Weekend Giveaway: Annie’s LEARN TO MACHINE QUILT

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a great week!  I started a new regimen this week trying to organize my time better…. so far so good!  And I am keeping my fingers crossed. :o)

THESE came in the mail today….. which means my upcoming classes will go live anytime!!!!  In fact, one already has (see below).  As you can see, besides my Learn To Machine Quilt and Machine Quilting Level 2 Classes, there are going to be three additional new classes this year!!!  Please note that these cards are made available for anyone, and have a 20% discount code applicable for ALL five classes shown.  I am happy to send the cards to you, or your quilting group, or your quilting events! Just send me an email at wendy2@wendysheppard.net — and I will get them out to you!  Posters are also available for your events upon requests.


Anyway, I just found out that my Learn Modern Straight-Line Machine Quilting is out!!!!  Click here to preview the class.  I will post more about the class in the near future with a giveaway of the class.  Stay tuned!

Straight Line Machine Quilting


So, with the release of the new class(es), Annie’s is sponsoring another giveaway!   This time, it is for one copy of free online class of my first machine quilting class, Learn To Machine Quilt.

learn to machine quilt

This class focuses on getting quilters comfortable in moving the quilt sandwich to quilt using their domestic machine quilting.  Miss Baby, at 4 years of age, gave a rather concise definition of domestic machine quilting – she called it, “pushing the quilt under the machine.”

Learn to Machine Quilt

Here are a few simple motifs that are covered as you follow along the class to make this 24″ x 24″ class sample. Granted it is a small sample, it is meant to be that way because the class focuses ONLY getting quilters started on being able to move the quilt sandwich.

Learn to Quilt 2

learn to quilt6

Lean to Machine Quilt4

Here are a few cool features of the class:

1.  The class never expires once you purchase it.  You can view it anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have your computer with you, and as many times as you wish.

2.  It is divided into segments in case you need to just review a particular technique, again, as often as you desire.

3.  You will have an “ASK THE INSTRUCTOR” feature where you can ask me questions on the class content!  I shall be there to assist you to the best my ability to get over the humps!  [I think that’s the coolest feature myself as I love interacting with quilters, as some of you can attest, I hope!]

4. Though the prize of this giveaway is a copy of the online version of the class.  This class is also available in DVD format.  Click here to purchase your DVD copy.


For the Giveaway:  Between now and next Friday, please leave a comment to share with me if you have quilted your own quilts… and what keeps you from quilting your own quilts if you haven’t done so.  Winner will be announce the following Monday.

75 thoughts on “Weekend Giveaway: Annie’s LEARN TO MACHINE QUILT

  1. I have done a small amount of machine quilting on my domestic sewing machine. I need to find additional time for more practice before becoming as proficient as I would like.

  2. I do quilt my own, and my machine is usually pretty reliable when quilting. It has a nice size opening, so I’ve actually done up to a king size, but prefer lap size. Your designs are a great inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing all you do! Hugs.

  3. I have quilted a few of my own quilts. but only with straight line quilting, nothing fancy, and I used a walking foot, not free motion.

  4. I have quilted my own quilts, but I find the process difficult and hard on my neck and shoulders. My most successful attempts have been with using quilt as you go to quilt smaller pieces and then join them.

  5. I have only done a little machine quilting so far, but it is my intention to learn free-motion quilting and become proficient at it. This lesson would help me reach that goal. Hope to win!

  6. Yes, I have quilted my own quilts but it’s not great! Can’t seem to get beyond meander and loopy hearts. Would love to learn more.

  7. Free motion quilting is difficult for me–being able to relax, eye/hands/foot coordination (no stitch regulator), and plain old intimidation by the quilt expanse. I generally do easy straight line or wavy line quilting in addition to sending them out for long-arm quilting. I am intrigued by your straight line quilting class. I still want to purchase your free motion classes when I can find time to devote to practice. Your quilting is inspirational to say the least.

  8. I’m so excited about your new free-motion quilting class. Woo hoo. Who wouldn’t want to win this?

    I love your FMQ quilting and learning from you, so I’m confident this new class will be excellent for anyone interested in learning/improving their FMQ skills.


  9. I’m still struggling with the free motion quilting. started with the table runners and place mats. I give myself a “C”. think I will have to just make sandwiches to practice and practice. Last time you suggested doing a doodle of the pattern before sewing – that did help. hard to teach a 70 year old for new muscle memory I guess. can’t wait for the new classes

  10. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to machine quilt on my sewing machine…. This giveaway is PERFECT….. I am so excited with this giveaway!!!!

