Quilty THIS OR THAT #13

Hello Friends, welcome to another installment of our Quilty THIS or THAT.  Today’s is very straightforward: Fabric-aholic, or Thread-aholic, if you have to pick one?



or, these?


Well, I belong to the latter group! :)  But I am curious where all of you stand on this very important issue. :)  Thank you for stopping by!  I shall catch up with you later!

p.s. And speaking of threads, two ladies have been chosen to receive a free large spool of Aurifil’s 2310 50 wt thread. Please email me your address so that I can mail the thread to you! And this comment is probably my favorite. :) What can I say?  I only recommend what personally works for me!  Hehe.  Have you read about Miriam’s favorite quilter here? [And Miriam, a little something is coming your way, finally!]



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23 thoughts on “Quilty THIS OR THAT #13

  1. Well, that is a chicken or the egg kind of question, isn’t it? Can’t have one without the other, so I will unabashedly say, “BOTH, please”.

  2. Both!!! I love fabric and Aurifil, and collect both. I do have more fabric, though. Congrats to the winners, and Miriam, the spools are worth the price, because you get a lot of thread. Watch for sales at some of the larger online shops, and if your LQS accepts coupons, use them on the thread.

  3. Well I would have to say both. I could make quilts until the day I die and not use all my fabric. And, I have ALL the Superior King Tut colors, some duplicated, to quilt all of my quilts!!! Wheeeee!

  4. Fabric. I love to touch it, to smell it, to match it with other fabric and then the best part, cut it and make it into a beautiful quilt.

  5. Hi Wendy, Oh easy question! I’d take half of each! I’m glad you show your work!i love looking at it! I’m working on baby quilts!

    Kat, sent from my iPhone


  6. Fabric is my first choice. I’ve been in love with it since I was 5 or 6 yrs old. I can remember seeing my mother get dressed up for outings with my father and always wanting to touch her dresses because they were so pretty. I love to touch it, look at it and sew with it. Taking a flat piece of fabric and turning it into something amazing still makes my heart skip a beat. Rina

  7. What is fabric without thread? :-) I actually have more thread than fabric and need to do a bit tidy of threads just like I have just done with my fabrics. Old threads is not good news when sewing but they are oooooooh so pretty ;-D Been trying to convince my local shop to carry Aurifil (I’ve only got two spools that I got at a show) but so far no luck

  8. Thread – hands down! I am a thread junkie. I can’t even say that I have a favourite brand, because they all have their own characteristics. If I had to pick just 3 brands they would be Sulky, Aurifil, and Superior Threads. I love the rayons and metallic! But, you know what the problem is? I must have between 6 and 700 spools of thread, and I STILL sometimes don’t have the right colours!!

  9. I like both but fabric would be the winner by a hair at my house
    But since I both machine embroidey and quilting on a long arm I do have lots and lots of threads.

  10. I am most definitely a “fabricaholic” I love to see all my fabrics together. I have just bought some see thru drawer towers that I have labelled in colours. That way I can see which colours I am short of. I would just love to have a pile of those fabrics featured in your post. It would warm my heart to see that gorgeous pile of colours. I struggle to think of things to do with my fabrics but i never struggle to buy more fabrics. Unfortunately, i have a habit of picking up fat quarters just because I like something. Now I need a quilt design that uses hundreds of different fat quarters! Any ideas?

  11. Wendy–Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I won!!! I’m so excited! You are so sweet… yes, I am an addict now for Aurifil!!!

    I ordered my Keurig coffee from Amazon two days ago, and guess what I added to my order… free shipping, after all… yep, a big spool of 2310! What a coincidence! I will be in thread heaven for sure–piecing up a storm!!!

    The fabrics you show are just so luscious and so tempting, but then… that box of thread is like CANDY!!! My pulse quickens, and I salivate… seriously! One of these days I will have a whole box of Aurifil. I’m using my stash (so far) this year and will be investing in thread. You are a naughty woman to do this to me!!! But, you are forgiven!!! At least it is calorie-free!!! I also have something to show for my thread purchases besides extra pounds.

    Thank you SEW much!!!

  12. I am a fabricaholic! Fabric does something to my brain, I must have! It is like an addiction. Certain fabrics, I cannot resist buying. My only way to control this is to not go to fabric stores! Sad, really. I love fabric stores….The thread is pretty and colorful, but I can resist the temptation to buy!

  13. It has to be fabric. It is a must have and I am addicted, badly. Plus when I go in shops and see things they have made-there I go buy the fabric and then months or yrs later forget what I had in mind to make!! Taking vacations are really not a good thing because I shop for quilt shops and fabric it is.

  14. Definitely fabric for me–at least judging by the size of the stash for each. I do appreciate good quality thread though. I have purged all the junk I bought at the chain store years ago and only use Aurifil and a few select others that I buy at my local quilt shops. I love the 50 wt thread for piecing–and my Bernina seems to love the Aurifil.

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