Aurifil Designer of the Month 2016 Block 1 & Mini Giveaway!


Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  Check out this Windham Fabrics’ Blush & Blossoms FQ bundle!  I am sure you know the feeling of owning beautiful fabrics.  These fabrics are seriously beautiful.  I actually didn’t want to cut into these fabrics…. but I have a quilt to make! :)  Click here to view the entire fabric range.


I am using these Blush & Blossoms fabrics to make quilt with the Aurifil Designer of the Month Blocks. And here is my first block, completed!


Are you following the fun project, and making the quilt?  If you are, do share your block on Aurifil’s Flickr page. And you will be eligible to win exciting prizes from Aurifil!  Click here to find out more about Block #1 by Heather Valentine.


I piece all my quilts with Aurifil 50wt cotton thread – the main reason being the thread is so fine that I don’t lose any “real estate” when I press my seams, and that ensures a more than satisfactory accurate finished size for the quilt blocks I make.  If you have never pieced with Aurifil, leave a comment and let me know you would like to.  I would love to know if you are participating in the Aurifil DOM 2016 quilt along.  I will pick two of you to receive a spool in my favorite color (2310) for piecing.  I know, I don’t exactly have a loud personality. :)


Thanks for stopping by!  Life is a bit crazy busy at my end at the moment.  But my little family is doing well.  And we are almost back to our pre-blizzard routine!

80 thoughts on “Aurifil Designer of the Month 2016 Block 1 & Mini Giveaway!

  1. HI Wendy, I haven’t ever used Aurifil for anything. It’s a little expensive but I sure would like to try it because my seams need all the help they can get. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue McGurk

  2. I’ve heard great things about Aurifil and would be very interested in experimenting too! As for participating, I simply have too many things on my plate at the moment to even consider something else!!! Love your block!!

  3. I plan on collecting the block patterns but don’t have time right now to quilt along. I do love this first block though, especially in those beautiful fabrics you are using! I’ve not given Aurifil a try yet.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Glad you’re getting back to pre-blizzard routine. Enough is enough, right?

  4. I have never used Aurifil thread…tho hear soooo many good comments about them! Would love to use some! Thanks for the chance to win your give-a-way too! :)

    By the way…I love your Block…the choice of fabrics is so pretty! I am just goint o go check out the BOM now…love this Block for sure! :)

  5. Love your block. Reminds me of spring! I had to run and look at my favorite Aurifil thread color on my machine. Looked just like yours, but mine’s 2000.

  6. Hi Wendy
    I use Aurifil for piecing and would recommend it to everyone! I used other thread before and yes, did suffer from inaccurate seam allowance because of it. Yes, it’s cost in more per spool but it really goes a long way. There’s so much thread on a spool. Plus you really only need a few colors, neutrals, to piece with. Technically I’m not eligible to win that spool since I use it already but that’s up to you!

  7. I haven’t tried Aurifil thread because of the cost, although I do use a different brand of 50 wt cotton thread. I would very much like to try Aurifil to see if it really is better, or if there’s any difference.

  8. Unfortunately, I have never used Aurifil thread, and also, unfortunately, I am not participating in the quilt along due to time restraints. Thanks!

  9. That block you made is amazing. It is really stunning with that gorgeous fabric too.
    Looking closer, it looks incredibly complicated. Trying to figure out the piecing – I cannot figure it out.
    I have never used Aurifil thread. Ever. I do not want to order one spool online to test it.
    What if I get the wrong color? I do not know what stores sell it here in DC area.
    I wonder if Web Fabrics does. Have you been there?
    I hope you are enjoying all of your sewing and that Miss Baby is enjoying her entire week off of school. Yesterday I finally drove out to check on my parents at Ashby Ponds, That place, by the way, is just incredible. Well, I passed by some school parking lots and you know none of them are even plowed. So, They will probably do that this week end so the kiddies can return to their respective learning institution.
    Happy Thursday to You

  10. I have never used Aurifil thread because of the costs. I have been doing a bit of research about the difference vs Coats & Clark. I am looking forward to the day I have a spool of Aurifil in my hands so I can see the difference myself!

  11. Hi, I haven’t used Aurifil yet, but would love to! I’ve heard so many good things about it! Thanks for the giveaway. I’m anxious to do my Jan. block also.

  12. I have used Aurifil for piecing but never this colour. I haven’t started this year’s bom but did it a couple of years ago and loved quilting along .

  13. I don’t have a local shop which sells Aurifil. I keep thinking I need to try it. Everyone who uses it sure seems to like it! Love the happy spring colors in your block.

  14. I pieced the January block and at first glance it looks complicated but when you study the components it really is simple! I laid out all the patches just like the diagram and started sewing and before long my block was done. I would be thrilled to win some Aurifil thread. I like the idea that it is a fine thread and that it doesn’t take up a lot of “space” when you are piecing.

  15. I would love a chance to try it out. I just finished my first quilt for my daughter in the Air Force. I would use it on the Log Cabin quilt I am starting for my son.

  16. I HAVE USED AURIFIL. But chose it for the color and honestly didn’t compare the stitching. I will the next time. I wasn’t aware that the thread size would make a difference in the finished size of block.

  17. A breath of Spring and Spring is in the air…….somewhere that is. Thanks for sharing a breath of Spring.

  18. Have not made the January block yet (was ill for awhile) but I fully intend to make all the
    blocks in the Aurifil quilt-a-long and look forward to seeing the quilt come together as
    I go along.