  11. I am new to quilting and have only done small projects (potholders, bags) with straight lines, simply because I’m afraid of the quilting. The fear keeps me from piecing a whole quilt. Thank you for the chance to win, have a great day!

  12. I quilt my own quilts. I prefer to make throw sizes. I have 2 large quilts that are almost ready to quilt. Your fmq is beautiful. It would be great to win this giveaway!

  13. I have been quilting my own quilt with my Bernina 830 on the frame with the software that goes with it. I done very little free motion. It is hard on my hands. I would love to learn to do free motion on the quilt frame, but I hesitate to try it. I need to get over the fear.

  14. I have been quilting my own lately, but I stick with straight line quilting. Free motion is still too intimidating for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I just won a lovely give away, so pass on this. BUT, It do 90% of my own quilting on my home machine – walking foot and FMQ. Really large quilts go to the longarmer. And I wish I had one of those too.

  16. I feel like it’s not really my quilt unless I do my own quilts. I’m just not a very confident quilter. I’d love to learn better techniques.

  17. I have kept my quilts simple and made up to double bed size. Very hard to handle. Haven’t tried FMQ yet.

  18. I am just getting more brave about trying FMQ over and beyond the meander stitch. Thanks for the chance to win your class…

  19. I need to start to practice. I’ve watched videos but I’m nervous it will be terrible because I’m doing it wrong, and I guess I’m afraid that I won’t like doing it, and that would ruin quilting for me. I want to learn how to complete a quilt. Not have to give up and pay for it. 1) I’m cheap 2) I WANT to be good at it.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I devour anything I can find on the subject!!

  20. With the exception of a queen sized quilt that went to a long-arm quilter, I quilt my own. I’m happiest quilting up to about a 60 inch square quilt. Feathers used to terrify me, but after I took a class then did them on a large wall quilt, I got the hang of them. It IS possible for an old quilter to learn new tricks!

  21. I’ve done some machine quilting but it has not been very ambitious or creative. It just seems like an enormous undertaking on a regular machine.

  22. I have quilted all my quilts. I usually use the walking foot. I would really like to do free motion but am never happy with my work. I would love to win one of your classes. The class with the stencils looks very interesting or the free motion would be great. Thanks for the draw ☺

  23. I do my own machine quilting on my domestic machine. My practice has been on my many UFOs that need to be quilted. So, I have been practicing, but always can use more help.

  24. I am grabbing on to every opportunity to learn machine quilting. Hopefully I will be able to gain confidence soon. Thank you for the chance to learn more.

  25. Yes, I do my own quilting. I’ve been FMQing for about 2 1/2 years now….it’s so fun to actually FINISH the quilts! Feeling confident… I wish I had a dedicated ROOM or STUDIO to get more done.

  26. I’ve quilted all my smaller quilts – simple quilting and only once a big quilt and what keeps me from quilting more quilts myself is my back and shoulders – and practice.

  27. Yes, I do my own quilts but usually stippling and SID – I would love to become more proficient at actual block patterns. I need to practice, practice, practice.

  28. I’m a beginner quilter, mostly stitch in the ditch. I did try free motion on an old tea cosy, I enjoyed it but it was just stipple.

  29. Woohoo! You go dear friend – Congratulations on your new classes ! Sew exciting. I’ve taken both of your existing classes and LOVED them! I’ve learned so much from you over the years – Thank You ❤️ I would love some discount cards – I have 3 guild programs in the next 3 months.,. I’ll share them there.. Yippee!

  30. I started quilting 4 years ago but had someone else do the quilting. I read all your Thread Talks for inspiration and started quilting my own quilts 2 years ago, but so far only straight line quilting. My goal is to bravely try free motion quilting this year. I have made 3 of your patterns (Flower Duet, Movement in Squares, At the Pond). I have found I enjoy the actual quilting process so I would love to win your class to help me over the fear of learning free motion quilting.

  31. I have quilted some of my smaller quilts, but generally have the bed-sized quilts done by a longarmer. I would love to be better at free-motion quilting and it is my goal to constantly improve. I’d love to win your class!

  32. I have not quilted anything of any significance. It must be fear that is holding me back. Even though learning to free motion quilt has been my goal for two years, I can’t seem to get myself started.

  33. I quilt all my quilts except the king-sized ones on a Bernina 440qe. I’m hoping to get more creative with my quilting designs.

  34. I machine quilt all my quilts, usually twin size. Right now I have a larger than queen size, but smaller than king under the needle. It’s a struggle, but I’m getting better. I’ve slowed down, not going too fast and it helps. I’ve learned so much from your blog! Thank you!

