The quilt also has little details from my previous quilts to tie in the “journey” part.


Thread Journey is being shown in Alex Veronelli’s (of Aurifil) lectures this year.  A great honor.  I actually have a “behind the scene” story to share about Thread Journey.  I would like the story to be more dramatic, but it isn’t really.


September through November last year were probably the most stressful months I remember experiencing the entire year last year.  I had three trips to make within the span of 3 1/2 weeks that included Market, teaching at Annie’s Craft Festival, and filming three new online classes back to back.  And of course, with each trip, I had to carve out a large chunk of time to make sure things are in order at home (i.e., laying out Miss Baby’s clothes, getting her schedule written out etc) before I could leave in good conscience.  And then, there’s packing props and things which always make me feel uncertain because I was scared to death I would forget something!!!

And of course, a huge (not size, but of importance) prop that I was bringing with me to Fall Market last year was my Thread Journey quilt… because it was going to hang at Aurifil‘s booth!  I took it with me in my carry-on, for fear of losing it if packed in my checked baggage.


I had fallen sick right up till Market… so, that hampered the progress of my work quite a bit.  I managed to finish quilting the quilt the night before I was to catch my flight to Houston.  I remembered having lunch with Miss Baby on the day I left because I knew I won’t be picking her up as I usually do.  Then off to the airport I went, sharing a van ride with a couple of very cool veterans, one of whom is now an accomplished artist!  As much as I enjoyed the navy officer-turned-artist story, I was thinking about… how unfinished my Thread Journey was:  the binding was not done, the yoyo’s weren’t made, the hand embroidery not yet completed…


Now, you are SO un-impressed by the way I roll…. yeah, I can understand why!  Last year was an exceptionally busy year for me!   Long story short, I slept little night after I checked into the hotel, and managed to finish up the quilt exactly at 9:45am the following morning when I was supposed to bring by the finished quilt, my heart-and-soul quilt!  That sense of relief — it is unexplainable!!!!  Hearing quilters’ kind words on the quilt at Market meant the world to me.

I was able to have Thread Journey back with me for a few days last month.  For the first time after I completed the quilt, I relived the moments of making the quilting up to the finishing point…. I realized it truly has been a journey!!! I took quite a few more pictures before I sent it on its way again… the following is one of them:

Threads Journey

AND – the journey is continuing, so to speak.  I am re-making this quilt, and will be offering this design as a free pattern in the near future so that we can share a quilting journey/adventure together.  Check back on this blog, and stay tuned for details!

p.s.  If you are new to this blog, Thread Journey’s Fall Market adventure is documented here.

20 thoughts on “Thread Journey: My Quilting Heart and Soul & Behind the Scenes!

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! You are always inspirational. Your quilts are always amazing. I like hearing that you are just like the rest of us–ups and downs, mom love, deadlines, rushing… It’s just that you seem to be unfazed by it all and carry it off with grace and calm… Who knew what happens behind the scenes and below the surface with your fabulous creations!!!

  2. Wendy – this quilt takes my breath away every time I see it. You know the reasons why I love it… birds, simple yet elegant block design, feathers, applique, Aurifil — it has it all!! I would LOVE to make the free version with the rest of your readers. Thank you for always sharing and inspiring… Blessings to you – I hope things have calmed down a bit. Hugs, Karen

  3. this is so cheerful. The colors are amazing choices. You and Jenny have the most amazing color sense. Beautiful work and good story. How kind of you to offer it as a free pattern. I don’t think I can do it justice but will try.

  4. This is a beautiful quilt with such splendid details, colors and fantastic designs! How marvelous that you are going to share this exciting pattern with us! Thank you for sharing your story and a part of your life have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Wendy, somehow in transferring from one tablet to another I have lost your e-mail. I read your posts but don’t respond. Sorry. You continue to delight and amaze me, I don’t know how you keep all the ” irons in the fire”. The thread journey quilt is certainly ‘you’, so beautiful. And miss baby’s angel project is so sweet. I am so glad you and she can share the enjoyment of needlework and have that time together.
    Have a most blessed week,
    Karen Arbaugh

  6. I almost dropped when I read to the end – this quilt pattern being offered? Oh, I must sew along. We take many journeys in this ‘craft’ and every one is an inrichment.

  7. Good to know that I am not the only “Princess of the Last Minute”! My parents were endlessly frustrated that things could get finished at the last minute, after lots of procrastination, and I would still get a good grade. I wish I could be as prolific as you are.

  8. I would love to join in on making this beautiful quilt, Miz Wendy. What a story it has already, with your so busy life. I admire you and your sweet testimony, and wonderful talent that you have honed into true art! hugs, pokey

  9. You were kidding, weren’t you? That we would be “un-impressed”? lol… I’m ever MORE impressed that with the time constraints of a real life you still managed to finish this beautiful quilt. I think it may be my favorite quilt yet….and I love the thread collection. Your honesty in sharing the story of this quilt just makes your readers love you even more. You’re an inspiration! You’re a real woman, wife, mother, quiltermaker, child of God….with real challenges…real struggles….yet you get it all done.

  10. Darling Wendy,
    Only quilters can understand what we do with our craft. Every sentence that you wrote about this quilt and it’s threads shows all of your talents. It was a beautiful story. The second part of
    this beautiful story is that you have the desire to share, teach and encourage us to move forward even in our own quilting lives. From the very beginning I knew this little quilt meant a great deal to you, as it has been shown several times on and off. Each time I enjoyed looking at it! The sweet part of this little quilt brought forth all of your god given talents. It made a difference in your life and our lives too. Your generous heart and talents have touched thousands of
    people. Thank You.

  11. The quilt if absolutely gorgeous; and, yes, the story that goes along with it too. Only those who have struggled to finish a project “before the bell rings” can really emphasize with all the emotions, etc. that go along with it. However, your work continues to amaze me, and you have so many wonderful talents that you so willingly share with your readers. Thank you for that. I’m really looking forward to the pattern for that beautiful quilt!

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  14. Wendy, I would love to join your quilt along only I’m afraid that when we get to the actual quilting process (and the lollipops) I will not have the talent to complete it. I also have gone from knowing nothing to Quilting since April 2015…I made lots of quilts in 10 months and continue to practice my FMQ with the help of Lori Kennedy and Leah Day. How much detail and “how to’s” will be involved? Are you aiming for beginner, intermediate or expert?

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