  19. I’ve never used aurifil thread. In fact I haven’t really heard of it until pat Sloan posted about this Dom. I am glad that I found a is as I am sure I will learn so many things 😀

  20. I have never used Aurifil. But I see more and more instructors and bloggers using it. I have started the BOM. I love seeing what everyones colors are.

  21. Your block makes me think that Spring is in the air. We are supposed to be in the 60’s this weekend. Glad that you are almost back to normal. I love Aurifil threads, definitely my favorite. I hope to make the Aurifil Designer BOM, but not sure if it will actually happen.

  22. I recently bought my first spool of Aurifil but haven’t had enough time to thread the machine with it, I’m sure looking forward to trying it though. Thanks.

  23. I know lots of other quilters use Aurifil, but I have never tried it. I am sure I will get around to it soon. Thanks for a fun block.

  24. My local quilt shop started carrying Aurifil last year, but I haven’t purchased any yet. I have heard so many great comments about it, it’s on my list.

  25. I have never used Aurifil Thread, I would love to try it, but I haven’t because I can’t find it locally. I am not participating in the quilt along, my schedule is full. Thank you for the chance to win, have a great day!

  26. I am considering participating, but I haven’t committed yet. I have a quilt for my granddaughter that I’m working on right now. But I may start the BOM next month. I love Aurifil thread and would love to win a spool. Thanks fir the giveaway.

  27. That’s a gorgeous collection! I love Aurifil, too. I use it in all my machines, the vintage and newer. I do plan to make the Aurifil DOM, too. I’ll share when I get it done. I’m in the middle of unpacking into my new studio, so it may be a few days. Then I have to build a thread rack. I’ll leave an empty space, just in case, lol.

  28. i have used it before and love the way it sews, just wish it weren’t so expensive. I’m on a limited income and do buy it when I can find a great sale. I am going to do the 2016 BOM and am starting on it as soon as I finish a quilt I have to finish. Rina

  29. Pretty Wendy, oh, and the block too, ha, ha. I have never used Aurifil threads but someday I hope too. I have not join in on making these blocks because I am not there yet as far as experience. I am happy learning simple blocks and quilts for now. Thank you for a chance to win your generous gift.

  30. Love this block, and I have never sewn with Aurifil, but I hope to try it soon. :) I think I’m going to have to participate.

  31. I loved the first month block design Wendy and your rendition is perfect!! Those Colors! You always inspire. Thanks for the giveaway — if Mr Random picks my number have him try again – I’m blessed with a good size collection already. Life is good! Take care and stay warm.

  32. I have never used Aurifil threads, but have heard so many fabulous things said about it; I am going to have to try it. Your quilt block is gorgeous! Bright, spring fabrics always catch my attention and with the crisp white to surround them just makes them that much brighter. Thank you for sharing. Have a fantastic creative day!

  33. I have not used Aurifil but would like to try it. I do love the designer bom and plan to make some. Thank you.

  34. Love Aurifil. Haven’t done an Aurifil DOM 2016 block yet, but yours is interesting and tempting. I want to see how you quilt it. Thanks for the thread opportunity, always need to add to the stash.

  35. I have not made my first block yet. I was going through my fabric last night and decided what to use. I have not used Aurifil for piecing but I have for top and decorative stitching, I love the thread. I hadn’t thought about the fact that you don’t use real estate.

  36. I only have a couple of spools of Aurifil, and when I put it on my machine for piecing it felt wasteful and extravagant… But… I was making 6″ blocks with tons of pieces. I’m now hooked on Aurifil for piecing because of the accuracy I can achieve. I’m trying to purchase a spool at a time in “piecing neutrals” whenever I can. Some day… colors! I think a large spool is approximately the price of a yard of fabric–thread or fabric? Thread is winning! I need to make a block–they are seriously beautiful and look much more complicated than they really are.
    Wendy, I only have you to thank for making me an Aurifil addict!

  37. I have never used Aurifil thread. You speak so favorably about it that I would love to try it. I am just getting back into quilting after a long pause. I love how this DOM turned out for you in those delicious prints. I am getting seriously serious.

  38. Your block breathes a bit of spring into this snowy winter! I haven’t used Aurifil to piece yet, but would love to try it,,,just got my first spool of 12wt for hand quilting and excited to try it out. Thank you for the chance 😊

  39. I have never used Aurifil-after seeing photos of folks using it for quilting-it’s amazing. Would love to win the beige for putting my quilts together. Would be SO NICE not using that extra fabric when you press. Thanks!

  40. I haven’t used Aurifil. I’ve head it’s great, but haven’t gotten any so far. I’d love to try it. I am doing the block and am sewing it today. I cut it last night after work.

  41. I bought just a small spool as I wanted to do this challenge. I would love to win. Love your block. I posted mine on the aurifil page this morning.

  42. I am participating in the Aurifil Designer BOM. I just ordered an Aurifil thread set from Craftsy on sale I am looking forward to using it.

  43. Love your block….I downloaded the pattern but haven’t decided whether to make it or not…I’m doing a couple other BOM’s….but I’d like to. Who am I kidding? Yes…I’ll do this one too. I haven’t used aurifil thread but I did order some from Follow That Thread…but haven’t gotten it yet—-we’re still waiting for the Subtle Strings shipment.

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