  35. I do quilt all my own quilting mostly with a walking foot, but have done some free motion also. With seeing the beauty you create with your quilting, I would love to be able to do that! So winning this and learning from you would be so incredible! Plus, I joined a Project Linus guild recently and to be able to add that extra beauty and love to each of their quilts would be so wonderful….oh how I hope I win! Thank you for sharing everything that you do! Have a fantastic creative day!

  36. I’ve quilted several of my own quilts over the years but lately I’ve had them done by a longarmer in town so that I can move on to a new project. I’d love to get back to doing my own. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  37. I have only ever quilted small things, like table runners and baby quilts, using stencils and straightline quilting. I send the rest out to a longarmer. I want to learn to do my own!

  38. I have completed a QAYG that I echo quilted and then I took a quilting with your domestic machine at AQS event in Paducha, KY and completed 3 baby quilts. I love quilting and am anxious to learn more. I am working on a quilt for our bedroom and am wondering how I am going to quilt it.

  39. I have only done basic straight line quilting. I’d love to learn more designs but I’m afraid to mess up something that took so long to make.

  40. Congrats on your classes! I am still doing “straight line quilting” on my Janome. I think my biggest issue is knowing “what to quilt” and not wanting to “mess up” as Elaine wrote in the prior comment. I do love complex pieced quilts, and I want my quilting to enhance, not to detract from the piece work. Thanks for the chance to win! I hope I commented soon enough. I am sharing those cards you sent me with my guild !

  41. Every time I sit down to practice free motion quilting, which is not often enough, I am amazed at how bad my stitches are. I have four small quilt tops that I intend to do some straight line quilting on myself and see if that won’t help me take baby steps towards free motion. My motion is just not fluid enough to look nice. I will some day quilt my own, but for now I think I need to be satisfied with piecing and moving on to the next project–my stash is building faster than I can possibly keep up. Too many ideas and not enough time to actually sew!

  42. I am still in the learning stage and have quilted only a wall hanging. Knowing what design suits a quilt is hard.

  43. I quiltet the first quilt with an overall pattern on my sewing machine. But I find it difficult. So When Iwin I will enjoy the course. Thank you very much for the possibility to win a course.

    Greeting Guilitta

  44. I do quilt my own quilts and thanks to you I am certainly improving. I have take your first two classes but I have been following you for about 7 years now. I truly appreciate you and so happy your are making more training videos. Sarah

  45. I quilt my own quilts also, but it is my least favourite thing in making a quilt, and I do need to mprove my skills here. Some time ago I the finished Towne Square quilt, and I love it! But for the first time, I decided I am going to send it away for quilting, it is just too beautiful and too big for my machine!!!

  46. I have done a little bit of straight line quilting with a walking four and some free motion quilting. I’m not real confident in my stitching, and just haven’t taken the time to really sit down and become comfortable.

  47. I have done my own quilting on small projects like baby quilts and table runners. It is simple in design with straight lines or random zig zags. I’d love to learn more and make more elaborate quilting designs. A good/great teacher and patience will definitely help!

  48. I have done very simple quilting on a few quilts….and practicing FMQ…so have many potholders! giggle… I have done straight-line, and stitch0n the ditch…and a few, small tnigs..I used my decorative stitches on my machine! :) Thanks for chance to wwin your give-a-way! :D

  49. I have quilted my own quilts- but strictly straight line outlining blocks and rows. I am newish to quilting and I really want to learn more about the actual quilting process. This sounds like an amazing class!

  50. I have only done straight line quilting on my domestic machine. I have a quilt top ready for quilting and I want to try fmq. I’m a bit intimidated by it but I’m going to give it a shot.

  51. I’ve done some machine quilting in the past, but struggle with managing the larger quilts I prefer to make. Or, rather, I should probably say the tops I prefer to piece!

  52. I have quilted a few small quilts on my home sewing machine. It’s so exciting to realize it is possible. I may try a larger quilt this year. I wish my movements while quilting were smoother.

  53. I do my own quilting on my home machine. Mostly stippling and meandering. I would love to get into doing other designs. Any tips would be great!

  54. Except for my queen size quilts I have done all my own quilting. On the queens I have rented long arm machine time and have done some simple patterns. I am not very adventurous but I hope that will change now that I have a new domestic machine with a LARGE opening and many different feet! I think your classes sound great.

  55. Was particularly glad to hear your voice after all these years of “knowing you”. Just finished a quilt with your feathers in the border; thanks for teaching me that. Now my friend has challenged me to do a modern quilt and I’m not too sure how to begin.
    This might be my beginning.
    All the best,
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